Why Are Golf Umbrellas So Big?

Golf umbrellas are so popular between both golfers and non-golfers. It is because they include extended features and benefits which are absent in regular ones. Most golf umbrellas are more popular due to their bigger size. Although they are not as big as beach umbrellas, they come in the perfect size to provide optimal support on the golf course.

If you are a golf player, you will have heard someone ask, why are golf umbrellas so big? Actually, they practically need to be more prominent in the structure to provide the maximum shelter required.

They should be strong enough to withstand wind and rain, but they must also be light enough for a user to use even for long periods of time. So, they are designed to protect golfers from the sun’s rays while playing golf.

Because of their size, they are able to cover a lot of areas. You can frequently roam anywhere on the golf course with the golf club and golf carts. When you have one, you don’t need to worry about getting wet in sudden rain. 

Why are golf umbrellas so big?

Why are golf umbrellas so big?

Because they are not used for general purposes like protection from sun and rain when walking on the road. Rather, they are mostly used in golf courses, working in the fields, or in backyard gardens.

For such purposes, you will need extended protection to keep you dry and safe from rain and harmful UV rays.

Custom golf umbrellas are designed big so they can withstand adverse weather conditions. Unlike normal ones, it won’t collapse in heavy wind and make it comfortable to play in the hot summer. 

What is a double canopy golf umbrella?

 golf umbrellas so big?

The double canopy umbrella is the most popular among golfers. It includes a double canopy design which means it has two layers of protection that cover two or three persons inside.

If you are going to get one of them, you must consider the double canopy umbrella. However, it costs a little more. But don’t compromise to save a few pennies by getting a cheap, single canopy model that can easily break.

The double canopy design prevents the parasol from blowing inside-out in high winds. The double canopy’s ergonomic design allows air to flow inside the canopy layer, so you don’t have to struggle to hold it in harsh weather.

It can protect you from UV rays on hot sunny days, and with its large shade, your golf clubs and golf carts are protected as well. 

What’s the difference between a golf and a normal umbrella?

golf umbrellas so big

Golf umbrellas differ from normal ones in many ways. It is not only the size that makes them different but also the build quality, material, length, etc. For your convenience, here are the main contrasts between a golf and a standard sunshade,

 Golf UmbrellaNormal Umbrella
SizeDouble canopy golf umbrella includes massive canopy that can be up to 72 inchesThey provide less protection as the canopy sized 54 – 62 inch
MaterialOften made of high quality material that enables it to withstand harsh weather conditionsIt is used for normal purposes so don’t include high quality materials like the golf umbrella
FrameStrong fiberglass frame to withstand strong windThey are designed with stainless steel/aluminum that can be collapsed in gusty wind
CanopyThere are both single and double canopy options available. But golf canopys mostly come double canopy for improved protectionYou can see them always designed with single canopy
DurabilityDue to their excellent build quality, they are highly durable and last a long timeThey can easily be spoiled by strong wind and UV rays

How big should a golf umbrella be?

Why are golf umbrellas

When you are getting a golf umbrella, size matters a lot with premium-quality features. It is because a bigger shade than a classic umbrella provides larger protection which is necessary for covering your golf things. They can range from 60 to 70 inches in width.

Professional golf sun shades come in different sizes from which you have to choose the best one for your needs. For instance, you can see oversized 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34, and 36 in the market. These are the more popular extra large sizes than the traditional umbrellas, and that is best suited to golfers’ needs.

However, you can consider the size based on how much shade you need and what kind of weather you expect to play in. For the best experience, consider a durable oversized one that is lightweight and compact and has a nice grip. 

How does a golf umbrella work?

Why golf umbrellas

Golf umbrellas look different than regular umbrellas as they have two layers to protect you from rain and wind, but they work just like regular parasols.

You don’t have to go through the extra hassle of opening and closing a golf umbrella. They are available in both manual and automatic mechanisms to go for golf tournaments. The manual one opens by lifting up the center pole and twisting the handle clockwise.

They consist of three main parts, which are the frame, the canopy, and the ribs. The frame holds everything together, while the canopy covers your head when you’re using it. The ribs help keep air flowing over your head so that you stay dry.

The entire design has two sections and creates a vacuum between two surfaces when the wind blows across the surface. And the fiberglass frame structure keeps the canopy steady against strong winds.

What makes a good golf umbrella?

so big golf umbrellas

When choosing a golf umbrella, you need to look for a high-quality product that offers great value. Make sure that it is durable and long-lasting to withstand heavy winds. Look for features like reinforced stitching, wind resistance, reinforced ribs, and UV protective coating. Here are some important things to determine before confirming your golf umbrella,


To continue your gameplay even in rough weather, you need something that’s going to stand up to the heat of the sun, rain, and heavy wind with maximum coverage. Therefore, don’t forget to choose a fiberglass frame. Strong fiberglass makes it sturdy and lightning resistant.

To continue your gameplay even in rough weather, you need something that’s going to stand up to the heat of the sun, rain, and heavy wind with maximum coverage. Therefore, don’t forget to choose a fiberglass frame. Strong fiberglass makes it sturdy and lightning resistant.

Sturdy Handle

As it would be used frequently, It’s needed a handle that has a comfortable grip to hold for a long day.

Also, the vast majority of golf manufacturers provide a delicate handle with adequate grip. Besides, the handle is often made up of rubber and plastic to keep it sturdy.

 A good grip should feel hard and not wobbly. You can choose full wood or plastic handles, whichever you feel most comfortable with.


Size is a big concern than regular umbrellas as it determines how much protection you will receive from them.

In this regard, which offers a large diameter is considered best for golfers. The large one provides enhanced protection and allows you to continue gameplay with comfort even in the hot sun and strong wind.

A large diameter also ensures it can withstand strong winds. Therefore, you need to consider an XL size that can keep you and the golf clubs safe.


Whether you’re going to carry it all day or not, you don’t want it weighing down your bag. Nowadays, golf parasols tend to be lightweight, so look for one that weighs less. Go for a fiberglass frame as it weighs less than steel or aluminum. 

What is the diameter of a golf umbrella?

Why So Big Golf Umbrellas ?

The diameter of a golf sunshade is the distance between the center of the handle and the tip of the parasol. The standard size for golf sunshade diameter is approximately 50 – 60 inches. 

How do you attach an umbrella to a golf trolley?

big Golf Umbrellas

To attach the umbrella to your golf trolley, you will need an umbrella adapter which is must-have golfing equipment for those who have golf carts.

They are specially designed to hold the canopy over your head without disturbing your movement.

What are folding golf umbrellas?

Why Big Golf Umbrellas?

As there are three types of golf umbrellas: folding, fixed-position, and retractable. Fixed positions have no moving parts and do not fold.

Retractable one uses a spring mechanism to open and close the canopy. The folding one is designed to fold compactly and fit easily in a bag. 

What size umbrella for a golf push cart?

 Golf Big Umbrellas

You can attach all premium and normal golf umbrellas with the pushcart. You don’t need to go for any particular type for this.

However, make sure that you are choosing one that is 62″ or more and have a straight handle. Because curved handles aren’t designed to fit on an umbrella holder. According to golfers, a 62″ double canopy is the ideal size and can provide the best protection you need. 

Are golf umbrellas waterproof?

 Big Golf Umbrellas why

Yes, they are mostly made of waterproof material such as fiberglass frames, and the canopy also comes with waterproof fabric such as nylon, polyester, etc.

To make sure it is waterproof, you need to look at the material it is made of.

Final words

From the above discussion, it is now clear that “why are golf umbrellas so big.” It gets a huge size as required so that it can provide the best protection required in the field.

You may have seen the double canopy golf umbrellas, which are 52 – 68 inches. They are two times larger than the regular ones.

However, this specialized double canopy design makes them big. And the increased size of the waterproof fabric ensures that both golfers and their clubs are safe and protected.

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