What size baseball glove for adults?

All MLB players to younger players have different size baseball gloves according to their age. But did you ever wonder what size baseball glove for adults? It’s necessary to choose the correct size glove for playing baseball.

How comfortable a player is while playing is an important thing. If a player chooses a glove that is not fitting their hand but still they need to wear it, it will cause disturbance while playing. A professional and good player will never let anything destroy their focus from the match.

To figure the right baseball glove, you need to know your hands first, then choose a glove accordingly. Here in this article, you will find helpful information regarding your baseball gloves.

baseball glove for adults

How to measure baseball glove size?

Finding the right size of baseball glove size is really important. If you have a smaller glove than your hand size, it’s going to be super uncomfortable. Again if you purchase a larger size, it will keep coming out from your hands.

So to find the right size baseball glove, you need your hands’ measurement. Glove sizes are basically counted in inches. Take a tape and wrap it around your hand; make sure you place the tape just under your. Now you will get the right size of your hand for your baseball glove.

While taking the measurements, you should use whichever hand you are most comfortable with playing. If you are a right-handed person, you should use your right hand; if you are left-handed, use your left hand. When you go to the market to buy the glove, check if it’s for your dominant hand or not.

Here is a brief sizing chart for adults with the position and age:

Baseball Gloves Chart (Age and position)

PositionAgeGolf Size (inch)
Infiled13+11” – 12”
Outfield13+12.5” – 12.75”
Pitcher13+11.5” – 12.5”
All Positions13+11.75” – 12.5”

Fastpitch Softball Glove Chart (Age and Position)

          Fastpitch Softball
PositionAgeGolf Size (inch)
Infiled8 – 11 12+11” – 12” 11.5” – 12”
Outfield8 – 11 12+11.5” – 12” 12” – 13”
Pitcher8 – 11 12+11.5” – 12” 12” – 12.5”
All Positions8 – 11 12+11.5” 12”

Slowpitch Softball Glove Chart (Age and Position)

        Slowpitch Softball
PositionAgeGolf Size (inch)
Infiled13+12.5” – 13”
Outfield13+13” – 14”
Pitcher13+12.5” – 14”
All Positions13+13” – 14”

Parts of Gloves

Before you match a glove to your playing needs, it would be better if you know your glove’s parts. There are so many different gloves available in the market with different shapes and designs to catch the ball. Here are the parts of a baseball/ softball glove:

  • Web: It connects your thumb and finger to get the grip to hold the ball. It includes a tightly woven piece of leather which helps the fielders to maintain possession when they catch the ball.
  • Palm: The palm of the glove under the leather provides impact protection.
  • Heel: The lower part of the glove is known as the heel. It also provides protection and control of the break of the baseball glove.
  • Lacing: Lacing helps the player to get the comfortable shape of the glove. For lacing material, the lather is preferable.
  • Hinge: Hinge allows the player to open and close the ball easily.
  • Wrist Adjustment: It is an optional part of a glove; it lets the player fix the adjustment. Wrist adjustment is a common feature in youth baseball, fast-pitch, and slow-pitch softball. Besides, this particular feature has a D-ring fastener, buckle system, and hook and loop fasteners.

Materials of the baseball glove

There are so many varieties of baseball glove materials. The materials of the glove are as follows:

  • The easiest close of the glove with no break-in glove material is synthetic leather. Synthetic leathers are lightweight, which makes them perfect for younger players.
  • Softened and oil-treated leathers are best for older plates. It offers the player an easy break-in option and a game-ready feel.
  • If any player wants high-quality leather, then the premium or pro series leather is a great choice. These leathers are more comfortable, durable, and unparalleled than the other materials.

What’s the difference between a right and left-handed glove?

A common mistake people make while buying a glove online is not choosing the glove according to their dominant hand. As a result, the glove will go to waste unless the retailer gives you a chance to exchange it. And it’s very natural to make this silly mistake.

You may wonder how you can tell which off-handed you are. If you have a good grip and you throw the ball with your right hand, you are categorized as right-handed. The same goes for the other hand. To play like a professional, you must choose playing accessories accordingly.

A quick tip for selecting the right glove is to always check if the glove is for a right-hand throw or left-hand throw. Sometimes you will see acronyms on the product packaging “RHT” or “LHT ”; it’s the same thing as above. If you purchase online, then make sure you read all the details about that particular glove.

To avoid an unwanted situation like not fitting on your hand or material is not good, buy it from the market. That’s how you will be able to examine the material of the glove too. Do not forget to wear it on your hand to check whether that glove suits your hand or not. Try to avoid investing your money on a glove that doesn’t include which hand it’s for.

There is no specific difference between right and left-handed baseball gloves. They are just gloves for players with different dominant hands. If a right-handed player wears a left-handed glove, it will be uncomfortable while playing. For this reason, you must not use a glove that was not made for your dominant hand.

baseball glove

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know what size baseball glove to buy?

Before buying a baseball glove, the first step to choosing the right glove is to identify the age and hand size of the player. Wrap a tape around the hand beneath the knuckles to find out what’s a player’s hand size. The comfortable glove range is between 10.75” – 12” according to your hand measurement and age.

Is a 14-inch baseball glove too big?

Basically, the second basemen or shortstops utilize a glove somewhere near 11” while playing. On the other hand, outfielders use big gloves ranging near 14 inches. And softball players use gloves not smaller than 12 inches. So if you’re an outfielder, a 14 inches baseball glove will not be too big.

How big is a size 10 glove?

Choosing the right size glove for playing baseball is vital. If a player chooses a glove that is bigger than their hands, it will be difficult for them to manage it. The player will not get the proper grip for closing the glove to catch the ball. A size 10 glove is generally a medium size baseball glove, and the general mitten size is L.

What size baseball glove does a woman need?

It depends on the woman player’s hand, which size baseball glove will suit their hand. In a survey, it’s proven that the average hand size of a woman is around 6.8 inches. So basically, small sizes baseball gloves are the ideal gloves for women. If a woman’s hand is bigger than 8.5 inches, then they should consider buying medium size gloves.

What size glove do most MLB infielders use?

The best glove size for infielders is 11.5″ inches. A vast number of MLB players use baseball gloves around this size while playing baseball tournaments. Baseball gloves between 11.5 inches to 11.75 inches are suitable for a comfortable grip. Thus the majority of the MLB players use these shallow pocket-size gloves.

Can I use a softball glove for baseball?

Well, a player can use a softball glove as a baseball glove. A softball glove will be as perfect as a baseball glove while playing. Again, how comfortable softball gloves are will depend on your hand’s size. Generally, softball gloves tend to be bigger than baseball ones. If your hand’s suit with 11 or 12 inches gloves, then you can easily use a softball glove while playing baseball.

What is a medium glove size?

The medium glove size for a man is somewhere in the 9.5 inches to 10 inches. And for women, the medium glove size is anywhere in the 8 inches to 9 inches. The general mitten size for both women and man is L.


So, now you have proper knowledge of how you can choose the right size baseball glove. Few sizing charts are also provided for finding out the correct size according to their position and age.

Another important part is choosing the correct gloves for your dominant hand. If you are right-handed or left-handed, make sure to check if they are for your off-handed or not. We really hope all the information regarding the baseball size was helpful for you.

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