What size baseball bat for 8 year old?

You can put a few hundred bucks for a baseball bat, but if the size is not correct, your kid won’t be able to enjoy the game that much. It’s like picking the clothing size for your kid. Getting a bigger or smaller size will make it useless.

If we are talking about the size of a baseball bat for a kid, it’s very critical to get the right-sized one. The power, control, and swing motion, everything depends on it.

If you are wondering what size baseball bat for 8 year old kid should you get, then you are in the right place. Let’s check out everything you need to know to pick the best-sized bat for your kid.

 baseball bat for 8 year old

How do you measure a baseball bat?

Well, it’s not wise to pick a random size when you decide to choose a baseball bat for your kid. There are different factors that you need to keep in mind which have a huge impact on the whole thing. Let’s check out some of the things you should consider before picking a baseball bat for your 8-year-old kid.

Bat Length

First thing’s first; you need to measure the bat length before you move on to anything else. Just place the bat from the middle of the chest and the tip of the hand of your kid. The length of that whole part is the perfect bat length for your kid.


As for the weight goes, you really need to get a good balance. That’s because if the bat is too heavy, it can be very straining for your kid to swing the bat. Yet, if the bat is too lightweight, the swings will not have as much power as a good weighted bat.

Size Charts

Another great way to get perfect measurements on the baseball bat for your 8-year-old kid is to follow a good size chart. That will tell you about all the important information that you need to consider before you select a baseball bat. For that, you’ll need to know the height and age of your kid, and then you just need to follow what the chart tells you.

Should I Get a Different Bat for My 8 Year Old Kid?

It’s actually very important to choose different bats for kids for several reasons. First of all, you need to remember that kids are not strong enough to handle bigger sized baseball bats. If you give a full adult-sized baseball bat to your 8-year-old kid, it’ll strain him up pretty quick, and that’s not the ideal thing to do. Also, he won’t be able to get a swing, and the hit rate will drop significantly as well.

How do you measure the baseball bat size for a kid without tapes?

The best way to measure the bat size for a kid is to place the bat against the chest of your kid and measure it from the arm up. Another common method is to place the bat straight up from the ground and measure it with the waist level.

What size baseball bat for 8 year old is the right size?

28 inches is the perfect sized baseball bat for your 8-year-old kid, and you should not mess with the number too much. You see, if you get a very heavyweight bat, it’ll make it very hard for your kid to swing the bat. Also, if you choose a bat that’s too light, he won’t be able to get power on the shots.

 baseball bat for 8 year old


Question 1: What’s The Right Bat Size?

Answer: That is influenced by the age, size, and height of your kid, and for that reason the size can be different for each case. You should definitely consider checking a good size chart before you move on to choose a baseball bat for your kid. That’ll tell you all the right measurements you need to follow for getting the best-sized baseball bat.

Question 2: How do you take the right measurements of a bat for your kid?

Answer: Well, there are several methods to measure a bat for a kid. But the most popular way to do the measurements is to place the bat against the chest of a kid and do everything from there. Also, holding the bat flat on the floor and comparing it with the waist level of the kid is another great way.

Question 3: How do you size a bat for Little League?

Answer: You should move on for 33 inches if you want to size a bat for little league. That is the maximum size of a baseball bat recommended for little league, and you should never break that number.

Question 4: Why are wooden bats not allowed in Little League?

Answer: Wooden bats are typically very heavy, which makes it nearly impossible for a kid to swing the bat in order to hit the ball properly. You know that more heavyweight bats cause more strain on the hands, and if it’s too much, it can make it impossible for the kid to get a swing. For that reason, wooden baseball bats are not permitted for Little League.

Question 5: Can I use a Usssa bat in Little League?

Answer: If you are at least a 14-year-old kid, and you have a bit of experience of playing as well, you can use a Usssa bat in the little league. However, the bats must have a 1.15BPF stamp marking on them for you to use it.


You just went through a lot on what size baseball bat for 8 years old to get to ensure the best experience for your kid. As you saw, there are different things you need to consider to pick the right sized bat for your kid, and these are not that difficult to tell as well. One thing you should always remember, the size of your baseball bat has a pretty big impact on the experience that your kid is going to get in the field. So, it’s definitely something you should spend a little bit of time to make sure that you get him the best sized one.

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