What Is The Golf Ball Should I Play For Swing Speed?

Getting quality golf balls for speed is often done by new golfers. But what is the golf ball should I play for swing speed? Today, we’ll be talking about this particular issue in detail.

If you’re new to golfing, there are different golf balls for different operations, with each one having a particular sort of features which they specialize in.

That’s why fine golfing sessions depend a lot on how good you’re able to pick the right ball for the game.

What Is The Golf Ball Should I Play For Swing Speed

In the following section, we’ll answer all your queries regarding golf balls which will help you pick the right one out of the different options out there.

What golf ball should I use based on my swing speed?

If you have slower swing speeds, go for low compression, while medium swing speeds require medium compression balls. Go for precision-enhanced balls for a high swing speed.

What type of average mph swing speed do you have in general? The good news is, no matter whatever your preferred swing speed is, there is always a golf ball to accommodate it, as we just explained above.

To understand this, you’d have to perform a few activities. First, you’d have to measure your swing speed and get the balls accordingly. The better you can measure your swing speeds, the better the possibility of getting the right ball.

We have more on choosing balls based on different swing speeds ahead. 

How to measure your swing speed

You can measure your swing speed using a radar monitor or speed clips.

However, measuring your swing speeds can seem like a hurdle. But if you follow the step by step directions below, things will become easier:

Get Radar Monitor

One of the easiest methods of calculating your swing speeds is using high-tech devices. And one such device is the radar monitor. Visit any golf shop near, and you should find them.

Although the level of precision can differ based on the quality of the device, they should still offer an overall idea about how fast your swing speed is.

Speed Clips

This is a more mechanical approach to measuring swing speeds. The speed clips are also available in your closest golf shops and using them; you can get a clear understanding of your swing speeds.

Best golf for ball high swing speed

best golf ball high swing speed

Always go for high-precision golf balls if you have a high swing speed. If you’re an experienced golfer or someone who happens to have a pretty strong forearm, you may need to consider a particular golf ball for the best-golfing output.

Usually, swing speed over 100 mph is known as high swing speed. One big benefit of having a high swing speed is that you have the flexibility in terms of choosing golf balls instead of getting fixed on medium or low compression golf balls.

For golfers with a high swing speed, the main issue isn’t about covering the distance, but it has got to do more with precision and landing at the right place.

That’s why it’s better for them to go for high-accuracy golf balls. These are three-layered balls with a large core. They’re designed to offer an aerodynamic shape and increase the landing precision to a certain degree.

Best golf ball for medium swing speed

Medium golf balls work best for medium swing speed. However, if you’ve been training for some time and gaining speed gradually, you may consider going for golf balls that offer better performance on medium swing speed.

What is considered a medium swing speed btw?

Well, the medium swing speed is any number between 90 to 100 mph swing speed. If your swing speed happens to fall under this speed criteria, you have a medium swing speed.

So which golf ball would be the right option for this particular type?

Well, just like the low compression golf ball works for low swing speeds similarly, medium compression balls work well with average swing speeds.

Best golf ball for slow swing speed

Simply said, low compression balls are the best balls for slow swing speed. If you’re one of those weak-armed men who doesn’t feel good swinging too hard and value accuracy more than anything else, then go for a low compression golf ball for slower swing speed. They’d be the right items for slow swing speeds.

If you cannot get your slow swing speeds above 90 mph, you’d have to consider yourself an individual whose swing speed is low. As a result of the reduced swing speed, your golf ball won’t travel the distance you want them to. In this particular case, you must go for a golf ball that comes with a compression rating of 70-80.

Another positive of using low compression golf balls is that you’d feel a lot less resistance while hitting them.

What golf ball should I use with an 85 mph swing speed?

It’d be more appropriate to go for balls that have around 70 compressions if you have an 85 mph swing speed.

But, you’d have to measure correctly and find that you have exactly 85 mph swing speed.

Well, as you may already understand that you have a pretty slow swing speed. The low compression balls are ideal for slow swing speed. Going too far above this compression level may not garner the best results.

What golf ball should I use with a 70 mph swing speed?

With a low 70 mph or slower swing speed you may need to go for the 3 piece, 55-60 compression golf ball.

They should help you get the desired results. These would be the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed.

What golf ball should I use with a 60 mph swing speed?

Finally, if you happen to have a swing speed of around 60 mph, we’d recommend you to go for a 45 to 50 compression golf ball.

These reduced compression levels would help you reach the extra distance you’re lacking.

Key criteria for the best golf balls at average swing speed?

If you have an average swing speed, then there are some things you must consider before going ahead to get the best golf balls. Let’s learn about the criteria more:


Golf ball compression is one of the most crucial factors that help golfers understand which golf ball they should go for and which one would be the best golf ball.

For those who have an average swing speed, it’s always better to use balls that have a medium hardness. Going for balls too soft may make the shots inaccurate. On the other hand, high compression golf balls will make it difficult for you to reach the desired distance.

That’s why the medium compression golf balls are the best golf balls suited for average swing speeds.


What your golf ball is covered with is another important factor you must look at. The covers are important as they determine the spin control of the golf ball.

Usually, two types of covers are used, which are known as Surlyn and Urethane. Let’s get to learn which one would be better for you.

Surlyn Covers

Surlyn is more of a harder cover type. They’re pretty tough and don’t provide that much spin. However, they’re pretty durable and last longer than other covers.

Moreover, they also feature a pretty solid abrasion resistance. So, if you want the best golf balls for durability, go for one with surlyn cover.

Urethane Covers

Urethane covers are usually picked for their insane effectiveness in terms of offering a quality spin control. So for those who love to see a bit of spin in their shots, urethane would be the best cover to go for. Unlike the Surlyn, Urethane is much softer and isn’t that durable.

Well, these are some of the key areas you should consider if you want to get the best golf ball for 2022 that works with average swing speeds.

Final Words

We’re at the concluding parts of our guide after a long and heavy discussion on the different aspects of a golf ball and swing speed. Although it’s highly crucial to have a substantial swing speed, getting a quality golf ball suited to your swing style can also help.

All in all, you must have a sound understanding of the issues related to swing speed and golf balls at the same time. When you get to comprehend these aspects, golfing will start getting a lot easier.

So if you were asking, what is the golf ball should I play for swing speed? Then we genuinely believe that you now know the answer to this question after going through our guide.

So, let’s head to the course and master your golfing potential right now!

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