What is my golf handicap if I shoot 100?

A golf handicap is the fastest way to judge a player’s skill in golf. When you will keep getting better at golf, the lower handicap you will have. Besides this fact, you should know how to calculate this stuff, which is detrimental to the game of golf. Because if you want to improve your golf skills, then you should do the calculations every week.

So, if you wonder what will be your golf handicap if you shoot 100, then you must learn the calculating procedure. And you will be glad to know that here we will give you a step-by-step guide to figure handicap scores.

What Does Handicap Mean in Golf

It’s being said that the less your golf handicap score you have, the more skilled you are. A player with a handicap score of 5 means that the player’s earlier round was 5 over par. Handicaps judge a player on how well they performed compared to a straight head-to-head match. With the help of handicaps, you can compete against talented golfers based on how much game they played.

Suppose you and one of your friends decided to play a course of 18-hole with a par of 72. Now your friend is supposed to play 78 strokes or par over 6 with a golf handicap of 6. Where you are supposed to play 84 strokes or 12 over par with golf of 12 handicaps.

In short, the number of your handicap is the strokes you need to take over par in the 18-hole course round. In this case, if you shoot around 80 and your opponent shoots a 78, you’ll be the winner. And how did you become the winner?

The number of shots between you and your component is not equal; your shoots are higher. At this rate, the handicap between you and your friend becomes +2 and -2. As you have the higher handicap, the actual winner will be you.

What is my golf handicap if i shoot 100?

How does the handicap system work in golf?

The handicap system can tell the player about how much ability they have on playing golf. Golf handicap takes the average score of yours from the last twenty rounds you played. And the average score develops an index that tells you how capable you are as a golfer.

The index of the golf handicap gives the player a sign of how many strokes they can shoot over par. If a beginner wants to have a handicap, they need to put a bit of time first in the course. We would suggest all beginners play 54 holes of golf first instead of starting the beginning with a handicap.

A player needs to know their index and course handicap before they start playing for a tournament FGof golf. Even if you enjoy playing golf with your friend, it would be better if you know the index and course handicap. All golfers should know how to calculate their handicap even if the USGA does the calculation for them.

How to calculate handicap?

If you want to learn how to calculate your handicap index, this step-by-step guide will help you. The procedure of calculating handicaps are as follows:

Play Golf

You must have to have 54 holes round of golf in order to start your handicap. Eventually, you will complete your twenty rounds, and then you can utilize your top eight rounds to find out the index. Golf players must know that their nine and eighteen-hole round, which helps to count your index and will be inserted in the 20 scores.

Score Differential

The calculation you need to make for each course you play is the score differential. You can tell that the score differential impacts your slope and course rating of golf. As the handicap tells you the skill, the higher the score differential is, the better your ratings will be.

Just like that, if your score differential is lower, your ratings will drop. To make this system fairer, one needs to consider the difficulty of gold.

This formula included the rating of the slope, PCC adjustment, and course rating. The average rating for your golf course is 113, and the slope ratings are between 55 and 155.


If a golfer tried to calculate their golf handicap by themselves, they wouldn’t be able to figure out the PCC adjustment. The PCC is a short form of Playing Condition Calculation. The PCC is a part of the calculating system for just a year.

It’s not like you can’t figure your ideal score differential without this new PCC adjustment feature. Even without it, the calculation will give you an approximate score of your ideal handicap. In this case, your slope and course rating will be your math.

After you calculate your score differentials, now you can calculate a very accurate handicap index from the top 8 out of 20 average. If you have five shots better score, still it won’t be counted in it.

Basically, this method is a saver for a player to decrease the chances of a big fall in a golf handicap. Indeed a player needs plenty of time to get better at golf. Still, you should have had at least two to four shots difference from the previous week.

Course Handicap

This one is the last step of the producer of calculating handicap. To calculate your course handicaps, you need to know your handicap differential score. 

The index number is typically called the decimal number to work from a golf course to another. And the course handicap came from the rounded number. These two indexes and course handicaps are close to each other.

If you play a difficult course of 5.2, then your course handicap will be 7 for that day. Again, if you play an easy course of golf, your course handicap will be 3. To increase the course handicap number, you can take help from the computer system to know the handicap number you need to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a good golf handicap?

It’s better to have an official handicap if you want to be considered good. You need to have around 16 to 20 handicaps to be known as the average golfer. The USPAG declares their official handicap is 15. That means to be on the average course; a player requires at least 90 scores.

How does a golf handicap work on a scorecard?

Usually, a player shoots 27 strokes over par on average. Once the player reaches 20 scores, the overall handicap will come out from the average of 10 differential of your 20 scores. The figure you will get from the 20 scores will be multiplied by .96; the final result will count as your handicap index.

How much does a handicap cost?

Golf handicaps are basically used to judge players on how talented they are in playing golf. It will take a lot of time for a person to be a better golfer but sure; you will be one. The cost of a handicap will depend on how much your golf club takes, but it ranges from $25 to $60.

How can I lower my handicap?

There are a few ways to lower your handicap. You can lower it by working on your golf fitness, practicing frequently. You can also choose a few ways, such as nailing down the fundamentals, level-up your short games. These are the few ways to lower the handicap.

What is my handicap in golf if I shoot 90?

The better the golfer is, the lower their handicaps are. Handicaps scores are utilized to examine the player’s skill on golf. The survey says that if a player shoots 90 on par 72 golf, they have a handicap of 18.

What percentage of golfers can break 100?

In the golf game, a break below 80 is normal, and the majority of golfers can reach this state consistently. Around 20 percent of players can break between 80 and 90. Almost around 55 percent of golfers can break 100. The rest of the 45 percent of golfers are unable to break 100.

What is a decent golf score for a woman?

The average or decent golf score for a woman is 108, whereas 96 is for men. Around 35 percent of occasional women golfers can score 120. And around 20 percent of the core women golfers can score over 120.

What is the percentage of golfers that breaks 80?

2%. Only 2% of golfers are ever able to break 80.

Final Verdict

Now you know the answer for what is my golf handicap if I shoot 100, and how to find out the handicap score by calculating. Having a handicap will be a lot beneficial for you when you play matches. Not only that, but you can also monitor your playing ratings with the help of a handicap.

When you will see that your game is getting worse, you will be able to practice more to improve it. That’s why every golfer should have an official handicap when they play. We’re pretty sure that you can examine your skill by figuring out the score on your own.

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