What Is Considered An Intermediate Golfer Based On The Skill Level?

Started playing golf recently? Then you must be wondering how to develop the skills and update your golf game to the next level.

However, the most enjoyable level when you play golf is the intermediate level. This is when an average player improves his game to a notable extent and comes out of the slough of an amateur. This is also the most fearless level for a player as well. 

But what is considered an intermediate golfer? On what basis can you decide on your league? 

Well, an intermediate player regularly scores 95-115 in an 18-hole round while maintaining a handicap index of 35. He/she also has a clear idea of where the ball is going.

Want to learn more in this regard? Fortunately, this is what is discussed below.

So, let’s dive in!

What Are Different Levels in Golf Playing Skills?

What Are Different Levels in Golf Playing Skills? What Is Considered An Intermediate Golfer

To put it precisely, there are five different skill levels in playing golf to determine your league. Beginner, advanced beginner, average golfer, intermediate, and excellent.

If you want to enjoy the most exclusive experience in playing golf, you need to know in detail about those golfing levels.


Completely new to hitting the golf course? You must be a novice golfer then and probably you are just learning the game.

However, you can take help from some professional golfers to learn how to play golf avoiding bad shots.  

Advanced Beginner

Beyond the amateur, there is a level labeled as advanced. At this point, golfers are more likely to learn the game already.

But they haven’t developed much skill. So, a golfer at this point cannot be called a good golfer yet.

Upon completing the basic learning program, probably you played a little pitch and putt. 

Still, you might not be keeping score. Because you are far behind an advanced golfer.

According to wganj.com, at this level, average golfers usually keep a standard pace of play of 2:15 and 4:30 for 9 holes and 18 holes respectively. 


Able to score between 105-135 in an 18-hole round of golf? Congratulations! You have improved your game on the golf courses and are a general golfer now.

Although you might not be maintaining a handicap till now. Need a little more effort to make a good score and reach the intermediate level of the course.

And probably, you have played golf for several years, and now, it’s time to upgrade to an intermediate golfer.


When you have played at least 26 rounds of golf at the full-length golf course, of course in an 18-hole round, you can be considered an intermediate golfer. 

To be more exact, an intermediate golfer needs to hit 26-104 rounds in the 18-hole and practice in the short game area. Similarly, putting green for 26-104 hours is an intermediate player in golf course management. 

At the intermediate level, generally, you will be trying a round against fair competition once you have played enough shots.

Excellent Golfer 

These are golfers called high handicappers who are in the 17-25 handicap range. At this level, you are good for any competitive tournament. Yes, you are that competent beyond an intermediate golfer. 

As you are taking your average score to a new height on the golf courses, you are more likely to post it regularly. You are actually maintaining a good score per round after all.

Also, these golfers are known as advanced golfers with good shots. 

Aside from being a good golfer with a notable score, you are a good putter too at this point as your short game keeps you in a hole.  

How Long Are You Considered a Beginner in Golf?

How Long Are You Considered a Beginner in Golf?

Arguably, it takes around four to six months to learn the basic rules to play golf. If you score above 90, you are a beginner at the courses for sure.

Nevertheless, it depends on many other factors as well. For example, based on individual athletic capability, you might differ in the learning period. 

Of course, the practice shots play a vital role. The more you practice, the faster you can learn golf course management. 

Aside from the practice shots and the scores on the course, you should focus on the rules of the game and invest in the proper equipment. 

And try hard to practice under professionals to maintain an average score. 

Until you can score below 90, preferably 85, you will be considered a novice golfer. 

So, utilize the first six months properly. From learning to hit a fairway drive to judging the golf ball distance wisely, from hitting different shots comfortably to keeping score consistently- all these are necessary to take your golf game to the next level in association with the right clubs.

Yes, keeping score between 90-100 is okay for a while but you need to score better. Because if you score 90, it will result in an average par of 4.

What Is an Intermediate Golfer?

What Is an Intermediate Golfer?

An intermediate golfer is a decent golf player who can hit the ball regularly maintaining the handicap index of 35 while scoring 95-115. Besides, the intermediate players usually never shoot triple digits on a good day. 

To put it differently, intermediate golfers are on the way to gaining the status of pretty good golfers. At this point, they aim to make consistent contact with the ball to make it go up with the irons.

Furthermore, intermediate golfers play by judging the swing plane more wisely and counting the strokes to play the right shot.

As the intermediate golfers are still to make their putting sharper, they might get a few birdie chances to hit the green per round. 

But the question is how many of them you can convert? Not much as you are yet to practice a lot.

Though hardly missing the ball and making regular contact with it is a great sign of improvement. 

Moreover, an intermediate golfer is not sure about what clubs to use on many shots. It’s the inconsistency in the strokes perhaps that causes the dilemma. 

But he sure knows how to hit each club. That’s the charm of golfing at the intermediate level, we guess! Even intermediate golfers with an average score know how to avoid bad shots with the ball and know where they are shooting the ball. 

Best of all, he consistently scores an average score with an average handicap index by delivering more accurate shots.

So, basically, they are not very good golfers like the scratch golfers but they are not bad either. 

In fact, someone is on the verge of being a good golfer at this level. Still, he/she plays well enough to be acknowledged. Isn’t that amazing?

What It’s Considered an Intermediate Golf Handicap?

What It's Considered an Intermediate Golf Handicap?

If a golfer holds an average of 35 handicap index or more in an 18-hole, it’s considered an intermediate golf handicap. 

However, to achieve an intermediate handicap, you really need to practice a lot with a full focus on the ball. Only then you can take a good swing to make the ball go into the irons. 

And who doesn’t know the importance of a golf swing with a precise aim?

Aside from that, mid to intermediate players also become more responsive while shooting the ball to the irons. 

At the end of the intermediate level, you need the exact aim for different shots in the 80s and beyond. And breaking 80 is the most desirable score for most intermediate golfers to move onto the next level.

Talking about the mid-handicap index, the average handicap is 20 and definitely, no worse than 30.

If you are a mid-handicap player, you should consistently aim to break 90 to play better.

And as for a good handicap index, an average player should aim to shoot around 85% of the ball with a good swing.

As for the scratch/exceptional golfers, the handicap index is anywhere between 0-2.

What Is a Good Golf Score?

What Is a Good Golf Score?

If you are an amateur, a score less than 120 is considered pretty decent on the golf courses. Specifically, a total score of 108 on a par-72 course for a novice is known as respectable.

But it depends on the level of the golfer as well. For example, an average player shoots to score 90 on a par-72 course.

And for professional scores, you must aim to be under 72. Usually, the professional scores are somewhere below the 90-stroke average and below the 72-stroke par course in an 18-hole round. 

However, to achieve a good golf score on the courses, one must overcome weakness to hit the ball to the irons at bunkers or fairway woods.

That being said, appropriate clubs take the upper hand in deciding your scores and shots.

Moreover, patience, dedication, and golfing equipment are also important. Therefore, never compromise the quality of the golf equipment. 

What Would My Handicap Be If I Shoot 110?

If you shoot 110, your handicap will probably be 35. 

Measuring the handicap index is a fairly good idea to judge a player’s level. 

Although it’s a bit challenging to determine the handicap, the GHIN handicap system is there to cover you. 

According to this system, you can measure your own handicap by keeping track of your match and the complexity of the course.

And please remember that you must need a handicap to play even in a local tournament. 

Therefore, aim at getting one.

What Are Good Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players?

What Are Good Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players?

For intermediate players, it is very important to spend time in the best golf club set. In fact, only the best golf club set can optimize your distance and let you learn the best golf lessons.

Usually, clubs for a mid-handicap player are known as super game improvement clubs. When you want to spend your money on golf clubs for intermediate players, make sure to focus on having a bigger central hitting zone or sweet spot to deliver a consistent distance.

Besides, focus on the fact that the golf clubs are composed in a way to improve your golfing lessons. And it would be best if the golf clubs combine forgiveness, distance, and accuracy.

Aside from optimizing the distance, it should be suitable for both the tee and to green. And including the putter and the driver, the best golf club set is bound to be a complete set of fairway woods, hybrid, four irons, and two wedges.

Golf clubs having hybrids instead of long irons are preferable to hit better on the tee to green. 

On top of that, without having any long irons they tend to let you airborne the ball. 

Of course, budget is a big issue when buying the best golf club set for golfing lessons. So, focus on the clubs that are affordable and offer forgiving irons simultaneously. 

Above all, spend enough time with the clubs on the courses to be an advanced golfer. 

If it’s the putter you are interested in, stick to a peripheral putter. 

Conversely, high handicappers prefer a mallet putter as it resists twisting.

As scores are mainly based on putting, try practicing with the putter as much as possible.

Final Words

Golf is a game of honesty, integrity, and patience. If you honestly keep track of your handicap, you will easily realize how your game has progressed so far. 

That’s how you determine your level of skill. 

However, if you are still confused- what is considered an intermediate golfer?let us remind you that intermediate golfers must score between 95-115 in an 18-hole golf round. And an average handicap index of 35 is known as a mid-handicap. 

Hopefully, you will be able to decide on your golfing skill by following this guide and lowering the handicap to improve your game day by day.

All the best!

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