What Is A Golf Shirt?

Factors To Consider Before Getting Your Next Classic Golf Shirt!

A typical golf shirt is one that is made of comfortable moisture-wicking material, specifically made to be worn while playing golf, with length and look almost similar to a standard polo shirt.
While any polo can be substituted for a golf polo during a brief game, real golf polo shirts are constructed from the most advanced materials to keep you dry and cool throughout the whole time. Regular polo shirts might not have the cutting-edge qualities necessary to perform at a high level, which only a golf polo can offer. Want to get yourself a typical golf shirt without getting confused with a regular polo? Keep reading to find out what a golf shirt is, what its features are, and how you can distinguish between the two!

What is A Golf Shirt?

With an appearance almost similar to a classic polo shirt, a golf shirt is a type that comes with little modification, to help you specifically on the golf course. Golf shirts are frequently required as part of the dress code at golf courses and country clubs. The fabric used to make a classic golf shirt includes synthetic blends like polyester or spandex, cotton-polyester mixes, or sometimes mercerized cotton.

A typical golf shirt has some features for you to recognize them. The placket of the shirt extends lower than the usual T-shirt neckline as it holds three or four buttons. And the collar is usually constructed using a sewn double layer of the shirt’s fabric. Moreover, to contain a scorepad, pencil, or other items, golf shirts frequently have a pocket on the left side, which may or may not have a logo.

What Are The Features of A Good Golf Shirt?

It can be difficult to pick a golf shirt that balances your appearance, has the ideal, and performs up to the mark when there is a wide variety of apparel options available. For you to choose the perfect shirt, we have come up with some standard features that make up a good golf shirt.

golf tshirt features

1. Quick drying feature and breathability

The most fundamental requirement for golf apparel is breathability. In this context, breathability refers to your shirt’s capacity to move moisture through a pore. Golf shirts with quick-drying drying properties and enhanced ventilation will promote quick sweat vapor transmission through clothing, making you comfortable throughout any physically demanding activities.

2. Protection against UV

The majority of fibers naturally absorb some UV rays, however, you’ll find some fibers include reactive thermoregulation technology, and crucial UV protection embedded into them. Some apparels even have a UPF rating of 50 or higher. These types of shirts can be of great help outdoors.

3. Material for comfortability

If you need to be on the golf course for a long period of time, the material of your shirt will actually matter. Here’s what you can buy and what to avoid.

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo viscose has got everything you need. It has the odor-blocking, moisture-wicking, and permeable properties of synthetic mixes without harsh chemicals.

Additionally, bamboo viscose offers natural UPF 50+ sun protection, so you won’t likely burn out while out on the course. It’s often blended with cotton to produce shirts that combine cotton’s softness with bamboo viscose’s performance materials.


Polyester shirts are one of the most favored choices when it comes to performance fabrics. The durability, anti-wrinkle nature, moisture-wicking ability, and color-retaining properties are what made this fabric so popular. You won’t get soaked from sweat because of the fabric’s moisture-wicking quality, which draws moisture to the top layer where it can dry. However, because synthetic mixes don’t naturally wick away moisture, polyester has to be chemically treated in order to achieve this essential attribute.


A spandex shirt resembles a polyester shirt in appearance and feel, but it contains a considerable amount of spandex, which allows the garment to stretch as you move, giving you greater mobility in the course

The material you should avoid: 100% Cotton

Cotton is breathable, yet it takes a while to dry and will absorb sweat like a sponge. Cotton lacks wicking capabilities, therefore your sweat won’t be transferred to the
fabric’s outer layer. However, if cotton is combined with other fabrics that have moisture-wicking characteristics, your shirt can become comfier.

What Sets A Standard Polo Shirt And A Golf Polo Shirt Apart?

Though the material is the main aspect that distinguishes a golf shirt from a polo, there are some other subtle differences you can look out for.

Feature 1: The Material

You’ll see that most polo shirts are typically composed of a pique knit fabric, which is typically made of cotton but can also occasionally be made of silk, merino wool, or sometimes synthetic fibers, some of which are not suitable for the course. On the other hand, golf shirts are made with bamboo viscose, polyester, or blends of cotton and polymer, or polymer and spandex.
Though polo shirts may or may not have moisture-wicking technology, golf shirts surely need to have them in order to keep the players dry in hot and muggy weather.

Feature 2: The Fit

Polo shirts generally fit the arms and chest more tightly than golf shirts do. They have slightly shorter sleeves and smaller sleeve holes, which results in a tighter fit around the bicep.

So, many golf players prefer golf shirts since they are less likely to restrict arm swing because of the comparative loose fit

Feature 3: The Collar

Polo shirt collars, on the other hand, are designed to be worn upright at the back of the neck, providing additional sun protection for this ordinarily exposed area of skin.

Though this upright feature can help a lot on golf courses, golf shirts typically have collars that are intended to be worn flat and folded down.

Feature 4: The Sleeve Length

Polo shirts and golf polo shirts have minute differences in the sleeve which you might not notice. Generally speaking, golf polos are 1 to 2 centimeters closer to the elbow than regular polo shirts.

Final Thoughts

Wearing an athletic outfit off the course can be a good way to showcase your chic style. The golf shirts are suitable for a number of settings other than the golf course, in fact, you can rock the look with them.

Paring a neutral golf shirt with a dark suit and sneakers, a well-fitted pair of chinos, or maybe your premium joggers can help you create an outstanding look.

So, choose one that fits your personality and enjoys the day in comfort with a touch of style Hope the article was helpful for you and you can recognize a typical golf shirt while looking for it!

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