What Does a Low Spin Golf Ball Do for Beginners?

If you are on the way to finding the golf ball for your gameplay in golf clubs, you need to consider both low-spin and high-spin balls.

Moreover, low-spinning golf balls have become more popular over time due to their unique characteristics. They are designed to create less drag on the ball during flight, which allows the ball to travel further.

New golfers often get confused when they hear about low spin and high spin. If you are one of them, you might wonder, what does a low-spin golf ball do? A low-spin golf ball has a lot of functionalities to provide. Usually, it is made for those who find it difficult to get the shot straight.

However, as a golfer, it is very important to find a ball that you feel comfortable with. If you are at the early stage and don’t know the features of various golf balls, here are all the things you need to know about low-spin ones to get a slower swing speed.

What does low spin mean for a golf ball?

Low spin means that the ball spins less than its speed. In addition, a golf ball that makes less backspin and side spin in the air is called a low-spin golf ball.

Further, spin has a great impact on modern golf balls’ movement and direction to carry distance in a long or short game. It can slice the ball or go straight depending on how it is hit. There are some crucial factors that control golf ball spin, high ball speeds, and faster swing speeds. But a low-spin golf ball is specially designed to keep the spin less.

Since excessive spin can make it more unpredictable, most golfers can’t actually control the enhanced spin ball. For them, optimal spin is the best option to play.

Another thing, there are also high-spinning golf balls available that are specially designed to achieve higher launch.

On the other hand, low-spinning golf balls feature a dimple pattern that produces less backspin but ensures longer distance with more control.

Do low-spin golf balls go further and straighter?

Do low-spin golf balls go further and straighter?

Yes, a low-spin golf ball provides greater distance and accuracy. They are specially designed to help golfers hit the ball straighter.

As previously said, it depends on a few factors how the ball would go. It varies based on the player and the ball hit. Moreover, the material used in the golf ball also determines how it will perform on the go.

Low-spin premium golf balls are often made with a urethane cover which provides a soft feel and enhanced greenside speed control. It requires less struggle to prepare before hitting and minimizes the chance of flub.

These balls have less drag, meaning they move faster through the air. As a result, they travel further and straighter. However, low-swing speed golf balls are recommended for beginners and recreational golfers, while high-spin golf balls are best for advanced players for a golf game.

What are the pros and cons of a low-spinning golf ball?

What are the pros and cons of a low-spinning golf ball?

Golf balls are one of the most important concerns for golfers, right? Whether you are a seasoned player or a pro, you need to consider which type of golf ball best suits your needs. Because choosing the wrong one will get you a bad score at the end of the day.

A golfer who is new to a golf club usually goes to the store to get advice about golf gear in this regard. Although this isn’t the way better to go for golf equipment. For your convenience, here, given the pros and cons of a less-spin golf ball,


Low-spin golf balls offer a lot of benefits. They bring huge possibilities for those who have trouble maintaining a straighter shot. Therefore, not all golfers play with a low-spinning ball; you may see it only in those who are in need. Here are the potential benefits of these,

Easy to control and hit

Low-spin balls have a lower spin rate than high-spin golf balls. Due to their build quality, they tend to create less backspin. No need to worry about the ball spinning out of control or causing it to overfly.

Also, a low spin ball flies straight and accurately. These characteristics make them easier to control and hit. When you have firm control over the hits, it will be more enjoyable to play.

Increased rolls

You need to know, high spin golf balls often generate excessive spin, even backspin as well, which can cause the ball to travel higher and reduce distance. Also, it can significantly lower the possibility of your shots rolling out.

On the other hand, low spin results in a smoother transition between backspin and sidespin. As they have a higher initial velocity than high spin balls, they roll slightly better and cover more yards after hitting the ground.

Travel more distances

Low Spin Golf Balls have been known to increase the flight distance of a golf ball. They provide a higher launch angle and less backspin. Low spin helps prevent overspin and rolling longer distances than high spin balls.

By reducing drag and increasing lift, they allow golfers to get the maximum distance out of their drive. These balls are great for beginners who want to improve their game.


Keep in mind, low-spin balls are way more durable than high-spins. The difference made the outer cover which can keep it unaffected even after multiple rounds. It can be found with both hard and soft covers based on urethane, ionomer, and surlyn.

So, which one results last among them?

You can go for urethane and hardcover on the golf ball. With a low spin hard cover golf ball, you can play with the same balls for five and six rounds without scuffing or scratching. Moreover, low-spin balls are cheaper than high-spin golf balls. You can easily find them online and offline at golf stores to purchase.


Despite the widespread support, there are some downsides to low-spin golf balls that you need to look out for. They are,

Needs more stopping power

Lower backspin helps the ball to roll out more which sometimes misleads the ball. Backspin is crucial as it helps to control the speed when the ball touches the green. As they can’t generate enough backspin, it requires more power to stop.

Lower trajectory

Low-spin golf balls have a lower trajectory as they produce less backspin. Backspin helps to make higher flight which gives firm control when landing. The lower trajectory can be helpful or useless depending on the spin and hit.

Final words

Low-spin golf balls are popular among beginners and recreational players. Also, golfers who want to improve their shots and score more often can choose them as they have less drag and therefore fly further.

However, they are not recommended for professional golfers. Professional golfers prefer high-spin golf balls because they allow for greater control over the ball. So you should decide on low-spin golf balls if you want more upgraded farther and straighter shots. And, if you want to control and accuracy, then go for the higher spin balls.

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