5 Best beginner skateboards for kids

We all want to learn how to skateboard, don’t we? You can speed up your learning process by choosing the best beginner skateboard for kids!

Exercise and fun go hand in hand when you skateboard. However, based on what kind of board you get, your initial boarding experience may vary quite a bit.

Nevertheless, skateboarding is a fun activity that burns a lot of calories. Several skateboard lessons on the internet can teach your kids how to ride a skateboard for beginners accurately. In addition, some skateboards come with a kids skateboard with a handle that allows the kids skateboard for kids to balance quickly.

Our list features the top skateboards for beginners with aesthetic designs and durable decks. You can also pick the favorite color of your kids so that they can ride it more confidently. Most importantly, the skateboard for beginners on our list is easy to use, so kids can learn to skate quickly while staying safe.

1. Cruiser Skateboard for Kids Ages (6-12)- Beginner Skateboard For Kids

Cruiser Skateboard for Kids Ages (6-12)- Beginner Skateboard For Kids

There is also the skateboard, which is another cruiser skateboard for kids that we have. The kid’s skateboard is made from durable wood. It also resembles wood in its appearance.

The skateboard, however, is made of durable material. With regular use, this board will last for more than two years; it is also scratch-resistant. In addition, Magneto is known for its beautiful graphics on this skateboard. Therefore, this kid’s skateboard will be more appealing thanks to its graphics.

Additionally, this skateboard features a double kicktail design. Furthermore, this skateboard is perfect for tricks and flips. In addition, it allows your kid to practice a variety of schemes. You will also use the latest technology on this board, as it has enthusiastic wheels.

Additional Features

  • Ridding Safely: We care about your safety while riding! Jaoul improved all details, including wheels, bearings, shock absorbers, trucks, and trucks themselves, to remove the peril. Would you mind wearing protective clothing while skating?
  • Using a complete skateboard: This skate is perfect for beginners! Beginners! beginners! Once you receive it, the cruiser skateboard will be ready to use. You only need to adjust the bearings before you ride to choose your speed.
  • Exceptional Quality and Longevity: Made of high-quality AA plastic, the mini Cruiser Skateboard is exceptionally durable, sturdy, and lasts much longer than a standard wooden board.
  • Suitable for all ages: The Skate game is fantastic and funny for kids and adults alike skateboard. Some so many kids love this Jaoul skateboard because it is so beautiful and extraordinary. The best skateboard for kids Gift idea for birthdays, summer, fall, back to school, Christmas, new year, etc.


  • Skateboard that is portable
  • with a sturdy design
  • as well as beautiful colors


  • A skateboard is ideal for kids who know how to ride one

2. Complete 22 Inches Skateboard For Beginners

Complete 22 Inches Skateboard For Beginners

A complete 22-inch beginner skateboard from Nordmiex is an ideal choice for kids. This skateboard for beginners has features that make it easier for the skateboard for kids to master. In addition, the complete 22 inches skateboard has a beautiful pattern. Additionally, this board is perfect for cruising the streets or any other terrain.

Besides that, this skateboard has LED-lit wheels. So naturally, these lights make the skateboard look more appealing. But, of course, complete skateboards have attractive patterns as well.

In addition, the skateboard can be ridden in a brief period.

It can support 330 pounds of weight. In addition, the skateboard can be used by adults as well as children. In addition, the skateboard weighs 4 pounds, and its trucks measure 3.25 inches. The LED lights on this skateboard allow you to ride it at night.

Additional Features

  • Valuable – Meketec’s unorthodox design outperforms many of the leading brands and the high price of other skateboards.
  • Features-The perfect holiday gift for kids and girls who are just learning how to skateboard.
  • Taking Meketec to the next level: Make your skateboard stand out. For example, 3.25-inch trucks with different colors will make you stand out from others.
  • Safety-certified: This well-built skateboard comes with CE certification, making it safe to ride no matter your level of experience.


  • Easily transportable skateboard
  • that’s durable and sturdy
  • with LED lighting


  • The maximum weight it can carry is 330 pounds

3. Scientoy Skateboard, Beginner Skateboards, Complete Pro Skateboard 

Scientoy Skateboard, Beginner Skateboards, Complete Pro Skateboard 

Your kids can get into skateboarding for a low price. Children as young as eight can benefit from skateboards, such as the beginner model from Scientology, one of the most affordable skateboards available. In addition to being great for the little ones, this standard-sized board can also be used by teens and adults.

When he grows up, my son wants to be like Tony Hawk. So last summer, I gave him this and encouraged him to practice and ride more. As a result, he has practiced tricks on this skateboard, which provides a better lift than his old board. The skateboard also rides smoothly and safely, thanks to the 95A wheels.

It is beautiful to have ABEC-7 bearings on this skateboard. They help to reduce shocks and improve balance. Additionally, a multi-functional wrench and four screws are included in the package. Even though these items probably cost a few bucks, I am glad I got them for free.

Additional Features

  • Improved Controls – The emery sandpaper combined with a classic double kick concave design provides better control and safety experiences and helps you learn more tricks faster.
  • Exceptional Patterns – Beautiful and colorful patterns are printed on skateboards. Various attractive graphics styles are available, including punk, new wave, vintage, and classic. The graphics on skateboards printed with a heat transfer process can last for many years.
  • Solid & Sturdy: Skateboard with 31 in x 8 in the deck, 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, 5 inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks give you a solid and reliable foundation. Capable of supporting 220 pounds.


  • Children, teens, and adults can all enjoy this standard size
  • at an affordable price
  • perfect for practicing tricks
  • thanks to their excellent shock absorption and balance
  • a repair kit is included


The wheels of trucks tend to rub against each other.

4. Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard- Kids first skateboard

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Teenagers and adults typically use skateboards. Usually, kids cannot skateboard with handle their first board because it is too long and heavy. For kids ages 5-15, we designed this skateboard to be shorter and lighter. During the design of this board, we discovered that a smaller size is pretty fun for adults too! This board is perfect for advanced skaters who want to skate mini ramps or small skate parks. The board is ready to use out of the box, so you can start using it immediately!

Art and artists’ works often inspire skateboard culture. Graphic design makes a statement, and artists are in high demand. For this project, we created three drawings inspired by skateboarding culture.

For kids to use, we tested a wide range of skateboard shapes and sizes. The standard size and shape, around 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, was too long and heavy for children. In the end, the deck was 27.5 inches long and 7.75 inches wide. Neither length nor weight is added. With smaller and lighter boards than the giant heavier ones typically found on the market, the kids we worked with were able to skate much faster. For the aspiring skater in your life, this is the perfect first skateboard!

Additional Features

  • Double cocktails and rigid maple-Seven plies of hard maple are used to construct this board, with double cocktails on both sides and a shallow concave for enhanced comfort… The bottom of the deck features three different graphic options covered in high-quality grip tape for extra traction.
  • High Rebound– The wheels are made of high-rebound urethane, making the ride smoother and more stable.
  • Designed by skaters: Our boards are inspired by the birthplace of longboarding, Southern California. Our design cues are influenced by the local surf culture and natural materials, and we let the simple aesthetics speak for themselves. Additionally, we place a high priority on customer service and want you to be delighted with your new board. We respond to every message within 24 hours, and we’ll do our best to ensure your satisfaction and maximum cruising on our boards.


  • Kids and learners will enjoy it.
  • Affordable
  • and includes a T-tool
  • that does not require grip tape
  • Sakura Flexy Technology


  • Not fast enough
  • Sometimes the wheels make noise.

5. Skateboard Merkaba 22″ Complete with Colorful LED Light- Skateboard for young kids

Skateboard Merkaba 22 Complete with Colorful LED Light

Beginners will love the complete 22-inch skateboard from Nordmiex. Kids will find that this skateboard is easy to master, thanks to its features. Additionally, the complete 22-inch skateboard has beautiful patterns. You can cruise on this board on any surface, from the street to the mountain.

Aside from that, it has LED lights on the wheels. This skateboard looks more aesthetic with the lights. It also comes with attractive patterns.

The 22-inch skateboard is also very quick to ride.

Furthermore, it’s smooth and maneuverable no matter where you ride. This board is perfect for bowls, on-ramps, kickers, rails, or anything else you can throw at it.

At only a fraction of the price, you can obtain the quality you’d expect from a much more expensive to set up system. Skaters of all levels will appreciate the strong components, excellent design, and responsiveness of this skate.

Additional Features

  • Fast and Smooth ride– ABEC-7 bearings and 60 mm, soft polyurethane wheels produce a smooth and comfortable ride while providing shock absorption and abrasion resistance.
  • Awesome light up Wheels– LED wheels light up while riding, making them safe and fun to ride at night
  • Perfect For all Levels– CE certified and suitable for skateboarders of any skill level


  • Easily transportable skateboard
  • with durable construction
  • LED lights


  • The maximum weight it can carry is 330 pounds

Questions to ask before buying a skateboard for your kids

What is the best skateboard for kids age for children to ride skateboards?

After 6 years, the kids should be allowed to ride skateboards. Some skateboards are explicitly designed for children. Your kid can also carry the boards with ease since they have a skateboard with a handle. The kid will be more comfortable riding the skateboard if it is the correct size.

What Are The Major Components Of Skateboards?

Skateboards consist of six significant parts: bearings, grip tape, trucks, deck, hardware, and wheels.

How Does A Skateboard Make Riding Easier?

Skateboards will be easy to ride if they have the correct size, grip tape, board shape, durable deck, accurate depth, and the correct durometer and diameter.

How safe is a skateboard for kids compared with a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are not as safe for young kids as skateboards. A skateboard is more stable than a hoverboard for this reason.

When you want to ride at high speeds and indoors, a hoverboard may be a better choice. A skateboard is typically the more stable choice when riding at speed or on rough surfaces. The self-balancing mechanism on some kids’ hoverboards, however, makes them more convenient.

Are mini skateboards suitable for children of all ages?

We recommend mini skateboards to kids ages 5-10 as they are slightly smaller and narrower. If you choose a mini-board, you will benefit from its lighter weight, making it easier to carry, skate and eventually do tricks with.

When should you buy your child a skateboard or scooter?

Bikes are a favorite toy at a young age, but you may want to consider a scooter or skateboard as they reach five years of age. However, you might be frightened at first due to the risks associated with skateboarding. Physical injury to your child is, of course, something you don’t want to happen.

Which skateboard is the smallest on the market?

Unlike wooden skateboards, the Skatro Mini Cruise is made from sturdy plastic and is much smaller. It measures 22 inches, which is entire with the package. You’ll receive a T-tool whose color matches the skateboard. Again, small compared to standard options. The package comes with a T-tool whole color matches that of the skateboard.

To Sum Up

Early exposure to skateboarding can help kids develop their coordination, balance, and physical fitness. Kids have the added benefit of improving their social skills at the same time. Admission is also inexpensive. Skateboards are the only equipment needed.

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