Is it Better to Push or Carry Golf Bag on the Go?

Golf bags have become a burning topic among golfers in recent years. Since golfers have many choices out there when it comes to carrying their clubs around. Pushing, carrying, rolling, or pulling? Which is the best method for getting the clubs where you want them to be? This is a question every senior or junior golfer must ask themselves before hitting the local course. The only thing that matters is whether you feel comfortable with the way you carry or push.

According to this, many studies have been done on golfers who push and carry their golf clubs and they come up with the answer to the question “Is it better to push or carry a golf bag?” Researchers have found that carrying a golf bag burns more calories and can cause unexpected shoulder or arm pain. Although pushing a golf bag is less tiring than carrying it, this transportation method also has some downsides.

But it is risk-free and way more comfortable than carrying. In addition, you may be familiar with electric or gas golf carts. So, four-wheelers cart bag are considered to be the best way to carry golf clubs to the course.

Is it better to push or carry golf bag?

Is it better to push or carry golf bag?

Should you carry a golf bag to go for such a great game you like? The answer is no, you should not carry the golf club unless there is no other choice. Carrying a golf bag isn’t good for your golf journey as it places a ton of force on the spine which can lead to muscle damage. That’s why pull cart bags you just need to enjoy with comfort.

There are three ways to take the golf club to the course. Simply carrying the golf bag seems to be the worst one of them because of carrying, you need to use the core muscles that is generally harder. Also, damaging cells in that part can have a detrimental effect on the gameplay.

Moreover, when walking with the golf club, it is burning more calories to carry the stand bag. It is not always the best idea to carry a pull buggy. You may want to consider getting a golf cart or caddy when playing 18 holes at the same time. It will make the process of carrying your clubs much easier and more efficient in the field.

Should Golfers Push, Pull or Carry Their Clubs?

Should Golfers Push, Pull or Carry Their Clubs?

The question pops up on the golfer’s mind, ‘Should golfers push, pull or carry their clubs’ which is asked by both new and old one. Golfers can push, pull or carry their club to the course.

So, it depends on your will and how do want to take the golf club from home to the ground, however, it matters for safety, health, and game.

There has been a lot of research on golfers of different ages to understand the potential impact of carrying or pulling a golf club. Although the golf caddy was a recent addition to modern golfing, before that, most people carried or hung golf clubs on their hands or shoulders, even that occures the muscle imbalances.

But when latest research shows that carrying isn’t a good idea for the game, it increased the use of golf carts and golf caddies. Another research shows that pushing the pull cart or carrying a bag requires the same calories but pushing can help to stress up the muscles before playing. Therefore, pushing the golf club is recommended over carrying or pulling it.

What is the best way to take golf bag to the course?

What is the best way to take golf bag to the course?

The best way to take a golf club to the course is using an electric or engine-powered golf cart which definitely makes the best sense in this regard.

A golf cart provides the most comfortable carrying support you need from home to the ground or inside the course. Not only the club, but you can also carry passengers in the cart. So, if you want to enjoy the game with your family, then go for a 4-seater golf cart. However, golf carts aren’t cheap, a two-seater golf cart costs around $7000 – $8000.

As far as we know there are several ways to get the golf bag safely landed off the course. You may want to pick the best one of them to ensure everything is fine and fit for the game. After studying the issue in-depth, the AJGA found that carrying heavy golf bags on the back, especially among younger players, could potentially contribute to back injuries and fatigue, cited golf researcher Wolkodoff.

For this, you need stress-free muscles and a mind to determine whether to hit the ball straight or slice it off into the bushes.

What are the advantages of using a golf push cart?

What are the advantages of using a golf push cart?

Technically golf push carts provide taking advantage and are therefore so popular among golfers around the world. For those who can’t afford to drive golf carts, push carts are the best alternatives to them.

Compared to electric four-wheeler carts, they are cheap, safe, and don’t deal damage to the muscles. Here are some of the reasons why should use a golf push cart on the course.


A push cart can be used at any time, anywhere. They are convenient in comparison to walking the course to get around while playing. It allows playing at any time without having to wait until the end of the round to leave. This saves precious time and energy as well.


Push carts offer a safer alternative to driving a car around a golf course. While they don’t hold as much cargo as a vehicle does, they offer additional stability and security when compared to a typical golf bag, especially when pushing from uphill to downhill.


While push carts are ideal for getting around a golf course, they aren’t necessarily designed to carry very much weight.

However, you can attach a wheelbarrow style attachment to them for carrying bulkier items around the course. A golf push cart is great for transporting things like clubs, golf bags, balls, towels, snacks, drinks, etc.

Physical benefits

Finally, a pushcart adds benefits to your health that prevent from carrying the club on your shoulders. Carrying the heavy golf bag year after year can have some lasting effects, and muscle fatigue on the body.

To get away from them, you should consider using a push golf cart. It will save both time and energy and also helps to keep focused on the game.

How to set up a golf push cart?

Whether your push golf cart includes an electric trolley or not, this is the flexible way to carry the golf initials. Although electric golf caddies are so expensive, people usually go for the non-electric push cart.

Whatever, the bag and how you should organize it are similar for all types. In the golf bag, you will need to set all the materials such as golf clubs, bushnell, range finder, towel, tees, water bottle, and golf ball.

When setting up the golf cart, you should start with the golf clubs keeping them at the exact place side by side. Use the side pockets of the bag to place balls, tees, towels, and water bottle safely.

Final verdict

So, the answer to the question “Is it better to push or carry golf bag” is that you should choose to push the golf clubs instead of carrying them. It is because there are some experts who believe that carrying clubs affects your game and causes injuries.

Golf club is the best friend of a golfer which carries all the necessary equipment such as towels, balls, 3 wood, 5 wood, tees, etc.

Also, golf push carts are great for beginners but they aren’t always practical for seasoned golfers. Unlike engine powered golf carts, they are reasonable.

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