How to use a golf rangefinder? Find out the effective way!

As a novice, you might know the importance of selecting the right clubs and making perfect swings in golf games. But do you know what helps the golfers to choose the right clubs for making wonderful swings to the target?

Actually, the ability to accurately measure the distance from the targets helps the golfers knock out the matches by making mind-blowing swings with proper clubs.

However, when you come to the point of distance measurement, golf rangefinders seem like a magical tool to get accurate distance without any hassle. But before getting its optimum result, let’s check out how to use a golf rangefinder effectively

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What is a golf rangefinder?

Before you know how to use a golf rangefinder, let’s try to understand what a game of golf is and what are the various types of golf rangefinders available in the market.

A golf rangefinder is a binocular-like device that helps the golfers to find the distance from the target.  Thus, it helps the golfers to make perfect shots with confidence and take the game to the next level.

If you look into golf rangefinders, you will find some excellent features in them. Such as:

  • Compact and pocket-friendly devices.
  • Excellent water-resistant body.
  • Features shock-resistance cases.
  • A perfect companion for all-weather.

However, you have the options to choose from three different types of rangefinders for your golf courses. For your help, those categories have been described below.

  1. Laser Rangefinder: It uses laser beams to measure the distance between the observer and the target. However, the speed of those beams is different in each climatic condition.
  2. GPS Rangefinder: GPS rangefinder uses a pin seeking technology where the map of the course needs to be installed before the starting of the game. Then, you just point the target by a pin and enter the press button to get the distance in the rangefinder.
  3. Optical Rangefinder: It is an unpopular type of rangefinder that uses optical principles to measure the distance to a visible object.
golf rangefinder

Do you need a golf rangefinder?

Most of the newbies often ask whether they need a golf rangefinder to play golf. Even often, they prefer to save some money by not going for a golf rangefinder. But do you know a golf rangefinder is now an essential element for the golf course?

That means, no matter if you are a newbie or an expert, you must have a golf rangefinder in your golf bag. Because it adds extra value to your golf courses by giving you an accurate measurement of distance, helping in choosing the right club to hit the target, and finally, giving you a level of confidence to make amazing swings.

How to use a golf rangefinder properly?

Let’s check out how to understand how to use a golf rangefinder properly with the following tips.

  • Finding the targeted point.
  • Setting the rangefinder aiming at that point.
  • Turning the rangefinder on.
  • Finally, getting the yardage.

How do golf rangefinders work

how do golf rangefinders work

Measuring Distance with Laser Rangefinder:

For a novice, using laser rangefinders for measuring yardage is difficult somehow. So, before getting into the main course, let’s get to the steps to use it.

  • Activate the rangefinder.
  • Select the mode based on the surroundings.
  • After that, lift the device close to your eyes and look for the target.
  • Whenever you see through the targeted point, simply press the button.

However, for getting the most accurate result from laser rangefinders, make sure to place a reflective piece at the top of the flagstick before starting the game.  It will perfectly reflect the laser beams to the rangefinder as much as possible.

Measuring Distance with GPS Rangefinder:

The steps you should follow to use GPS Rangefinders are as follows.

  • Download the map of the golf course.
  • Activate the rangefinder and let it read your location with the help of the satellite.
  • After getting all the data about your location, enter the pin of your target hole.
  • Then, you will find the distance and slope of the target.

While using GPS rangefinders, ensure that you have the updated map of the golf course and uninterrupted internet access.

Measuring Distance with Optical Rangefinder:

Optical rangefinders are the most outdated version of rangefinders that use optical principles to get the distance. In that, you will just see through the sight and try to estimate the distance based on your experience. If needed, you can even adjust the knobs to get a more clear vision.

10 Tips on Using a Golf Rangefinder:

Let’s go over the top 10 tips to use a golf rangefinder more efficiently.

01. Make Sure You Have a Good Quality Golf Rangefinder

If you get into the market, you will find several categories in rangefinders such as golf rangefinders,  hunting rangefinders, etc.

Generally, hunting rangefinders can’t serve the purpose of golf rangefinders as they have totally different specifications. So, you must get a golf rangefinder to ensure optimal performance on the golf course.

02. Determine How Far the Rangefinder Can Measure

Each of the brands available in the market is made in different ways to cover different distance ranges. So, you must have an idea about the range a specific brand covers before you choose to use it in your golf course. However, both GPS and laser golf rangefinders can measure large distances if you use them properly.

03. Know the Limitations of Your Device

Every golf rangefinder has some sort of limitations, such as GPS rangefinders need accessibility to the Internet and have the map of the golf course to work properly. These limitations pose difficulties while operating the device. So, you have to find the limitations of your piece and make the necessary efforts to reduce them.

04. Ensure Internet Accessibility

If you are using a GPS golf rangefinder, make sure it’s getting Internet access and can connect to the satellite while measuring the distance. Otherwise, you won’t get an accurate measure, and your game may get hampered by that.

05. Be Sure of Adjusting the Right Modes

To get accurate measurements from laser golf rangefinders, the most important thing you need to do is to choose the correct mode based on the condition of the golf course. Similarly, when the slopes come, you have to set another customized mode for that situation.

06. Set a Reflective Thing on the Flagstick

Laser Rangefinders use reflected laser beams to measure the distance between the observer and the target. And to create such reflections, you have to place any reflective piece on the flagstick near the hole.

07. Read along with the User Manual

Each of the golf rangefinders comes up with its customized user manual that introduces how to operate it or what unique features it possesses.

08. Do regular Practices

If you want to be great at using the golf rangefinders during your match time, do practice regularly. Never get tired of practicing.

09. Watch Video Tutorials

There are a lot of videos available online that can help to be familiar with the process of using various golf rangefinders for newcomers. So, make a habit of watching video tutorials made by professionals, amateur players, as well as manufacturers to increase your skills on that.

10. Never Solely Depend on Your Device

Though using GPS rangefinders makes the golf course even more enjoyable and effective, you should never be over-depended on these devices. Because you may sometimes be put into such situations where you can’t use your one.

how to use golf rangefinder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where should I aim my golf rangefinder?

If you are using a modern golf rangefinder, then you should directly aim it at the target. Because most of the modern rangefinders have target locking features. In other cases, make sure your device is ready to measure distance by aiming it anywhere on the ground before moving it to the target.

How to use a rangefinder when there is a slope?

Sometimes, you may get golf courses where you will need to play on an unparalleled surface. In that case, you will need to activate the slope mode and aim the rangefinder, as discussed before, to find the accurate measure.

How to hold a golf rangefinder steady?

To hold a golf rangefinder steady, follow the directions given below.

  • Set the magnification of the lens based on the target distance.
  • Keep your body in the right position.
  • Grip the device firmly.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the target.
  • Stop shaking fingers while pressing the button.

Can I play with golf GPS devices & rangefinders in a tournament legally without getting in trouble?

Yes, golf GPS devices & rangefinders are ‘Legal’ for tournaments. However, players can’t read slopes, use built-in features to know weather conditions, and enable swing measuring or club suggesting features during the tournaments.

How can rangefinder benefit your golf game?

By telling the most accurate distance from the target, rangefinders help the players to select the appropriate club to make a perfect shot to the target. So, it encourages the players to grow their skills in golf.

Wrap Up

You just went through a complete discussion on how to use a golf rangefinder. Now, you can easily determine the type of your golf rangefinder and follow along with the prescribed user manual and other additional tips to improve your efficiency in golfing.

However, before using these directions and tips, you need to get that device. To find the best one, you need to compare the best golf rangefinder brands on the market and pick your favorite one based on your query and budget.

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