How To Use 3 12V Batteries In Your Golf Cart-All Answered

When you are riding the golf cart or are in the maintenance of it, you need to be assured that the power is going to last you a good while till your operations are over. But if you have a different voltage of battery available than what is needed, can you still run the cart?

A common question asked by golf enthusiasts is how to use 3 12V batteries in a golf cart? For this, you will simply need to plug in the batteries in a series circuit to create 36 volts of power supply.

However, be warned that there will be a possibility of lower amperage and deep cycle ability if you opt for the method. Even then, you can get a decent amount of runtime from the batteries.

How to use 3 12v batteries in a golf cart?

With a series arrangement, you can start as well as propel your electric golf cart.

If your golf cart runs on 36 volts, then you can adjust it with 6, 6-volt batteries. If you don’t have access to those correct batteries, then surely you can replace them with 3, 12-volt batteries, the latter group being more widely available.

The deep cycle battery on golf carts can help them run for long afternoons on the course easily.

Can you use 3 12-volt marine batteries in your golf cart?

Yes. You can use a marine battery as a replacement for a golf cart battery.

Since they are both gels, lead-acid batteries that have deep cycles, they can be used interchangeably in your golf cart.

What kind of batteries do 36-volt golf carts use?

36 Volt golf carts usually use six, 6-volt deep cycle batteries.

These are lead-acid batteries of a dimension of 10.25 inches in length, 7.06 inches in width, and 10.94 inches in height, and these 62-64lbs each.

Can you put 6, 12-volt batteries in your golf cart?

No, you don’t need 6 12V batteries in your 36V golf cart.

However, if you have a 48-volt golf cart, then you can use either 8, 6-volt batteries in it or 6, 8-volt batteries in it. Even 4, 12V batteries would do. But you cannot use 6, or 12V batteries here, or the voltage output would be 72V.

How can you make your 36-volt golf cart faster?

To make your 36-volt golf cart faster:

  • Remove irrelevant racks and parts from your golf cart that may make it heavier and thereby slower.
  • Always power wash your golf cart when due.
  • The ignition pedal and the shaft on top of it should be under proper maintenance.
  • Get larger tires for your golf cart.

How much does a good battery cost for an electric golf cart?

If you want to replace your batteries, the battery replacement cost could be around $800-$1500 depending on the location, professionalism, and service of the operator.

You can be even expected to pay as high as $2000 for 72 Volt, sealed batteries. A regular gel lead-acid battery may need you to pay $900- $1500 in general.

How To Use 3 12V Batteries In Your Golf Cart

Can you charge a 36-volt golf cart with a 12-volt battery charger?

No. For a 36-volt power charger, the voltage requirement is 20 volt.

To connect your charger to the batteries, connect the positives and negatives. However, if you want to charge one battery at a time, you can charge it with a 12V charger.

Can you use car batteries in your golf cart?

Yes, you may use car batteries in your golf cart.

Do so only if you have no other battery option because car batteries generally are lower on reserve capacity and may lessen your car’s motion ability for a sufficient time.

What is the main difference between a golf cart battery and a deep cycle battery?

The difference between golf cart batteries and deep cycle marine batteries is in their ability to supply high amps.

For RV lights, you do not need them, but if you get golf cart batteries at the same cost, you can get high amps from the extra deep cycle. All you have to do is arrange the batteries in a parallel connection.

How do you rejuvenate old golf cart batteries?

To rejuvenate old batteries on your electric golf carts, allow half the lead acid of the battery to drain out of the cell to a container, and then mix 8 ounces Epsom salt and 2 quarts of distilled water before putting the old battery on a charger.

Will a 12-volt deep-cycle battery work in a golf cart?

Yes. 12-volt deep cycle batteries can provide your carts with sufficient power.

This can be used to run an 18-hole round of golf. If you want, you can also modify your golf cart to use 12-volt marine batteries.

Can you use regular 12-volt batteries in your golf cart?

If you want to generate a burst of power supply in your golf cart, then you can use regular 12-volt batteries in your golf cart.

But if you want longevity of performance, with a constant and steady supply of power, then you should opt for regular golf cart batteries.

How do you hook up 3 12-volt batteries in series?

To hook up 3, 12 V batteries in a series connection, you have to use a jumper wire. Then, connect the negative terminal of battery-1, to the positive terminal of battery-2 and use another set of jumper cables to do it with the third battery, and you’re done.

How do you charge two 12 volt batteries to make 24 volts altogether?

If you want to make 24 volts with your 12-volt batteries, simply connect two of the latter in series.

This will give you an output voltage of 12V+12V=24V. Also, remember to wire the positive terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the second battery.

Is it better to charge 12V batteries in series or parallel?

If you wire your batteries in a series connection, it will not affect its amp hours. So you can do this.

Or, you can wire your batteries in parallel which amps up the hours for each of the batteries, letting you use them for long. So parallelly charging them is more preferred.

Can you charge a 12-volt battery with a 24-volt solar panel?

Yes, you can charge a 12V golf battery with a 24V solar panel.

The voltage is not a concern here, as it is an output that the solar panel can easily provide. The panel has been actually designed to provide a minimum of 30% more output than the batteries themselves that are intended to be charged on those panels.

How do you get 24V out of 3,12v batteries?

You cannot get an additional 24V if you are using your 3, 12V batteries to power your golf cart. For an additional 12V, you need to buy two other batteries and join them in a series connection that will give you 12V+12V or 24V output from them.

Then you will have the output you desire and you can join this 24V in series connection parallelly with the original connection.

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