How To Turn On Golf Cart Headlights? Know The Fitting And Functioning Of The Headlights!

If you own a golf cart either for property or campsite viewing or maybe for street use, then you probably know well how crucial and beneficial the golf cart headlights are to get the function properly. They save you from unfortunate injuries and provide a better view when there’s low light.

So, do you know how to turn on golf cart headlights?

To turn the headlights located on the front of your golf carts, there is a nob which is placed underneath the steering wheel. When you pull it out, the headlight turns on. And, if you don’t have headlights, you can simply install them and use a toggle switch to turn them on.

As a golf cart owner, you may be aware of how irritating it can be when the lights consistently stop functioning. Learn how to install lights by fixing the issues, the causes of such problems, about the fuse, low light hours, voltage reducer, lighting circuits, and more in the article below!

How To Turn On Golf Cart Headlights?

Once you’ve turned on the golf cart using the key, you need to locate the nob underneath your steering wheel and pull it out. This will turn on the golf cart headlights.

If somehow your golf cart has a blown switch, a malfunctioning headlight bulb, or dead batteries. Then it won’t be possible to turn on the vehicle’s headlights. You need to either help from service agents or inspect and replace the faulty headlights.

Check for the torn or loose wire in the circuit connection and change them, or check if the fuse is getting enough power using DVOM; if not, replace the lighting fuse.

How Do You Put Headlights On A Golf Cart?

How Do You Put Headlights On A Golf Cart?

To put a golf cart’s headlight bulbs on a vehicle, first, you need to drill holes for the toggle switch and headlight, and then make suitable connections between batteries, headlight circuit, and toggle switch.

Choose where to place the light kit and indicate the locations for the screw and hole needed to secure them. Drill the holes.

Then, disconnect all the negative battery terminals, which are often located under the front seat. Now make a hole for the toggle switch; most people choose the dash on the driver’s side as a suitable spot.

After that, connect the batteries, inline headlight fuse holder, and toggle switch, and finally, make the connection between headlights and the switch in a safe manner to turn signals. At last, screw the new headlights and toggle switch tightly, and reconnect the battery terminals.

And you are done.

Why Are My Golf Cart Headlights Not Working?

If you’ve seen your headlights flickering recently, then the reason behind them not working all of a sudden is simply them blowing out. And if not, then there might be problems with the battery, faulty headlight switch, blown fuse, or wiring,

Again if you have recently replaced or fixed the vehicle’s electrical system, the reason for the headlights not working may be loose wiring or faulty wiring.

Also, it can be that the blown fuse didn’t receive the required power, or the voltage reducer got blown out due to excess voltage supply, for which the lights aren’t functioning.

Why Are The Lights Dim On The Golf Cart?

Why Are The Lights Dim On The Golf Cart?

When your battery has broken connections and is not charging properly, this loose wiring can cause dimming of the golf cart lights. Sometimes, there may be problems with the accelerator operations. The headlight bulb itself could also be the source of the issue.

Loose battery cables or board computer wiring might drain your accelerator, causing the golf cart light to dim. Other causes include a defective voltage reducer that fails to supply enough voltage to the lights, or a defective harness that holds the accelerator and the lights together and ensures regular electrical flow.

How To Fix Golf Cart Headlights Yourself?

How To Fix Golf Cart Headlights Yourself?

Finding the source of the issue and then fixing the defective components or wiring are the steps you need to follow if you are into fixing your golf cart’s headlights.

Start with verifying if the circuit’s wires are properly linked to one another, in order to provide the complete electrical connection for lighting. If there seems to be no problem with the connection, check if the battery is dead; if so replace them.

Provided that there’s no problem with either the battery or connection, check the power supply to the fuse using a multimeter. If it shows no power, the fuse has blown out, change it. And if the fusing is functioning, then determine whether the lighting switch on your car is getting adequate electricity.

 In case all the above equipment is working fine, then most probably the problem is with the headlight bulb, it has blown out. Install new bulbs in your headlight assembly.

Why do you need headlights for your golf cart?

Why do you need headlights for your golf cart?

To helps with the visibility during the evening or night drives in the streets, golf cart headlights are a must. Also, when navigating the yard or woods with them, to avoid obstacles, headlights are super useful.

If you want to make your golf cart street legal, then the addition of headlights is a must-follow rule. It will help you locate the pedestrians or smaller vehicles like cycles and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

And if you don’t want to make it street legal, still then, make sure to add headlights, they’ll help you with an evening tour around the yard or your personal space.

Where is the fuse for the lights in a golf cart?

Where is the fuse for the lights in a golf cart?

There is no particular location for the fuse box in a golf cart. You can find the fuses on your golf cart’s service panel. It is generally located on the driver’s side rear fender, behind the battery.

The fuse, which is an electrical safety device, protects the electrical circuit against overcurrent damage. When your headlights stop working, you can check for the functioning of the fuse. If there is a problem with the fuse, replace it right away.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for today. Hope you can now find the problem with your headlights and fix them. Before ending, here are a few tips for you.

Suppose you are not so sure that you can locate the problems with your headlight and fix them yourself. In that case, it’s always a better option to take help from the service agents as you can cause injuries to yourself or other internal parts of the golf cart during the operation.

And secondly, make sure to purchase the perfectly compatible equipment for the model of your cart. Finally, turn on the golf cart headlight and check them a few times by turning them on and off frequently after service agents repair them.

Good luck with your golf cart tour!

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