How To Prevent Golf Cart Theft: 10 Unfailing Ways

The saddest news for the golf cart owners is that their valuable golf cart is stolen. Surely, it’s very heartbreaking not being able to store golf carts securely.

But how do you deter thieves from stealing golf carts? How can golf cart owners keep the golf cart safe when it’s left unattended?

Thankfully, there are some effective ways to protect your golf cart. Using some anti-theft technology such as a unique key, GPS system, pedal locks, hidden kill switch, etc., you can keep those potential thieves away from your golf cart.

On that note, let’s have a quick overview of the details on how to prevent golf cart theft and get rid of the terrible feeling of finding the cart missing suddenly.

How to Prevent Golf Cart Theft Effectively

Manufacturers indeed focus on the mechanical issue of a golf cart more than on installing additional security to save them from a golf cart thief. That’s why you need to be more cautious while leaving the cart outdoors for a long time.

However, the 10 tips below let you protect the golf cart no matter how longer parked it is.

1. Install a GPS Unit

How To Prevent Golf Cart Theft-Install a GPS Unit

Perhaps, the most common and convenient way of preventing golf cart theft is to install a GPS unit on your custom golf cart. As you can easily connect it to your smartphone, monitoring the location of the golf cart becomes a breeze.

Most interestingly, the thieves would have no clue where it’s installed.

2. Cover Your Cart

how to prevent golf cart theft-Cover Your Cart

Don’t have a storage shed? Why not use a golf cart cover then?

Apparently, the cover works as an obstruction the thieves hate to deal with. After parking a golf car out of everyone’s view, putting a cover on it increases the chance of keeping the golf cart safe.

3. Park the Cart Indoors

Park the Cart Indoors

Well, it might seem obvious. But it actually works. Keeping golf carts locked in a garage is the best solution against golf cart theft.

But make sure you lock the garage or barn too to ensure additional security.

Also, it prolongs the lifespan of a cart by protecting it from wear and tear.

4. Attach a Pedal Lock

Attach a Pedal Lock

Most people look for the cheapest way of protecting their carts and here we have such a solution.

Attach a pedal lock to the gas pedal of the golf cart. It prevents a quick gateway and chances are, you will get the cart back even if it’s stolen.

Also, pedal locks come pretty budget-friendly. Therefore, you should definitely try this inexpensive way to save the cart.

5. Install a Steering Wheel Lock

Install a Steering Wheel Lock

Similar to a car, you can use a steering wheel lock in your golf cart too. It works great like a pedal lock by not letting the thieves roll the cart. You must unlock it with a key first.

However, if you install a steering wheel lock to your golf cart, make sure to carry it always. Usually, people avoid carrying it due to the low space in the cart.

But steering wheel locks are, indeed, a wonderful deterrent to effectively guard your golf cart.

6. Install Cameras

Install Cameras

Although it’s not an inexpensive way of guarding your golf cart, it actually works the best when it comes to preventing golf cart theft.

Any property or valuables, be it a golf cart or not, are better protected under video surveillance.

Moreover, it captures the video of getting your cart stolen and lets you catch the thief quickly.

So, we highly recommend installing a security camera on your golf cart.

7. Use a Hidden Kill Switch

Use a Hidden Kill Switch

Another incredible feature to protect your golf cart is a hidden kill switch. Basically, it’s the most effective solution on the list. Even golf course owners use these switches to keep their golf carts defended against thieves.

Once you install it in your favorite place on the cart, no way anybody else would know where it’s located.

And once you engage it, the cart is never going to start without the hidden kill switch being disengaged.

Thus, you can locate the golf cart using the GPS locator in no time even if it’s towed away.

8. Get a Unique Key

Get a Unique Key

Usually, all golf carts from the same brand have the same key. On one hand, it’s good that you can access your cart using the generic key even after losing the original one.

But that comes with the risk of driving the cart off by anyone having the same key.

So, you should not rely on those universal golf cart keys. Instead, get a unique key. Any local golf cart shop can install that special key in no time.

Without that unique ignition key, it will be challenging for thieves to start the golf cart.

9. Use Security Spotlight

Use Security Spotlight

Another alternative to installing security cameras on your cart is to use spotlights.

Suppose, your golf cart is parked in your backyard under the motion sensor light. Now, if someone tries to approach it, suddenly the security light will illuminate the whole area.

Not only will this anti-theft device alert you about the potential theft but also startle the thieves with the sudden turn-on.

10. Keep an Eye on the Cart

Aside from all the secured methods above, it’s suggested to always keep a close eye on your golf cart.

Technically, it’s impossible to keep the cart in the garage always. So, wherever you go, park the golf cart as close as possible. Keep a keen eye on it.

How Do I Secure My Golf Cart?

When not in use, always secure the cart with a unique key lock and store it in a golf cart garage. If the garage space does not permit you to keep the gold cart inside, you can also park it outside by covering it up.

Best of all, keeping the cart under a surveillance camera or a security spotlight works the best to reduce golf cart stealing.

Can You Put an Alarm on a Golf Cart?

Although a golf cart doesn’t have a built-in alarm, the good thing is that you can install several alarm systems to be alert when someone tries to drive your golf cart away.

How to Lock Golf Cart Batteries?

To lock the batteries in a golf cart, you need to make sure that the battery and the carriage are attached properly to the safety straps.

Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, comprehensive golf cart insurance covers golf cart theft. If your home or vehicle insurance doesn’t cover the theft, opt for comprehensive coverage instead.

But please make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully before you sign.

Final Words

Who wants to run the risks regarding their golf carts? After spending hundreds of bucks, it’s surely intimidating if the cart gets stolen one fine day, right?

But how to prevent golf cart theft without digging much into the pocket?

We have some foolproof plans above to solve the issue. Whether you install a steering wheel lock or a pedal lock, both work great to save your investment in a cart from being stolen. Furthermore, some anti-theft devices such as a hidden camera, kill switch, GPS tracker, security spotlight, etc. are gaining popularity among the cart owners to reduce stealing of the golf cart. However, choose the method that suits you the best and stay at peace when you are away from the cart’s location.

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