How To Lock A Golf Cart Most Effectively

The most common problems golf cart owners face is theft or vandalism of their cart. So, they often seek suggestions on how to lock a golf cart.

To be honest, preventing golf cart theft is a bit tricky. Still, you can protect it by following some hacks.

If you cannot store the golf cart in a garage, install better security systems like an electronic keypad lock or an alarm. Another convincing way is to go for a steering wheel club to lock the wheel. Installing a unique key switch also helps in this regard.

However, there are some other ways as well. Let’s dive deep into them below to secure your golf cart from being stolen.

Most Effective Ways to Lock a Golf Cart

Below, we have handpicked some commonly used ways of locking your golf cart unfailingly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to prevent theft of golf carts with these methods.

Let’s get started then!

Installing a Key Switch

How To Lock A Golf Cart - Installing a Key Switch

Usually, every golf cart manufacturer uses the same key for all their carts. So, carts from the same brand have the same keys. That’s why we recommend you install a unique key switch that cannot be unlocked with a common key.

Using a Keypad Lock

The second most common way of stopping a golf cart theft is to take the help of a keypad lock. People often rely on an electronic lock that wires into the electrical system. That’s how your golf cart is disabled and you can only move it by entering the proper key code sequence into the electronic pad wire.

Installing a Pedal Lock

How To Lock A Golf Cart  Installing a Pedal Lock

How will a new owner take your golf cart? By accelerating on the pedal, right? How about locking the pedal then? Yes, you can do that by installing pedal locks available in the automotive market.

This will lock the pedal in the upright position and not be pressed until you unlock it. Therefore, nobody can accelerator pedal down to drive the cart away.

Taking Help of a Steering Wheel Club

Just like the pedal, another driving force to run a golf cart is the steering. So, how about installing a steering wheel lock?

Similar to the automotive market, you can install a steering wheel club to lock the wheel. It won’t let a new owner steer the wheel. And without steering, how can he drive it, right?

Thus, the steering wheel lock system is a tried and trusted way of securing your cart.

Mounting a Manual Disconnect Switch

What is a golf cart powered by? A battery bank. So, use a manual disconnect switch to detach the main power flow from the battery bank. That’s how your golf cart would be powerless to be rolled off by an unknown driver.

Usually, these switches are installed in secured places that are difficult to identify.

And if you go for the advanced security system, the switch avails a padlock system too.

Using a Key Fob

Aside from the ideas above, another great way to lock your golf cart is to install a security system that works via a key fob to disable the cart.

These types of security systems wire into the control circuit of the ignition system. Usually, it works as an alarm when someone tries to take the cart away. If you don’t stop the alarm using the key fob, you can’t move the golf cart even an inch even with the original key in hand.

However, it’s a very convenient way of attempting to prevent the theft of a golf cart, it really works.

Installing a Wheel Lock Boot

Aside from the steering wheel, let’s lock the wheel of the cart to stop someone from stealing your golf cart. This time we are going to install a wheel lock boot.

But wait. The boots will stop the wheels from rolling. Isn’t that a bit troublesome while traveling?

Yes, it is. But you can easily make use of the boots when your cart is parked at home or in the garage.

Removing the Steering Wheel

Keeping all the ways aside, you can do another thing. Remove the steering and take it with you leaving the golf cart behind. Suppose, your cart is parked in a public place. Then removing the steering is the safest option, we guess.

Well, to make the steering wheel removal system work, you need to have customized steering from Grant. They install an exclusive security scheme to let you remove the wheel easily.

Are Golf Carts Easily Stolen?

Unfortunately, yes. With the advancement of technology, stealing golf carts have become easier than ever. If you leave the cart outside for a longer or even shorter period without any security system installed, you may never see it again.

Do All Golf Carts Have the Same Key?

If they are from a similar brand, yes they do have the same common key with a universal shape. But don’t worry, you can always install a different key switch from the manufacturers.

Do Golf Carts Have GPS?

You can install a GPS in your cart to monitor it. Such golf cart tracking devices are lifesavers for golf course owners or managers to let them assure of their carts’ location.

We think if you cannot afford to manage a golf cart garage, park your cart anywhere with a proper security system and of course, with a GPS installed.

Final Words

To wrap up this guide on how to lock a golf cart, we would like you to remember that, you must be aware of the latest security systems to prevent golf cart theft. After all, it’s not always possible to park a cart indoors.

Earlier, golf carts were taken by someone for a joy ride and then abandoned. But nowadays, the cart is gone for good.

Whatever the case is, you must be clever enough to protect it with an exclusive keypad lock. Also, locking the pedal or steering wheel limits access to the cart. And don’t forget to install a GPS tracker for added security.

Hope the guide above helps you prevent the theft of your valuable cart for good.

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