How to keep your golf grips dry: Ultimate guide in 2023

Do you have sweaty hands while you play golf? If that’s the case, you’re at a significant disadvantage. But don’t worry, you aren’t on your own. Sweaty hands are an unpleasant experience on and off the golf course.

Even if a glove can help, there are plenty of other ways to strengthen your grip. Continue reading to learn how to deal with sweaty hands on the golf field and How to keep your golf grips dry.

Use 2-3 Golf Gloves

If you don’t wear a golf glove on your lead hand, wet hands make it nearly impossible to acquire the ideal grip. Golf gloves not only keep your hands dry but also give you a more consistent grip pressure.

Carry at least three pairs of gloves with you at all times so you may change gloves every few holes. Allow the wet glove to air dry while you perform the round with the other.

Make use of Grip Powder

Make use of Grip Powder

Spreading grip powder over your hands and gloves will keep them dry for a long time. Grip powder can also be substituted with baby powder while on the golf course.

Using Rain Gloves

Using Rain Gloves for golf

Rain Gloves are a great way to keep your hands dry while it’s rain

You understand how difficult it is to play in hot, humid weather and how difficult it is to grip your clubs. Rain gloves are an alternative to normal gloves. These will keep your hands dry, allowing you to concentrate on the game rather than worrying about shaky hands.

Rain gloves aren’t just for when it rains. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your cord grips and lower your scores.

Buying New Golf Grips

Buying New Golf Grips

It may seem self-evident to emphasize the importance of the best golf grip because it is the only thing that makes contact with your hands during the swing. As a result, if your cord grips aren’t working effectively, your shots aren’t likely to go where you want them to because your hands are slipping or the grip isn’t suited to your hands, and so on.

The greatest golf accessories make life on the course easier, and a new grip may give an extra club new life. Something you’ve regarded with mistrust for years could become your new best friend in no time. They can also be color coordinated to match the colors of your favorite sports team. here are some good grips which you can consider.

Buying new golf gloves

Buying new golf gloves for golf

Golf gloves are a crucial piece of equipment that is sometimes ignored because your hands are your connection to the club. If your glove isn’t well-fitting, has few holes, or doesn’t provide you with the grip and traction you require, you’ll find yourself compensating and changing your swing.

The right glove, on the other hand, can improve your grip, minimize friction, avoid blisters, and improve your swing.

Most golfers just wear a glove on their non-dominant hand, but wet or icy circumstances may necessitate a pair.

While most gloves appear to be the same on the surface, there is a significant difference in quality and substance. Here are some best golf gloves according to our expert.

Keep Extra Towels

Keep Extra Towels for golf

After you’ve found the right gloves and new grips, it’s time to stock up on golf towels, especially during the summer. Avoid using them with normal towels. They may be used to clean the golf club and remove dirt from the clubface.

Towels for your body and grips should be different. Carry extra towels in your golf bag to dry your hands and grips before each stroke, it’s a smart idea. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about losing or sliding your hold when hitting the ball.

When you feel like your hands are taking center stage instead of the picture, remember to dry off. Because it puts extra strain on your forearms, making it more difficult to swing properly.

Club Up

For each shot, take one golf club more than you normally would. Even if there is no wind, the ball will not travel as far under heavy rain.

Bringing an additional club will also allow you to swing more easily, which will aid in maintaining good balance and a solid grip when the weather is rainy.

Last but not least, and probably most crucially.

Trolly And Brolly

You don’t have the luxury of a caddy whose primary mission in the rain is to keep you dry as the best pros do. So, what’s the other option?

An electric or push trolley with an umbrella holder affixed to the main arm is one of the better setups in the rain (and one also used by ‘caddy-less’ Pros). Carrying an umbrella and finding a spot to put it down during a shoot might be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if there’s even a slight breeze or wet conditions.

As you can see in the illustration on the right, an umbrella placed precisely above your bag will keep you dry for 90% of your round – plus you won’t have to chase it halfway down the fairway! You may hang a pair of towels and your glove in the umbrella’s spokes using this setup.

Everything inside a lightweight stand bag (typically made of canvas) is likely to get wet, including backup towels and gloves. Using the underside of your umbrella as a clothes horse can keep your clothing dry from beginning to end.

Use Hand Products that are Dry

Depending on your needs, you may select from a variety of dry hand products. It causes your hands to become white and chalky, yet it keeps them dry. Some players, on the other hand, prefer sticky materials in order to improve their grip.

Maintain a positive attitude and persevere

You’re likely to miss shots when it’s raining hard. You’ll miss putts and end up with a greater score than you’d prefer. Your teammates and the rest of the field, on the other hand, will benefit. So let them get dissatisfied and discouraged while you make the best of the situation.

Wet weather will make it difficult for you to maintain your typical routine and focus on the course. Accept it, nonetheless. Accept the unavoidable misses with a smile and go on to the next shot. What you would consider a poor score will probably end out better than most if you can stay cheerful and continue.

Hands should be washed often

Hands that have been washed in cold water have a far better chance of remaining dry. It removes the dust and sweat that prevents you from having a stronger grip while also keeping your hands cool.

If there aren’t many water coolers, bring an extra water bottle with you. Before putting gloves back on, always wipe your hands with dry towels. You’ll be able to acquire a strong grip on the club if your hands are clean and chilled.

Use Sweatbands

How to keep your golf grips dry- Use Sweatbands for golf

Wear a sweatband over your wrist to prevent sweat from reaching your hands. It’s not worth it if it impairs your golf swing in any way. If it doesn’t impair your game, wear sweatbands.

Seasonal Differences

The weather will affect your grips depending on where your home course is located. Grip surfaces can become sticky in high-humidity locations or seasons, necessitating more frequent cleaning.

Older grips, on the other hand, might become hard during the cooler months, when the air is dryer, resulting in a lack of ability to maintain a strong, firm grip on your club. Grip conditioners can prevent grips from becoming excessively tight.

Maintain Your Body Temperature

Wear breathable clothing, a cap, a cool towel over your neck, ice on your veins, and everything else you can think of to keep you calm.

Improve Your Golf Routine

The final suggestion for dealing with sweaty hands is to increase the pace of your golf game. After cleaning your hands, you’re always on a timer to shoot the next shot. If you take more than 60 seconds to dry your hands before hitting the golf ball, your score will suffer.

It’s preferable to have a towel tucked inside your pants/shorts and to strike the following shot after drying your wet hands.

Final Word

Sweaty hands are easy to overlook when playing golf, but they might cause you to play your worst game. As a result, make sure you have additional towels, the proper golf grip, and lots of golf gloves, as well as the other advice listed above.

If you’re attending a competitive tournament, keep a gym towel for drying perspiration and another for cleaning the club and ball. Hopefully, these suggestions may assist you in dealing with sweaty hands.

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