How To Keep Golf Shoes Waterproof (An Easy 5 Step Process In Detail)

The idea of playing golf in rainy weather might excite you to the fullest. But have you ever thought about how to keep golf shoes waterproof?

Well, you can readily get waterproof golf shoes. But they are very expensive. So, the simplest answer is using a waterproofing spray.

You need to clean your shoes properly and then completely dry them. After finishing the drying process, apply some waterproof sprays to the golf shoes. Trust me, these waterproof sprays work wonders to keep your feet dry for the longest, sometimes even better than the original waterproof golf shoes.

However, let’s break down the entire process into a step-by-step guide to make you understand it easily.

How To Keep Golf Shoes Waterproof

How To Keep Golf Shoes Waterproof- Step By Step Guideline

To keep your golf shoes waterproof, I have compiled a tried and trusted step-by-step guide below. If followed exactly, it will save your bank account by not forcing you to buy an original water-resistant pair.

Step 1

First thing first, collect all the supplies together that are going to help you in this entire process. For example, you need a piece of clean fiber cloth, regular water, and saddle soap. And of course, a high-quality waterproofing spray.

Please make sure you are cleaning a leather golf shoe if saddle soap is used. Otherwise, choose a suitable waterproof spray and soap to clean the respective golf shoes.

Step 2

Secondly, remove all the grime and dirt from your favorite golf shoes. Because a dirty surface wouldn’t let the water-resistant spray stick to the shoes.

Therefore, you need to clean them thoroughly with saddle soap and water.

But please make sure to be gentle while cleaning synthetic or leather footwear so as not to damage them.

Instead of soaking a leather golf shoe in the water, try cleaning it with the fiber cloth in small circular motions. This will accelerate the entire process of cleaning your leather golf shoes.

Step 3

Now, make your golf shoes completely dry. Leave them for a few hours to dry naturally. No need to speed up the drying process by placing them in warmer places.

And please remember that this drying process is an absolute must-step before moving on to the next one.

Step 4

Now that the golf shoes are prepared to be polished, apply your regular leather polish to make them shine like a new pair. Of course, you need to buff the shoes gently.

Once you are satisfied with the polishing of your leather golf shoe, let it be 100% dried. So, spare the golf shoes a few minutes.

Step 5

In the final step, all you need to do is to apply the leather waterproofing spray. Make sure the waterproofing sprays are applied evenly on the shoe surface including all the detailing areas.

On that note, putting on multiple coats increases the chance of keeping the shoes waterproof for longer. But you need to let the previous layer dry before spraying the next layer.

However, depending on the manufacturers, it depends on how often you should reapply the waterproofing sprays. For instance, some will require to be applied every 3 to 4 months whereas some should be reapplied once a year.

As most golf shoes are made of smooth leather, these premium shoes need to be treated carefully with leather-proof waterproofing sprays.

And that’s pretty much all about how to keep your golf shoes waterproof without spending much. Now let’s answer some of your frequent queries related to this.

What Is the Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Golf Shoes?

One guarantees to keep your feet dry in all conditions and the other does the same job without assurance. The first one, of course, is a waterproof golf shoe and the second one is the water-resistant version.

As you know, waterproof golf shoes are high-priced shoes. But they do ensure that your feet remain dry on the golf course no matter how long you are on the golf club.

Usually, playing golf in the early morning involves wet grass to cause you wet feet. So, you must go for waterproof golf shoes in the morning.

Contrarily, you can rely on water-resistant shoes without the extravagant cost if you prefer playing in dry conditions.

So, the basic difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant golf shoe largely depends on the price tag it comes with. Besides, the materials also do matter.

Do Golf Shoes Need to Be Waterproof?

Not always. But a big yes for the answer to the question if you encounter bad weather like heavy rain or wet climates.

If you are dealing with morning dew and resultantly, wet grass naturally, waterproof shoes are the safest option. Otherwise, wet feet might affect your core balance. Besides, your feet become numb due to the cold and your base stance is equally affected to worsen the whole game.

Sure enough that you won’t encounter any moisture? Then wear a non-waterproof pair confidently.

Are Waterproof Golf Shoes Worth It?

Well, the answer is yes and no. I mean waterproof golf shoes do justice to their lavish price tag. But why spend some extra bucks when you can turn your cheaper shoe waterproof by applying a waterproofing spray?

That being said, if you have an older pair of golf shoes, please read this guide thoroughly and help yourself make that pair waterproof.

But if you have no budget issue, certainly, waterproof shoes work better than anything else. Besides, it eliminates the extra hassles of waterproofing shoes frequently.

How to Clean Waterproof Golf Shoes?

Honestly speaking, waterproof golf shoes require special attention while being cleaned. Especially if you play in wet courses, you need to be very careful to clean them.

First, wipe the shoes with a soft cloth and remove any water from the shoe. Water is its biggest enemy, you know. Therefore, get rid of water as much and as soon as possible.

Once you get back home from the ground, make use of a used brush. Point to be noted that it must be a soft-bristled brush so as not to damage the shoe surface.

At this point, rub the brush vigorously to get rid of all dirt and debris, and then spray a shoe cleaner.

Most synthetic or leather footwear comes with a specific cleaner. You need to spray that specific shoe cleaner to decontaminate the waterproofing golf shoes.

Particularly, the heavy leather waterproof shoes deserve more care such as the Gore-Tex shoes. Otherwise, they might be subjected to bad odor build-up.

What Product Should I Use to Waterproof Golf Shoes?

There are countless options actually. But to protect the waterproof materials, you should cautiously pick those that have got positive reviews from the actual users.

On that note, I personally recommend Nikwax Fabric and Leather Waterproofing Spray for its amazing water repellency. Especially, leather golf shoes stay protected with the Nikwax Fabric as they prevent stains.

To your surprise, it will work wonderfully well if used with the Nikwax footwear cleaning gel.

Best of all, it’s a totally safe waterproof spray based on water-based formula without any optical brighteners or added scent.

However, there are some other shoe sealants as well to make them waterproof. And each of them comes with its own amenities. Also, make sure you check the instructions thoroughly before putting a shoe spray on your valuable golf shoes as every product has some specific spraying cautions.

Final Thoughts

Only a golfer knows how much it means to have a good golf pair with groundbreaking performance. A decent pair of golf shoes lets you stay balanced on the golf course, resultantly, you can perform better while playing golf. But isn’t it annoying having water squelch beneath your feet after a few rounds?

That’s why you need to learn how to keep golf shoes waterproof as waterproof golf shoes charge an arm and a leg. So, I have shown you the easiest 5-step process which lets you make even a cheaper shoe water-resistant.

So, why not try this unfailing technique to keep your feet dry during a golf course? Trust me and try it at home. I am sure you will thank me later.

All the best!

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