How To Correct A Slice Driver- 5 Easy Steps Below

As we all know, a slice is one of the biggest obstacles if you want to play good golf. Not only it leads you to hit shots that are weak and uncontrollable but also highly affects the ball flight.

So, most golfers ask the same question to get rid of slices for playing good golf- how to correct a slice driver?

Now you might question- why should I fix a slice with not my irons but with a driver?

The reason is pretty obvious though. Drivers are the longest golf clubs; if you fix your slice with them, your irons will automatically be alright.

However, if you are to fix your slice for the very first time, it’s better to be informed of how to fix the club properly.

On that note, we are here with a detailed guideline below.

So, let’s get started!

What Is a Slice in Golf?

What Is a Slice in Golf?

To put it most simply, a slice is a kind of mishit in golf shots when the golf ball curves to the right for a right-handed player and to the left for a left-hand golfer.

It’s a severe problem as you have no control over the ball flight. For a right-handed golfer, a golf slice leads the ball to end up excessively right from your target.

And for a left-hand golfer, the golf ball dramatically turns to the left side of its start line.

There are basically two types of golf slice- classic slice and push-slice.

For a classic slice, the golf ball starts left of your target line and ends up excessively right of the intended target, for a right-handed golfer of course.

Similarly, a right-handed golfer finds the golf ball starts right of his/her intended target, and then the ball curves even further right in terms of a push slice.

What Causes You to Slice Your Driver?

What Causes You to Slice Your Driver?

In a word, it’s an open clubface to the golf swing path at the impact that causes a golf slice.

Now, the open clubface might occur due to setup or golf swing issues. Or it may be caused by the outside to in-path swing that opens the club face.

However, the more the club face will be open to the swing path, the more the golf ball will slice.

Similarly, if the club face is less open to the swing path, the less the ball will slice.

Does that mean you need a closed club face instead of an open clubface to the swing path not to cause a slice?

Not really as it will cause a draw or hook.

Instead, we recommend keeping the club face 3 degrees open to the swing path at impact.

But a 6-degree of that will make you hit shots with a slice.

How to Correct a Slice Driver: 5 Easy Steps

How to Correct a Slice Driver: 5 Easy Steps

Now that you know how hitting shots with a slice can make your golf ball go the opposite direction from your target, you must fix a slice properly.

Follow the five steps below to fix your slice forever with a driver and let the ball flight be as stable as you intended.

Step 1

As you are to fix a slice with your driver, the very first job is to get the right driver. A driver with too little loft is inappropriate to initiate the practice swings.

Therefore, you need a decent driver that is adjustable with an increased loft to fix a slice.

However, it’s better to make a 9-degree driver with a little loft to a 10 or 11-degree than to make a 10.5-degree driver into a 9.

The latter with more loft will naturally move the weight to the front heel.

Step 2

Having a weak grip instead of a neutral grip can hamper you highly on the golf course. In fact, it’s the root of a nasty slice on the golf course. So, you must have a good grip to get rid of a golf slice.

For a better golf grip, first, grip the golf clubs with the left hand in such a way that you can see two knuckles on the left hand.

To obtain a stronger grip, place your right hand more under the grip of the golf club. The right thumb and the index finger must point to the right shoulder.

By doing so, you can get a good right-hand grip to close the club face and thus you can control the club face for the entire golf swing.

Another way to control the club face is to point it to the ground and bow the left wrist at the top of the backswing. Making the most tactical use of the left wrist and keeping a good hand grip is the key to eliminating a weak slice and to practice drill.

Step 3

Now you need to hit the golf ball straight with a confident golf grip avoiding an outside-to-in-path swing with an improved club path. 

To hit the golf ball straight in the right swing path, you can place an obstacle such as the head cover or a ball bucket in the wrong swing path.

Thus, improve the ball position day by day and avoid playing sliced golf shots by keeping the club on the right inside path.

Step 4

However, posture has a lot to do to fix a slice. As amateur golfers use too much knee flex, they end up slicing the ball and experiencing a golf slice.

So, avoid using too much knee flex. Rather stand straight and hold the golf club confidently to hit the right swing path.

Now, you should bend your knees a bit if you feel strange. And you must be a bit tricky for a proper weight shift between your heel and feet.

Trust me, this weight shift means a lot to keep the balance. Move the weight to the back foot while swinging back.

And when you start the downswing, move the weight to your front foot.

Besides, straighter shots come from keeping the left shoulder under the chin and aligning it properly with the hips.

Additionally, keeping the right elbow in front of the body is highly suggested throughout the golf swing for the correct path.

Also, you should initiate the swing without lunging your upper body at the ball. Both the upper body and the arms should not be used to start the downswing.

You should make the best use of the lower body instead to let the golf ball follow the right club path in terms of eliminating a golf slice.

Step 5

At this point, slicers need to work to improve their contacts. An inexpensive can of foot powder spray can get the job done. The contact must be centered and slightly towards the toe to hit a draw, which results in avoiding a slice.

Before you try all those steps above to fix a slice, you must try to stop slicing by fixing the root cause such as the club face position and the swing path setup.

Always avoid keeping the clubface open when you hit the golf ball. And professional players are always set up with a square clubface, unlike amateur golfers.

Nevertheless, all the five fundamental steps focus on correcting a golfer’s posture, alignment, connection, swing plane, and rotation to practice swings with the right ball position to reduce a golf slice.

Most importantly, avoid making a steep swing into the ball with the right elbow to play unfailing golf shots.

Eventually, your club will find the correct club path for sure from the tee box.

Does a Strong Grip Stop a Slice?

 Does a Strong Grip Stop a Slice?

Though this is a popular piece of advice often given to the slicers, it doesn’t solely help to get rid of the dreaded slice.

A big slice is even a bigger issue on the golf course and it’s always good to have a neutral grip. Developing a stronger grip with the help of a grip trainer is even better.

But turning your poor grip/ weak grip to a stronger one cannot solely stop slicing.

Even if you spend a few hundred bucks for training grip from a grip trainer, nothing works if you cannot control the club face with the left wrist.

Yes, you need to develop your old swing habits by the proper use of the left wrist to eliminate the dreaded slice.

Besides, closing the stance helps a lot to improve the swing path. To avoid an open stance, make sure your right foot aligns with the left heel.

On that note, a square stance is preferable where the feet, hips, and shoulders are in the proper alignment that is left from the target line.

Nevertheless, although a good grip doesn’t stop slicing entirely, it contributes a lot to find the right swing path.

Final Words

That’s all on how to correct a slice driver. Hope this guide helps you improve your weak grip so that you can stop slicing in the game.

To be honest, the five steps above are the basics to fix a slice. When combined, they really work to fix a slice and give you a new grip to control the ball’s flight.

As drivers produce less backspin and more side spin, they are the best to fix your slice with the least loft. Also, they are the longest golf clubs in terms of club length.

Therefore, turn your iron swing into a driver swing as you try to stop a golf slice.

Happy golfing!

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