How to backspin a golf ball? Know the exact way!

The majority of the people love to do backspin, but they barely know how to do it like a pro. You may also have tried to do it after watching the professionals. It’s not possible to learn it by mimicking them; you need to do some study and practice.

Obviously, professional players know how to backspin golf balls very well. That’s why when their ball hits the ground; it can roll back to the cup. If you really want to learn how to backspin a golf ball, then you’re in the right place. Here in this article, we will share a few steps and tips which will help you to learn it faster.

What is backspin?

Backspin is a shot technique in a sport where the ball rotates backward after hitting it. An upward force is created by the spinning direction that lifts the ball. When you do a normal hit, it bounces up and forward. But when you do backspin, the shot bounces higher and less forward.

Backspin is usually the opposite shot technique of topspin. Sports like golf, rackets use this backspin shot the most. But in racket sports, backspin is known as slice or underspin. When the ball gets shot in backspin motion, the ball rolls back toward the player again. This backward shot can make the ball travel in different directions too.

How to backspin a golf ball?

Can you backspin a golf ball?

Yes, you can backspin a golf ball. Now you might think about what causes backspin on a golf ball. Basically, a backspin occurred on a golf ball when you forcibly hit the ball into the center of gravity. The backspin helps the ball to draw backward after hitting the ground.

It’s not a difficult task to do backspin, but you may find it challenging if you’re a beginner. But with proper practice and effort, you sure will be able to master it.

Why do you need backspin?

Lift and control are the main two reasons why you do need a backspin for a golf shot. The first reason is to help to lift the golf ball so that you can heat it far. You may already know, the golf ball has many little dimples all over the exterior. Without all these dimples, you wouldn’t be able to hit the ball farther.

The second reason for backspin is control; it helps control the ball when it lands on the ground. When you try to hit the ball on the green spot, the spin will help you fly it to its correct spot. And trust, the golf ball will stay there.

How to backspin a golf ball?

Suppose you are playing golf, and when you hit the ball, it landed like fifteen feet ahead of the pin. And then it draws back near the cup automatically, interesting, isn’t it?

Sure, you probably won’t be able to hit the ball as a pro does on TV at first. But if you practice these steps, you will be able to add backspin to your golfing. To learn how to backspin a golf ball then read down below:

  • Step 1: It is not easy for beginners to adjust the height over the ball. And getting enough height on the ball is the most necessary step to backing up the ball. That’s why you should create backspin on shots with a smaller than seven iron club.
  • Step 2: Practice with a lob wedge. The lob wedge is a minor club to play golf. It will help you to gain confidence in hitting a more extended shot. Do practicing by placing the ball near your back foot instead of placing it in the regular place. This stance will help you to create a force to hit the ball; then, backspin will produce.
  • Step 3: Make sure the ball’s resting place is clean. Hitting a shot on rough is a bit challenging even for the professionals.
  • Step 4: The critical part of learning backspin is selecting the right golf ball. A golf ball with a wound center helps to impart more backspin than the ball with a hard center. A 90 compression ball is perfect for both backing up and hard shots.
  • Step 5: If you are hitting the golf ball into the wind, you should try to add backspin to your golf ball. When you hit the ball into the wind, the ball will be able to fly higher. And then it will have its most maximum backspin.

3 tips on back spinning a golf ball

If you’re a beginner, you need to know a few tips first before practicing. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  1. Learn how much speed you need to put on the clubheads.
  2. Learn how to create a spin loft while hitting the ball.
  3. You need to create a high amount of friction between the clubheads and the golf ball.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to create more backspin?

A dynamic loft and an attack angle are produced when you hit the golf ball with a club. The angles between these two pressures are called the spin loft. When the clubhead hits the ball, it creates an attack angle and takes a direction. So to create more backspin, you need to lower the club head and hit on the ball.

How do you control the spin on a golf ball?

Put the ball in the right position where you stand. This posture will help you to swing at a vertical angle. It will allow you to create more spin by hitting the golf ball. And if you want to reduce the backspin, then you will need to widen your stance. After it, place the golf ball at its usual spot, then just shorten the swing. That’s how you will be able to control the spin on a golf ball.

Do low spin golf balls go straighter?

Every player wants the golf ball to go straight after they hit it. Low spin golf balls are suitable for direct shots as they reduce the side spins. Thus you can efficiently deliver the golf ball straight. So the answer is yes, low spin golf balls go straight.

Last Word

So if you want to master your skills on how to backspin a golf ball, you will need to properly follow all the steps.

Here in this article, you get to know the most important steps to learn it faster. And a few essential tips on how to control the spin on a golf ball will help you to improve your backspin skills. If you have the right ball and the right club head, start mastering your backspin skills ASAP!

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