How Old Is Bubbie Golf? His Early Life, Education, Career, And More!

Bubbie Golf, the 25-year-old Youtube content creator, and part of the team Good Good of the Youtube Golf Community is well known for demonstrating his trick shots, competitions, and practice sessions throughout various social networking sites.

Not only is he an entertainer, but his life story is also very inspiring, making his overall personality more charming. Are you interested to know about this humble man?

Here is a short biography on Bubbie Golf, including how old Bubbie Golf is, his early life, career, and more in this article!

Quick Facts On Bubbie Golf

Quick Facts On Bubbie Golf

Here is a brief biography of David Gold before we get into the specifics of his life. Let’s look at it!

Full NameTom Bubbie Broders
Date Of birthApril 16, 1997
Country of BirthUnited States
HometownBarrington, Illinois
Main ProfessionGolfer   Youtube Content Creator   President, the Evans Scholarship Chapter at Miami University   Member, Good Good
ExperienceCo-Founder, Red Truck Pickup (Dec 2014 – Aug 2017)   Honor Caddy, Kemper Lakes Golf Club (Apr 2012 – Aug 2017)
EducationUrban And Regional Planning, Miami University (2015-2019)
Marital StatusUnknown
Income from YoutubeEstimated to be about $7500
Net WorthAbout $1 million

How Old is Bubbie Golf?

Bubiie Golf a.k.a Tom Brodders is 25 years as of January 2023. On April 16, 1997, he was born in Barrington, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in the US. And he disclosed that he had spent his entire childhood in the same house in Palatine, another Illinois village.

Early Life

Ever since he was a little kid and could walk up, until his senior year of college, Bubbie did manual labor my whole life, helping his father with hair conditioning operations, and grandparents with their mini greenhouse.

In high school, his parents noticed the beginnings of his alcoholism and his inability to control it. It worsened in college as the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome became more pronounced alongside the increase in addiction to drinking.  He ultimately changed majors as a result of his poor academic performance, alcoholism, and general inattentiveness.

Later, he completed his graduation from Miami University on Urban And Regional Planning.

Bubbie is currently performing remarkably well as a golfer for someone with a history of Tourrettes, serious health concerns, and sobriety issues.

How His Name Became Bubbie Golf

He stated that while he was growing up, his mother would call him nicknames like Bowie and Bubbe. During the first semester of his first year of college, his school traditionally organized a mom’s weekend. When his mother and his college friends used to hang out at the bar, she started calling him Bubbie in front of them.

Eventually, he got his name Bubbie. Most of his close acquaintances like to call him by this name.

About Bubbie Golf: His Career

Aside from his content on Golf on his social media platforms, Bubbie has appeared on Sportscenter’s Top 10 plays for Trickshots and pulls off impressive shots. Twice, he was seen on ESPN/Sportscenter. His longest competitive drive is 396 yards, and his fastest swing speed is 146 mph.

Through Charity Golf International, he raises money. He posts videos of his trick shots, practice sessions, contests, and demonstrations on his bubbiegolf TikTok account. For his golf-related content, he has amassed a sizable following on his bubbiegolf TikTok page. Currently, he has a fanbase of more than 800,000 people.

Starting Youtube Channel

Bubbie Golf owns a youtube Channel namely ‘Bubbie Golf’  that has more than 188K subscribers at present. It all started back on Oct 29, 2018. With 155+ videos already posted, it was founded 4 years ago. On his youtube channel, he shares videos. He has posted videos on Golf trick shots, Course vlogs, Team challenges, How Tourettes affects his game, and much more!

How Bubbie Joined Good Good

Bubbie Golf is one of the contributors to the brand name Good Good Golf has today. Though he was not there from the start, adding him was indeed a very good decision.

Bubbie said he met Garret Clark, one of the Good Good members on Warzone in 2020. That’s when he first talked to him.

Prior to that, he posted a video on Tiktok in which he could be seen tossing a ping pong ball into a canteen. He later posted a story asking if anyone was interested in running Warzone. Garret answered, volunteering to run Warzone alongside him along with Matt, Grant of Good Good, and several other individuals. They got acquainted in this way.

After they first met, Garret and Bubbie would play the War quite often. Though they never talked about Good Good at that time, eventually Bubbie became one of the members. All the guys on the Good Good team are always there to help and support each other, they show great comradeship for each other.

His Podcast

Bubbie revealed having Tourette’s syndrome in one of his podcasts, “My Life Story|Who Is Bubbie Golf.” By opening up about all of his vulnerable moments on the podcast, he had a hugely beneficial influence on a lot of people.

Contact Information

All the information regarding Bubbie Golf’s occupation and content is available on the websites where he can be reached. You can look him up on the websites listed below.

Platform Details
YoutubeTom Bubbie Broders Youtube Channel
Linkedin Tom Bubbie Broders Linkedin Channel
InstagramTom Bubbie Broders Instagram Channel
Tiktok Tom Bubbie BrodersTiktok Channel
GoodGoodTom Bubbie Broders GoodGood Channel

Final Thoughts

“Looking back, one of the things I’m most thankful for was working with my hands and doing hard labor as a youngster and growing up because it taught me discipline and things about life you can’t learn anyplace else” — Thomas Brodders a.k.a Bubbie Golf. The life of Bubbie Golf is an inspiration to us, from his struggles during childhood, getting into alcoholism and addiction, and successfully getting out of it during adolescence, and now successfully running his youtube channel, teaching golf techniques, doing trick shots, playing tournaments, there is a lot to learn from him!

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