How long does it take to learn to skateboard?

It seems that you are interested in learning to skateboard. But you are wondering how long does it take to learn to skateboard? To learn the skateboards, learners must be focused and patient to start with the very basics. Learning skateboarding might be a long process for a few beginners where few people can learn it in a day.

The main point of learning is a person’s athletic ability, time availability, and strong will. If you follow the basics first and practice every day, no one will be able to stop you from riding over a skateboard. So let’s start the journey of teaching skateboarding.

What Does It Take to Learn Skateboarding?

People who have decent coordination and athletic ability will be able to learn skateboarding a little quicker. And people who are not athletic and have poor balance, learning skateboarding will be quite challenging them. Again how challenging it will depend on how much effort you’re investing in it.

Suppose you have a fair amount of athleticism, and you have performed so many other sports as well. Even if you’re a beginner, still you need to learn the basics of skateboarding:

How long does it take to learn to skateboard

Learning the Basics of Skateboarding in a few steps:

To learn skateboarding effectively, you must put effort and practice a lot. Somehow learning to skateboard also depends on how fast you can learn the basics. Here are the lists you need to practice for learning the basics:

1. Balance

A person can learn balance step-by-step. So when you first step on the board, place the skateboard in the grass or carpet to prevent rolling. While standing on the board, keep your both feet over the bolt. Then bend your weight to your feet afterward the heel. Practice this posture to examine the balance better.

Next, place the board over a hard surface and practice the same posture again. Here your board will roll forward or backward; you need to keep shifting your weight from side to side. It will help you to get used to the moving skateboard.

No worries, if someone follows those steps carefully and slowly, the board will not roll too fast. Thus eventually, you will learn how to keep balance on the skateboard.

2. Pushing

Now the next step of the learner is to learn how to push the board forward. Place your front foot over the bolts and place your back foot on the ground. Remember, the back foot needs to place on the toe-side of the board. Keep your weight in the center of the board and push yourself forward. When you do this, push your back foot slightly to move forward.

Pushing is the elementary part of learning the skateboard, and sadly this is the most overlooked part of the new learners. Learners should give more time and work on pushing to be good at it. When you see you can move forward properly, place your back foot on the bolt and enjoy rolling!

3. Carving

Turning the skateboard is called carving. When you practice balance, you learn how to shift your weight from one side to another. And you can turn the skateboard by shitting your weights while it is on a roll. After pushing the skateboard, when you foot both feet on the bolts, lean to your heel. And then you will find yourself enjoying the carving.

4. Stopping

Leaning the stopping part is vital. The simplest way of making the skateboard stop is to lightly touch the foot on the ground. Then let the board drag your feet to slow down and speed and stop the skateboard.

This process requires a lot of patience and balance, but the good thing is it is pretty easy to learn. While performing this process, skaters must keep their knees bent and keep the weight on the center. That’s how they can easily maintain the balance.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Tricks?

It’s a pretty difficult question to provide answers to; not everyone can learn tricks in equal time. There are a few things that learners can follow to learn tricks faster. Again, those things depend on how comfortable you are while rolling.

Your fitness level, flexibility, coordination, and practice time also play a vital role in this topic. If learning tricks seems difficult, please don’t give up and keep trying. Here are a few tricks that you practice to learn:

Simple Tricks

When you learn all the basics and become comfortable while riding, it’s time to learn a few simple tricks. These tricks are not rich or seem like much, but surely they will promote your balance skills.

Caveman is a simple trick that you can learn in a little time. To do this trick, the fist holds the board head with the hand and runs a bit. Then release the board on the ground and jump on the skateboard.

When you land on the board, make sure your front foot is on the nose of the board, and your back foot is on the bolt. Practice the jump part by putting the board over the grass to reduce rolling.

Flip On

Skateboards come with various grip tapes for placing your feet while performing tricks. To do a flip-on trick, flip the board upside down and make sure the grip tape is facing down. When your toes will come under the grip tape, jump and get on the board. The scenery is the board will flip over the wheels, and you will land on it. 

Rail Stand On

Place the board on the side edge by setting one side wheel on the ground and the other side wheel facing the sky. Now you need to move the board on its wheel by standing on the edge and wheels. To roll the board, you need to lean slightly toward the wheels. Keeping the balance will be a bit tricky on the rail stand.

How Long Will It Take to Learn Advanced Tricks?

It totally depends on the learner how committed they are to learning the skateboard. How much time you can spend learning tricks is a big thing. And it’s quite impossible to learn advanced tricks without practicing them every day.

The next trick you may be interested in learning will be the ollie trick. Ollie is the hardest trick on skateboarding, and the majority of the skaters want to learn it. The movement of the ollie trick is more difficult than the other tricks.

The timing and movement are pretty tricky to put together, which makes it harder. As this trick is a bit difficult, you may need to practice it regularly for a week to be good at it. But there is another group of skaters who are well-balanced and athletic may require a few days to master it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should You Take Lessons?

Skateboarding requires a lot of focus and control of a learner, and without them, it will be hard for you to learn skateboarding. If you’re a beginner, you can take some lessons from the internet to learn how to start the journey. When you will know how to start and learn the skateboard, practice every day and make yourself better at it.

How to slow down skateboarding?

The best and easiest way to learn how to slow down skateboarding is by placing your foot on the ground. No, don’t put your foot in the ground while you are on the run. Slightly touch your feet on the ground and let the speed drag your feet over the ground. It will slow down the speed; thus, the skateboard will stop.

How to learn to fall from a skateboard safely without getting injured?

It’s natural to get hurt while doing skateboards. But here are a few tips you can follow while falling. When you feel that you lost balance, bend yourself and fall over your elbow and knees. Always protect your head with your hands and try to land on the meat.

How long does it take to become good at skateboarding?

How long it will take for a person to learn skateboarding lies within their athletic ability. If you are well-balanced on the board and learn the basics in a day, then you will learn to skateboard in a day. But if you are unathletic and have poor balance, then you require a lot of time to learn the basics. 

How many hours a day should I practice skateboarding?

Again, how long you should practice skateboarding depends on your physical ability. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to fall sick by overdoing yourself. But the ideal time for practicing skateboards is around four to five hours a day. 


So basically, there is no official answer to the question of how long it will take to learn skateboarding. As already mentioned that it totally relies on the person how much effort they are putting into it. Just learners have to be passionate enough to not give up.

Start with the basics and keep progressing your practice. It is highly suggested to start practicing tricks from the simple one. As you will learn the simple tricks, it will build more balance then you can start thinking about learning hard tricks. Hope this guide was helpful for the skateboarding learners.

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