How long does fishing line last?

Fishing is a fun hobby that comes along with a lot of benefits! However, having a basic understanding of the gear is pretty crucial in how long does fishing line last.

The fishing line is one of the most vital components of this. If you are not careful enough with its longevity, it can break at the critical period, ruining the moment.

If you are one of those people who just got started with fishing and wondering about fishing line longevity, then this is the right place. In this article, you will get to know how long does fishing line lasts. We will enlighten you about some fishing line tips too so that you can have a nice fishing experience.

How long does fishing line last?

What is a fishing line?

It is difficult to describe a fishing line only by writing, without any help from pictures. If I still had to express this in words, then I would describe its functionality and appearance. The fishing line is used for catching fish. It is a long silk/nylon thread that is attached to a baited hook.

It looks like any other normal thread until you take a closer look. The thing that makes fishing lines different from other thread is- it has sinkers in it. As a result, it floats up above the water while fishing.

How long does a fishing line last?

On average, fishing lines last two to three years. But it actually depends on the usage. It also varies by the material of the line. For example,

  • The monofilament line lasts for two to three years.
  • The fluorocarbon line lasts seven to eight years, even without any damage on its edge.
  • Braided fishing lines last for four years.

Note: Fishing lines last according to your usage.

When should I replace my fishing line?

When it comes to replacing, the durability actually lies in how you use it. But there are some common scenarios that help the fishing experience fun. Those are mentioned below-

  • In case of heavy fishing, fishing lines will last no longer than some months. You have to change them at least 3 to 4 times a year.
  • If it ever happens that you didn’t use a fishing line for two to three years, then you have no choice but to replace it.
  • The replacement time is not more than two to three within a year, in case of moderate fishing.
  • Suppose you do fishing for fun, out of a hobby, then replacing the fishing line once a year is more than enough. Weekend fishermen replace their fishing line once a year.

How to expand the lifetime of a fishing line?

High-quality fishing lines are expensive. So, frequent replacing can’t be an option for people who do it only for fun. In such cases, expanding the lifetime of a fishing line becomes a must for them. In this article, we have listed down some tricks about how to expand the lifetime of a fishing line. Those are-

  • Keeping it away from sunlight can expand the lifetime of a fishing line.
  • Keeping it in the refrigerator can expand the lifetime of a fishing line too. Because it helps with humidity and heat management.
  • Store it in a dry, dark, cold place, and it will expand the lifetime of a fishing line.

Top 5 tips for a fishing line:

We have pointed down some best fishing line tips that will help you to catch more fish.

  1. Checking the line at the end after a day of it is a must thing to do. This way, you can detect the damage and repair it when necessary. It is better if checked after rinsing fishing rods.
  2. Don’t let your fishing line get direct exposure to UV rays. It bleaches the fishing line. You can even spot faded patches once exposed.
  3. It is better to check the fishing equipment line before fishing at the very beginning of the year. This way, you don’t have to regret a whole year of the fishing season.
  4. f you want longevity, then go for fluorocarbon lines.
  5. Choose your line by the weight of the fishes you will be fishing. For example, tuna fishes will do with a 30-pound tested line.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a fishing line last under extreme conditions?

Under extreme conditions, fishing lines last not more than some months. If you fish a lot and your line goes through a lot while fishing, then it is a must that your line has experienced some sort of damage.

How long will the fluorocarbon fishing line last?

While the fluorocarbon fishing line can cost a lot, it also lasts longer than any other fishing line. It is some high-quality fishing line. It can last up to seven or eight years without any kind of damage.

What makes fishing lines go bad?

The fishing line has some real enemies that damage it very badly. Those are high temperature and sunlight. This is why you have to make sure your line is stored in a nice place.

How to properly store fishing line?

The best way is to keep it in the refrigerator. It keeps the line away from UV rays of sunlight. You might find it funny to keep it in the refrigerator, but it actually helps. As mentioned earlier, heat damages the lines. And keeping it in the fridge makes it maintain the right humidity. If not fridge, then keeping the fishing line in a cool, dry, dark place will also do.

Does the unused fishing line go bad?

Yes, unused fishing lines do go bad. If you leave your line alone for two to three years without using it, then you better throw it away as it becomes useless.


After reading our article, you now have a clear idea about how long does fishing line lasts. Make sure to follow our tips so that fishing becomes a fun experience for you. Choose your line according to your fishing category. Also, make sure to read the package guidelines that come with fishing lines. This comes in handy. Follow those instructions, and your lines will last a little longer than usual.

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