How High Should I Lift My Golf Cart?

Golf cart lifting is one of the most important things that golfers pay attention to.

It is great to take your heavy golf cart to the playground without the hassle and remove the pain of lifting a ton of weight.

Moreover, you can lift a golf cart by adding bigger tires according to your need and can use it for other purposes as well. When you are going to buy brand new golf cart lift kits, need to consider. A lot of things such as the type of golf cart, budget, limitations, etc.

Besides, you will need to decide on the bigger golf cart tires, and height from the ground to ensure extreme duty. It is common for newcomers to have no idea about these and bring up the question. “How high should I lift my golf cart?”. In short, it depends.

So, now you’re going to go through the complete golf cart lift kit height guide to go golf courses. How much it cost, and how to choose the best one for your purpose.

How High Should I Lift My Golf Cart?

How High Should I Lift My Golf Cart?

Why does the golf cart lift kit height matters? Well, it is important because the lift kit increases the ride height which adds excellent stability to the cart.

Also, it makes proper maintenance of the golf cart when you are driving through rough terrain. Lift kit height depends on the tire size, the higher the tire, the higher ground clearance you get.

There are different sizes for tires and you get to understand how high you should lift based on the tire. So, how high should you lift the cart? Here’s the answer you go through,

3” lift height

One of the popular right lift kit sizes is recommended for 20” larger tires but can fit up to 23”. If you want to add not-so-higher but medium size tires for comfort, they are perfect.

Also, they make a flexible rear seat that could take extra weight in the back. For instance, you can consider the Yamaha Drive/G29 Golf cart drop spindle lift kit.

4” lift height

They are economy-type lift kits mostly used for both gas and electric golf carts and can easily fit into any 20” golf cart. If you own a Yamaha G14/ G16/ G19 Gas or electric golf cart, can consider a 4” lift kit for best support.

5” lift height

These are not so popular in the golf industry but they can typically fit 22” large tires size on Yamaha golf carts or club carts and 23” for EZGO.

If you are looking for a 5” lift kit fitting on the golf cart, you can go for Madjax 5” golf cart lift kit, Jakes 5″ Yamaha G16/G19/G20 Gas & Electric A-Arm Lift Kit, GTW 5″ YAMAHA G29/DRIVE Frame Lift Kit, etc.

6” lift height

6” lift kits are industry-leading that make higher ground clearance with an extended version and give a high ride on the golf course. These 6” lift kits fit up to 23” tires and are available for golf cart models.

Ultimately, the higher tire can boost up the MPH and the added 6” lift kit can give extra space to lift passengers on the back of the golf cart.

7” or 8” lift height

How High Should I Lift My Golf Cart?

Designed for all-terrain tires and to go through the roughest surface, they are unquestionably heavy-duty with better clearance lift kits for your golf cart.

If you are thinking about making a multi-purpose golf cart, you can install these 7” or 8” lift kits with huge 25” tires. These lift kits are best for long travel, can fit up to 28” tires, and provide the required stability.

How do I make my lifted golf cart go smoother?

Those who have golf carts are mostly concerned about how they can make the cart go faster and smoother. Since the engines that come with the golf cart aren’t generally powerful enough and not capable of making the cart go super fast.

Moreover, after using it for a long time, it can be messed up with dirt and mud that can make it heavier and impact your ride. However, you can modify the golf cart with a high-powered engine such as the Honda GX630, Predator 420 engine, etc.

Also, you can take proper maintenance to ensure a smooth riding experience. Here are tips for convenience,

Put the right pressure on the tire

Put right pressure on the tire

One of the safety standpoint things that every lifted cart owner has to consider is checking the tire pressure before going out with the car.

It is mandatory to frequently check the golf cart tire pressure because it is not good to go with inappropriate tire pressure. No matter if the pressure is low or so high, it will make your journey uncomfortable.

On the other hand, balanced tire pressure can make your ride smooth, and safe and improve overall performance with large loads.

Check the golf cart’s oil and oil filter

Check the golf cart’s oil and oil filter

Checking the golf cart’s oil and oil filter should be on your regular maintenance checklist. It is essential to make your golf cart go smoother as old oil and oil filters can lead to engine damage and cause poor performance.

Check the oil and oil filter, if it looks dirty, you will need to change it. Another way to know when to choose the oil and filter. Is when you are facing bumpy rides and excessive engine vibration.

Also, you can consider choosing it after 8 hours of run time to keep the cart at its best.

Check and replace the clutch, and worn-out shocks

Check and replace the clutch, and worn-out shocks

Clutch and shocks are two important parts of the golf cart. The golf cart’s uncomfortable ride could be caused by damaged clutch and shock components.

When you see that the golf cart is making unnecessary noise, it may be due to a damaged clutch. In addition, worn-out shock can cause bumping problems in your golf cart.

Therefore, you should check if the golf cart is in any of these situations. If you see clutches and shocks worn out in the golf cart, you need to replace them immediately.

Make sure your lift kit is properly installed with right tools

Make sure your lift kit is properly installed with right tools

If you have a lifted golf cart, then you need to ensure that the lift kit is installed properly. Moreover, lift kits are considered a natural resistance to golf cart bumpy riding.

Lift kit ensures higher ground clearance which helps to go smoothly on rough terrain. So, checking the lift kit or installing a lift kit can give more stable riding to the golf cart.

Wrap up

Finally, lifting golf carts can add extra benefits to your riding. But the answer to the question “How high should I lift my golf cart” is it depends on the tire size as the lift kit needs to be installed in that part.

However, you don’t need a lift kit if the cart tire is between 18 to 20 inches. Some used to add lift kits on 20” tires since they fit perfectly.

Therefore, you should consider the tire size, ride height, and wider stance to decide how high should you lift the cart. Installing the lift kit may seem difficult to people who haven’t any experience.

In such a case, you can get mechanics to help you in this regard.

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