Does Lifting a Golf cart Make it Faster Speed?

Golf cart lifting has become a trend that you can see most common in golfers or fancy people who have a golf cart in their garage but not for going to the golf courses. First created in 1957 by Max Walker, these simple-looking four-wheelers now mean much more than a golf cart. They are now more used for family fun riding for various purposes.

If you have a non-lifted golf cart that isn’t giving the result you want, that’s what you may be thinking about lifting the golf cart. This is general advice that is often given to most golf cart owners to lift golf carts to make them speed faster. But the question is “Does lifting a golf cart make it faster” Yes, lifting is generally considered to make it faster and it changes the golf cart’s speed dramatically as well. Besides, some other things you need to keep in mind at that time though. Here is, the engine RPM, rear and gear ratio, and tire size.

It is because when lifted, the cart gets larger tires which provide more grip and traction. It also allows the golf cart to ride smoothly even on rough terrain and impacts the MPH of the cart.

Does Lifting a Golf Cart Make it Faster Speeds?

Does Lifting a Golf Cart Make it Faster Speeds?

Lifting is one of the crucial factors to making it faster, but only lifting isn’t a proper solution to get more speed. So, lifting can offer top-end speed by providing a few more MPH. On the other hand, the premium-grade engine needs to be run the larger tires for extra speed.

However, three things to consider for faster speed, the engine RPM-because of pulling a larger tire isn’t easy work for the same golf cart motor. That’s why it has a harder time running the bigger tires than before.

And secondly, focus on the rear and gear ratio to go higher speed with large loads.

Finally, lifting a little bit with upgrading the existing tires properly inflated.

How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster?

If the performance of your golf cart deteriorates with time and you don’t have the money to buy a new one, then it will be worth making some upgrades with golf cart lift kits. Upgrading will certainly make it go faster than slower speeds.

If you aren’t happy with the golf cart speed and looking for ways to increase it, you should apply the following tips on it.

Use large tires

Use large tires

Using large standard tires and lifting up the cart is the common suggestion for making it faster. Also, it is an effective way as increasing the tire size will help it cover more surfaces on the ground when it is running.

Therefore it is said that the bigger the tires and wheels, the better speed you can reach. However, increasing the tire size will cause you to lift the cart.

Give it a complete wash

Give it a complete wash

Running for a long time can cause the cart to become a mound of dirt. So, washing it can lighten up the golf cart tires and make it work smoothly with superb speed. Try to keep it always neat and clean for extra speed.

Check and replace the engine and battery

Check and replace the engine and battery

If the golf cart’s output doesn’t fit your need, then replacing the engine and battery can give better results. If you are rebuilding it, then you should choose a brand new powerful engine to get outstanding performance.

Also, you should check if the battery voltage is right for the motor. If not, you can purchase a higher voltage one to increase the speed.

What is golf carts’ top speed?

There is no universal top speed for golf carts, it mostly varies from twelve to twenty miles per hour. The average speed of it varies depending on their tire diameters and motor power. Smaller golf carts tend to move at higher speeds.

Larger ones may reach speeds of up to 50 mph. For safety, you shouldn’t go more than 25 miles per hour with a golf cart. Because high speed can make it difficult to control.

Pros & Cons of Lifting a Golf Cart

Lifting golf carts has both advantages and disadvantages. Probably you want to lift the cart for fun to make the cart look modern or you really need it for your convenience, there are many things to consider before. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of lifting a golf cart,


Choosing the right lift kit for your golf cart can provide a lot of benefits. For instance,

Ground clearance

Lifting the cart will give higher ground clearance and enable the option to add bigger size tires to the cart. It is said that golf carts aren’t good for off-road. However, lifting can make it suitable for off-road and go with more comfort.

Increased space

Lifting can initially increase the space on the rear side of the cart. When you lift the cart, you can add lift kit above the tires on its back. The lift kit allows carrying extra passengers and goes smoothly with larger loads.

You know that golf carts are also used for other purposes such as farming, camping, gardening, fieldwork, etc. In such cases, lifting golf carts will add more advantages for sure.

Increased speed

When you decide to lift the golf cart, you will need to replace the old tires with larger ones. Golf cart tire size range from 18” to 25”. You need to consider the right tire size based on how high you want to lift the cart.

For instance, 6” lift kit fits perfectly to 23” tire size. However, increasing the size of the tires will make your cart go faster than before.

Smooth ride

Lifting is recommended to boost the performance of golf carts because it helps to smoothly ride the car on rough terrain. If you are intended to go off-road with a golf cart, then it is better to pick a lifted golf cart rather than choosing a non-lifted one.


Despite the many advantages of lifting a golf cart, it also includes some disadvantages that you should consider as well. So, what are the disadvantages of lifting a golf cart? Well, it may cause some issues such as,

  • Lifting not only increases the height but affects the weight also
  • When driving, you need to be more careful turning corners
  • Lifting the cart may cause safety concerns for children and older

Final thought

Hopefully the discussion “Does lifting a golf cart make it faster?” can dispel confusion and give the right direction you need to make your golf cart faster. Now you can decide whether to lift your golf cart or not.

Lifting can speed up the cart and provide some other benefits as well. But choosing the right tire size and lift kits for the cart is crucial in this regard. Besides, modifying some other parts of the cart such as gear ratio, engine, clutch, and battery can also make your golf cart faster. Finally,  if you can’t do it yourself, you may need to seek expert help to get the job done properly.

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