Do you tip golf pro after a lesson or not?

Yes, you should tip a golf pro after the lesson. This is because you are learning from somebody, and somebody is giving you lessons, time, and effort on you. You should give something in return. Remember, they usually have moderate to minimum salaries so the more you tip, the better they can live. Moreover, being a golf pro takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance. Who else should pay for that? There are other reasons for tips as well.

Tipping is a generous did in American society. Don’t you agree? Whether it is at a fancy restaurant or receiving a Pizza delivery. Americans can only think of receiving service with tipping. What about the golf pro after a golf lesson? What are other reasons to tip a golf pro after a lesson? Here, we will find out do you tip golf pros after lessons and the reasons for it. Furthermore, there will be a guide to tipping on a golf course. Read on to find out more about tipping while golfing.

Tipping Golf Instructor

Instructors who help you score better take great interest in your improvement and keep up with how you play the golf game. They are well-trained and readily available when you need them. Here are 5 reasons according to Golfcartreport why you should tip a golf pro after a lesson.

Service is Satisfactory

Instructors are a great element in improving your game skills. They help you understand the game, identify your flaws and weakness, and show you how to overcome them. Most importantly, they inspire you to do better and make the game more enjoyable.

Borderline instructors provide you with a service. If you do better by working with them, that means their work is showing results. You should be satisfied with them. And when you are satisfied, you tip. This is the same as tipping your Barber in Salon or the waiter in a fancy restaurant.

Offers Help When Needed

Learning golf is not similar to learning Physics. It is practical learning. You will need guidance to fix a slice or get out of a bunker. An instructor takes an interest in your game and will come and provide wisdom where needed.

Golf is a very time-consuming venture and will surely need aid from your side. It might turn several months or even years to become a Pro like them. An instructor will be on your side with the hope of tips. Why disappoint them?

Financially Assisted

Golf clubs usually have a one-person director of instruction or head teaching professional. They earn a load of money for sure, but you will not have that guy assisting you in the field. Chances are you will meet an assistant golf professional or teaching professional. They do not make even close to what the director of instruction or head teaching professional makes. Furthermore, in many clubs, they have to submit a fixed price to the club every day/ week.

So, it is not that he is not making very much money in the first place; he had to even pay just to be there for you. As a matter of fact, their earnings are very moderate. The tips that he receives might buy a whole dinner for his entire family. So, by tipping, you will be assisting him financially.

Thank With Gratitude

Let’s roll back. Think of how you are at golfing. Not good? Now think of where your instructor is taking you performance-wise. And lastly, think of everything he has to go through to assist you on the golf course. If someone is going through all this and helping you out that much, where is your sense of gratitude? Where is your decency?

Tipping well could be a great way to appreciate his effort all this time. Without their effort, where would you be? So, tip well next time you take lessons from a golf pro.

Guide to tips on a golf Course

Tipping at the golf course is similar to tipping at a restaurant. When you receive polite and generous service, it’s okay to through in some greens. But on a golf course, decency and the golf clubs’ code of conduct matter. In some places, tipping is encouraged, while in others, it is just frowned upon. Check in with your fellow members about the tipping rule to prevent unpleasant encounters. If tipping is encouraged, Golf shows you where it is a good idea to tip.

  • Valet- When you arrive at the golf club, there will be valet waiting for you. A 5-dollar bill will ensure good care of your car and your belongings.
  • The attendant from the Locker Room- Before you begin, you will need to get ready for the course. An attendant will help you with that in some scenarios. A 5-dollar bill will make him very happy.
  • Beverage Cart- A special attraction while you golf is the beverage cart. Sure, 9-dollar drinks might look like a lot, but it will be just polite to tip 15 percent on that.
  • Caddie- You will be accompanied by a caddie on this plush layout. Usually, there are various categories of caddies based on their experience in the field. There are also recommended fees for them. You can still hackle if you like. Their tip is between 0, 30, 40, or even 50 percent of the caddie fee. Pay however you feel.
  • The Towel Guy- There will be a towel guy who keeps your clubs clean and tidy with a damp towel. Never pay below 2 dollars to this towel guy.


How many lessons does it take to get good at golf?

You will need around 3-5 lessons to master your swings. After that, you will be good enough to practice on your own.

How many times a week is a good golfer?

If you want to develop your skill consistently, try golfing 2 times a week. No miss! Soon, you will be amazed to see your improvement.

What is the best age to start golf lessons?

There is no fixed age to start golfing. You can start any time you develop an interest in golfing, which will be good enough.

How often do CEOs play golf?

CEOs do not play a lot of rounds. It can be estimated to be 16 rounds a year, a little over a round a month.

Final Thought

It is really fun and enjoyable to golf. You can golf with friends, family, or even with complete strangers and still have a good time. No one wants to ruin that experience for the question of tips. This is why you should know all the courtesies, and tipping is one of them. So, do you tip golf pro after lessons? Here, we have answered that. Moreover, we have shown you what other places you should tip as well. So, if you are golfing this weekend, you know where and how much to tip.

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