Do Golf Carts Have Headlights? Learn How To Install Them Manually And More!

Do you want to navigate your personal property, or may you have a good drive around the campsite? Does your job require a lot of back-and-forth trips within a short distance?

For quick, short-distance tours, golf carts are undoubtedly a good mode of transportation. They can definitely prove helpful for a wide variety of activities other than just the golf site!

But there are some concerns that might bother you. Are golf carts suitable for places with less illumination? Do golf carts have headlights for improved visibility in less illuminated areas?

The answer is yes; a typical golf cart comes with a headlight. In fact, there are a lot of customization options for golf cart lights. So, even if your one has no headlights, you can install them yourself anytime.

There are some more topics you need to know about golf cart light kits if you want to install or replace one. How to replace them, how much they actually cost, what kind of golf cart lights installed is good for you, and some more questions have been answered below for you!

Yes, almost all golf carts come with headlights. However, if your one doesn’t have them, you can always customize your cart and install lights on them.

Do Golf Carts Have Headlights?

The golf cart light kits are an important feature for golf cart owners. It illuminates the roads for your safety during low light conditions and also helps you find your way out easily to go to the golf course. And, it is pretty easy to install with some good options available in the market, like LED headlights. So, even if you don’t have one, you should install one, as most golf cart owners do the same.

Why Do Golf Carts Have Headlights On Them?

For thorough navigation around with improved visibility, universal golf cart headlights are essential. They help you avoid often unseen obstacles in your route during low light and thus reduce the risk of injuries.

Countless people engage their golf carts as utility vehicles to assist with yard tasks; some also navigate the wood around with them. During low light conditions in the evening, you will find the golf cart light bar to be a nice feature. Also, if you want to use your golf cart on public roads, one of the many requirements your cart needs to fulfill is to have a headlight. So, if you don’t have a basic light kit, install headlights to go.

How Do You Put Headlights On A Golf Cart?

To get the golf cart’s lighting system properly, you need to wire headlights on your golf cart; there are some steps you should follow, fixing the light and toggle switch, connecting the electricals, and wiring the lights the steps.

First, disconnect every negative connection from the battery located under the front seat of your vehicle. Now, secure the headlights using the mounting brackets and attach the brackets’ opposite end to the roll bar. Find a good spot for the toggle switch, which is most probably on the driver’s dash side, and drill holes there.

After that, attach one lead end of the inline fuse holder that you got to the positive battery terminal. Put a butt connector on the holder’s other lead and connect it to the switch. Then, run a gauge wire from the toggle switch and connect it to the headlight. Finally, install the toggle switch in place, and you are done.

How Do You Change Golf Cart Headlights?

To replace the old headlight assembly or bulb only, with the new ones, some simple steps you need to follow are dismounting, wiring, and mounting. And for the bulb, it’s the same thing you do with any other conventional ones.

If you want to replace the headlamp assembly, first, unscrew the headlamp lens’s mounting screws and take the headlight assembly out from the frame of the golf cart. Now, remove the wiring clips from the headlamp’s back and to the back of the new headlight, and attach the wiring clips. That being done, reinstall the assembly.

And if you want to replace the headlight bulb only, then pull the old bulb out of the socket by slightly twisting it anticlockwise, insert the new bulb into the socket and then turn clockwise to properly secure the bulb. Once it’s done, put the lens cover back, and you are good to go. 

How Much Does It Cost To Add Headlights To A Golf Cart?

It will cost you around 250$-400$ to add either street legal or non-street legal variety headlights to your cart based on the type of light you want to install

Non-street legal headlights are usually preferred when you want to drive around a campsite or your golf cart community or any other property owned by you. Headlights for your cart will cost you about $300 to $320 for LED or halogen bulbs if you only use them on your own property or in a community that allows golf carts.

On the other hand, alternatives that are street legal are ideal for traveling in your cart outside the confines of campsites and private property, typically on the road. If you want to make your cart street-legal, then it will cost you around 400$ to equip your cart with street-legal headlights.

Should I Purchase LED Lights For My Golf Cart?

LED lights for your golf cart are a great option. They provide you with more illumination, are much more energy efficient than normal lights, and have a longer lifespan too. LED bulbs are thought to be 80% more energy efficient than the commonly used light bulbs. Since LED lights are more functional, your battery pack is not strained as much by their use. Up to 100,000 hours of continuous operation is their exceptional operational lifetime expectancy.

LEDs are constructed of strong, tough components, making them incredibly durable. Also, they are shock and impact-resistant, which makes them the ideal choice for golf carts. Another intriguing aspect about LED light bulbs is that they are completely recyclable so they are environment friendly.

How Many Voltages Do Golf Cart Headlights Use?

Typically a golf cart headlight uses around 12-volt batteries for operation. A voltage reduction is required to be used for lighting systems like headlights on a golf cart that has a voltage higher than 12 volts.

There are different battery power options for golf carts, like 36, 48, or 72 volts. Voltage reducers are special electrical devices that will take the output voltage of the batteries in your golf cart and drop it to a voltage level suitable for appliances, like 12 volts for headlights. This way, the headlight won’t blow out due to high voltage and will stay protected.

Do Golf Carts Have Brake Lights?

Most of the standard golf vehicles come with a brake light in addition to the headlight. If brake lights are not there, you have the option to install them manually.

Brake lights are an important feature for your golf cart if you are driving it on the streets. They are used to warn other drivers following behind you that you are going to slow down or stop your golf cart. So it’s better that your cart has one. You can take help from the service agent in this case.

Is The Golf Cart Safe For Night Driving?

Yes, a golf cart is safe for night driving as long as it has all the necessary electrical kits installed. Assure that headlights and brake lights are functioning well before driving out into the night.

Your golf cart should have headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals installed if you want to travel the roadway at night with it. Almost all standard golf carts have headlights and brake lights installed. However, while some brand-new carts already have electronic turn signals, many do not. In that case, you must either install your own turn signal equipment or become familiar with hand signals.

What Are Some Maintenance And Safety Tips For Golf Carts?

Checking for the tire conditions, brakes, and gear before operating the cart, sending it for servicing when required, and maintaining road safety and protocol while traveling on the road with it, are some of the safety tips for golf carts.

There are some additional measures to follow while driving the car. One of them is to use hand signals in addition to the electrical signals, it will help the vehicles behind to notice your signal well. Also, when the cart is moving, all passengers must be seated in their positions so that in case the cart stops abruptly, no one is injured. And avoid driving at high speeds, making abrupt turns, and stopping suddenly. You should never change gears while the golf cart is moving.

Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of today’s discussion about whether golf carts have headlights. Hope you have got your answer and there is no more double on installation, price, or type of headlights suitable for your cart.

Before ending today’s discussion, here are a few tips for you. Make sure to get a voltage reducer for your cart if it doesn’t have one; otherwise, it can cause a hazard to the headlight. And, also, if you want to drive it on the streets, make sure to follow all the protocols and install the correct set of the light kit.  Happy driving with your dynamic cart!

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