Do Better Golf Balls Make A Difference To Improve Your Game?

Though many golfers assume that expensive balls play a vital role to make your golf game better, that’s not entirely true.

But doesn’t a premium golf ball affect the game around the greens at all?

Well, this is a basic query by amateur golfers- do better golf balls make a difference?

To some extent, yes. A premium quality golf ball makes a big difference for professional golfers on the golf course by offering increased spinning around the greens. Also, they are softer in terms of providing a better feel.

But that only matters for a scratch golfer, not for an average golfer. Because the average golfers wouldn’t mind sacrificing a few strokes more when they hit the ball in the short game.

Want to know more in this regard? Let’s dig deeper then!

Do Golf Balls Actually Matter?

Do Golf Balls Actually Matter?

As we said earlier, yes, golf balls matter. A premium golf ball can have a big difference in the performance of a scratch golfer. But whether you hit cheaper balls or a more expensive golf ball, that doesn’t affect your golf game much if you are a beginner or a high handicapper.

Nevertheless, a softer ball with a soft feel works better in terms of short-game shots.

Also, several balls of the same quality can deliver different performances in the short game when you hit the ball differently.

How Are Golf Balls Different?

How Are Golf Balls Different?

Golf balls could be different in many aspects such as spin rate, compression, layers, etc. Based on the golf ball manufacturers, golf balls also vary in terms of performance on the golf course.

However, let’s visit each of the ways in detail that make the golf balls different from each other.


Spin can make a big difference when choosing the best golf balls

Spin can make a big difference when choosing the best golf balls.

Usually, you need a high spin around the greens and a low spin in the tee box.

Then again, spin control only matters for the pros who can make the best use of this trick to get more stopping power around the greens.

After all, more spin makes the golf balls stop in the exact place on the putting green.

On the other hand, the low spin from the tee keeps the golf ball straight.

For weekend warriors, high spin doesn’t have much to offer.

Rather, an average golfer/ high handicapper should focus more on learning how to spin the ball.

Please remember that a golf ball is not the only piece of equipment to affect the driver-spin. There are a lot of other factors as well which many golfers often ignore. You shouldn’t do so even if you are a high handicapper.

However, more expensive golf balls with several layers offer better spin ratings to get the golf balls closer to the whole.

And playing with one ball or several balls of a particular brand lets you decide on the most spin you get on the club face.


golf ball, feel is something you really need to care about

Whether you play with cheap golf balls or with a more expensive golf ball, feel is something you really need to care about.

With the right golf ball, you can never get the wrong feel.

Rather, the right golf ball will improve your swing speeds.

If you end up choosing the wrong golf ball, you will definitely feel uncomfortable.

That being said, the right golf ball should be neither too soft nor too hard.

Moreover, you need to feel confident with the premium golf balls to perform better on the putting green.

As cheaper balls are a bit harder, you could feel like hitting the rock bottom on the golf course.

Resultantly, cheaper golf balls make distance control quite challenging.

But most balls for tour players offer more ball speed as a softer ball offers better ball flight as well.


golf ball Distance

Another aspect to look for in the right golf ball is the distance.

Having a notably low spin from the tee marks that you have got the distance golf balls.

Those with slower swing speeds find it easier to hit the distance golf balls.

Of course, golf balls make a big difference in how much distance a golf ball can travel.

The difference in distance between one ball and the other should not be more than 20 yards though.

Compression Rating

Compression Rating

Well, it basically tells a lot about the ease and flexibility of compressing a golf ball.

Those with slow swing speeds prefer a lower compression rating to get some extra spin and cover the extra distance.

On the contrary, a higher compression ball is an ideal selection for players with incredible swing speeds.

Also, a higher compression ball can significantly impact your golf game if you already know to make the best use of it.

Cover Material

 Cover Material

Do you know you can use the used balls on the golf course?

Yes, you read it right! Though many golfers have a misconception that a golf ball is only for one round, if taken care of properly, you can use the used balls for 6-7 rounds.

That’s when you should rely on the best quality outer cover with the premium cover material.

Based on the cover material, there are two types of outer cover- a surlyn cover and a urethane cover.

If the golf ball consists of high-grade cover material, naturally, it will last longer. Therefore, you can use the same ball for both chip shots and wedge shots.

Though it doesn’t matter for those who play golf with a lower swing speed.

But those who play golf with a higher swing speed need the most durable golf balls to last longer so that they can consistently hit the same ball for wedge shots and chip shots.

On that note, high-end golf balls matter the most so that you can use the used balls for several rounds.

As a golf ball is the only piece of equipment that is hit every single time, you should choose it wisely.

Number of Layers

Number of Layers of

Based on the number of layers, golf balls perform around the greens.

For instance, a four/five piece golf ball would perform better compared to a two-piece or three-piece ball.

Reasonably, they are more expensive as well.

That being said, more expensive golf balls offer a low spin from the tee and a high spin around the greens.


ball colour

Confused about choosing a white golf ball and a colored golf ball? Then we suggest trying the colored golf ball once and then trying to figure out if that makes any difference.

Usually, people tend to buy white/yellow golf balls but a colorful golf ball seems to be more attention-grabbing.

That being said, you will find them easier than the white balls. Therefore, you will save some bucks as well.

What do you say? Do the brighter-color golf balls seal the deal?

Are More Expensive Golf Balls Better?

Are More Expensive Golf Balls Better?

Umm, depending on the skill level, yes. For professional golfers, a high-priced golf ball can significantly impact the golf game as it offers a better feel, durability, and spin rating. Also, they have more layers to provide better spin control.

That being said, most balls with a high price tag are considered premium balls as they provide a soft feel with a better ball flight in the short game shots.

But for a newbie, it doesn’t really matter much.

Because being an average golfer, you don’t have that high swing speed that can affect the cover material to cut the ball.

Besides, high handicappers prefer low spin to keep the ball straight as they want the low spinning balls to roll a long way.

So, they don’t need those expensive balls with several layers with high spin and high swing speed.

Instead, they should be more focused on learning the game’s tactics.

Luckily, there are plenty of mid-range balls from different manufacturers with decent spinning and distance.

So, you can easily avail yourself of those mid-range golf tour balls, for instance, the Callaway Chrome Soft balls.

For your consideration, the chrome soft balls offer a very good grip on the putting green.

As a Beginner- Does the Ball Really Matter?

As a Beginner- Does the Ball Really Matter?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, any decent golf ball would do if you are just a beginner on the golf course.

As a beginner, you need not care much about the driver -spin around the greens or the driving distance.

They hardly can impact your golf game to a considerable extent.

In fact, cheaper golf balls are better at this point compared to premium balls as you would be playing a lot of strokes and end up losing a lot of balls.

So, using a premium ball would only leave a mark on your bank account, not on your performance on the golf course.

But if a better golf ball really helps you improve your game, you should definitely go for that premium ball.

Final Words

To wrap up this guide, it’s evident that golf balls don’t have much to offer if you haven’t learned the game properly.

So, to answer your question- do better golf balls make a difference?we can only say that yes, it certainly makes some differences, but for the low handicappers only.

When you are a newbie, you should only focus on scoring better and that doesn’t depend on the golf balls or the clubs.

Being an average golfer, you don’t really need tons of dimples, a large number of layers, and a higher compression.

Instead, stick to the mid-range balls and learn how to use the golf balls with all their amenities properly. Once you reach the professional level, you can try premium golf balls for better results.

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