Clicgear Golf Model 4.0 Push Cart Review

Clicgear Golf Model 4.0 Push Cart is now available, which is designed to match individual golfer styles. Clicgear Golf added a lot of new features to make it super comfortable to carry. Lower saddle support has been added to protect the bag from the front wheel rubbing.

 To make this cart long-lasting airless tires, scratch-resistant alumni tubing has been added. And don’t worry when you’re walking away from this. Parking hand brakes will take care of this while you enjoy your shots.

You may think about the weight of this as it has so many things. Shockingly it weighs only 21 pounds even after all these features. The first product from Clicgear was produced in 2007 and received Best New Product that year.

Clicgear still didn’t make any compromise in their quality. As a result, Clicgear Model 4.0 golf push has been launched, which is also known for being the world’s smallest front-wheel golf push cart when anyone folds it.


Clicgear has been one of the most trustworthy and dependable manufacturers in this field for a long time. This model is also no exception from being the best in the market for the following function and features:



The design of this cart highly focused on the ease of use for the user. Wheels won’t be stuck in the ground like other brands, and very comfortable to push this cart forward. Moreover, the cushion grip attached with this cart will help to grip it better than other carts.


One of the most significant aspects of a good golf push cart is the wheels the cart. This single thing can change the overall experience since pushcarts are destined to go effortlessly on any surface.

It’s not too hard to imagine how a cart with bad wheels will make your day from best to worst. Luckily, the Clicgear 4 pushcart designer already had this in mind, and they made these wheels equally proportionate for a better balance on any ground. Since the wheels are airless, they don’t require any extra maintenance. 


A hand brake is mandatory in this kind of cart. Otherwise, you may not concentrate on your play while your cart is not in your control. This cart comes with a parking hand brake which can save the cart from any sudden accident. The quality of the brake is world-class, which needs to be used with the proper knowledge for long-lasting.  


You don’t want to leave anything behind when you go out to play. That’s when the customized storage matter comes in front. You don’t have to worry if you have Clicgear 4 as your golf push cart, as this is one of the leading in terms of storage. It can accommodate all the necessary things you need to take with you.

From golf balls to umbrella mounts, scoreboard holders. In addition, seats, cooler bags, silicone bag strap system, adjustable upper saddle, bottles, etc., can be attached to make you more comfortable. An elastic string will make sure to lock the bin for the safety of the items. Not only that, the storage net will take care of this from losing the balance. 


Easy Folding / Unfolding

The easy folding option of this clicgear cart made this more portable. No one wants to carry a pushcart that is less portable. The pushcart can collapse down to 13 × 15 × 23, which can easily be stored in the back of any vehicle.


Overall, the classy design of the Clicgear 4 golf push cart is hard to deny by any true golfer. This pushcart is designed in a way that can last for a long time. Easy to pick your favorite one from 9 different colors.


  • Comfortable to carry
  •  Easily foldable
  • Any golf bag can be fit because of adjustable upper saddle
  • Good function of hand brake
  • Big storage to carry all you need
  • Easy to carry umbrella, scoreboard in the cart 
  • Umbrella mount


  • Most of the accessories aren’t available with this and have to but separately
  • This model is premium and that makes it little expensive compared to other push carts
  • Little heavy
  • Little bit uncomfortable for those who are used to a three-wheel cart

Clicgear Brake Problem

Clicgear brake problem

Your brake of the clicgear model 4.0 golf push cart can no longer be worked when you pull the brake lever. If this happens, simply re-insert the cable nut assembly into the brake hammer, and your brake will work normally again.

The cable should be replaced if it is broken or frayed. If your brake cable tension makes some manufacturing or material defects and it needs to be adjusted. To do so, loosen the cable nut assembly and slide it up or down the brake cable as needed, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the tension.

If this does not work, the brake cable may need to be replaced. Brake gear teeth and brake hammer broken is another problem. If so, unfortunately, happens to you, don’t worry; It can be replaced easily

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is there any difference in Clicgear 4.0 push cart compared to the previous model?

Yes, there are differences. One of the significant differences in this model has an adjustable upper saddle that is adjustable and can fit any size stand bags. The lower saddle quickly folds and prevents the golf push carts from unwanted touch from the front wheel on the golf course.

2. How Heavy is Clicgear 4.0 Push cart?

Though model 4.0 golf push weighs 21 lbs, it’s super friendly for travel and stable in any situation.

3. Is there any cup holder in this model?

Yes, the model 4.0 golf push cart has standard cup holder included in it and can fit a medium-size cup. To hold the cups and bottles, net storage has been added beside the standard cup holder included in it.

4. What kind of accessories do we need to buy separately?

 A lot of accessories are available with this but need to be bought separately. A lot of accessories are available for model 4.0 golf push cart but need to be bought separately. Examples are golf ball holders, cigar holders, shoe brushes, cover stand bags, staff bags extra-large covers, sand bottles, and umbrella mounts.

5. Are there any instructions about collapsing the cart?

Yes, instruction is available which is easy to understand and execute.

6. Can people with different heights use this?

Since the handle is modifiable to various heights, people with different heights can use this easily.

7. Is there any problem in balancing the bag while it’s on the run?

No, not at all. Silicon bag strap won’t make this happen with Clicgear 4.0 golf push cart. 

A Word From Oursportsstuff

From storage to hand brake, Clicgear golf model 4.0 golf push cart manufactured with keeping all the things in mind. As a result, the model 4.0 golf push cart came out as a super product. Any golfer who is looking for a comfortable and portable push cart can go for this model without any hesitation.

Expert golfers are using this for its various features as it covers all the qualities an ideal golf push cart should have. 

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