Can You Use Golf Shoes For Running? Find Out the Real Truth!

Well, when you have a pair or multiple pairs of golf shoes, you may wonder whether you can use golf shoes for running. If you didn’t know, shoes, like any other material, have a certain deterioration period, and leaving them unworn can lose their quality over time.

And that is why you should consider using your golf shoes if they are left unworn. If that is the case, can you use golf shoes for running? However, there are certain considerations you must take into account before you head out with your golf shoes. And that is exactly what this guide is all about.

Can You Use Golf Shoes For Running?

Some types of golf shoes can be worn for running, which include spikeless shoes. When you’re running, the spikeless golf shoes can be worn on regular surfaces, be it concrete or other surfaces.

As they don’t have spikes, they won’t be causing much friction against the concrete and offer you a more or less pleasant running experience.

However, there are other golf shoes that are built with spikes. The reason they use spikes under the golf shoes is to offer the golfers better traction to get the best performance in hilly areas on the course.

These metal spikes are never suitable for running. If you wear spiked golf shoes on concrete, you’ll lose balance while walking and running.

Moreover, the metal spikes will deteriorate instantly as they’d come into contact with harder objects.

So, the bottom line is, there are many golf shoes which you can wear for regular usage i.e running or walking (the spikeless ones) and there are some others which can’t be worn for regular purposes (the spiked ones).

Hence, you should always select the right variant which fits the context.

Can You Use Golf Shoes For Running

Are Golf Shoes Better Than Running Shoes?

If you are using golf shoes solely for running, they may not be the ideal option because golf shoes are built with specific factors in mind.

You may need to move a lot while golfing, but running isn’t required while playing this sport.

On the other hand, running shoes are built specifically for those who love to run and jog regularly. As a result, they vary a lot in terms of design.

So, when you are running on regular ground, it’s always better to go for shoes that were constructed specially for that purpose.

However, as mentioned earlier, you can also run using spikeless golf shoes, but they may not be as effective as the regular running footwear.

Is It OK to Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete?

If you wear the spiked golf shoes on the concrete, it’d be extremely difficult for you to walk, and the spikes also get damaged in the process.

On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes can be worn around almost all sorts of surfaces without issues.

That is something you must pay close attention to. Whether golf shoes can be worn or not depends on the type of them. It is completely fine to wear the spikeless ones as they don’t have any restrictions on them.

However, if you happen to wear spiked shoes, it may make you lose balance while walking. Running on concrete while wearing spiked shoes is never recommended. And last but not least, you’re damaging the spikes heavily.

So, considering all these factors, we’d suggest you not wear spiked golf shoes on concrete.

What’s the Difference Between Golf Shoes and Running Shoes?

The key difference between golf shoes and running shoes is stability and flexibility. Golf shoes are built with more stability as you’d have to swing the club, and they are more flexible as you’d have to swing the club on slopes.

Many of you may consider golf shoes for running or wear running shoes to the golf course. Well, for those who don’t still get why these two types of shoes are built differently, the next differences detailed next are required:


The thing that makes the real difference is the flexibility of golf shoes. The reason why golf shoes are built with high flexibility is that you’d have to play on slopes.

Moreover, the hilly ground and uneven surface that golfers have to stand on regularly is another reason why golf shoes are so supple and bendable.

On the flip side, the running shoes are built mainly for running long stretches of the area without encountering any slopes or uneven surfaces in the way. This is why they’re built more rigid and may not be the best alternative for golfing


One of the core elements of a golf shoe is its stability. Golf shoes are built tremendously stable, so the golfers don’t lose their balance while swinging the heavy clubs at staggering speeds.

Golf shoes come with added stabilizers from the side. As a result, you may notice a lot fewer left or right-leaning tendencies while wearing golf shoes, giving you a firm grounding on the surface.

The running shoes, on the other hand, are all about speed and going faster. They aren’t necessarily concerned about sidewise stability, which may make them a bit wobbly while you’re swinging the club.

Level of Comfort

One of the similarities between these two is the level of comfort. A golfer needs to walk around 5-6 miles if he plays 18 holes. Similarly, a runner needs to run long and requires a lot of foot movement, which is why both shoes are made comfortable.

Why Do You Have To Wear Golf Shoes?

You must wear golf shoes for the course as they offer outstanding traction and stability.

Moreover, golf shoes are built specifically so that they suit the golfers’ needs perfectly. So, they make an ideal addition for any golfer. Last but not least, they provide the desired balance, so you can swing the clubs without losing your footing.

Bottom Line

After a highly comprehensive discussion on the usability of golf and running shoes, we’re at the concluding part of our guide. In the guide, we’ve tried to shed light on some of the most important features of both golf and running shoes. And highlighted why each one has its own benefits and weaknesses.

So, can you use golf shoes for running?

Then, with the understanding of the discussion, we’d like to argue that it’s always better to use shoes made for particular occasions.

However, spikeless golf shoes can be used for frequent strolls or jogging.

So, if you have golf shoes sitting on your shelves and gradually losing their efficiency, it may be time you get them out and start wearing them casually!

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