Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder with slope measurement

Calculating distance with a pad & pen is a tough job. It can take several years to master distance calculating skills in golf. The novice golfers find it even more difficult and discourage from playing confidently.

In this situation, using a golf rangefinder can boost their confidence as it makes distance measuring a piece of cake. this is the best Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder with slope measurement

Though you’ll find numerous rangefinders throughout the online & offline market, I found Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder as a sweet deal. This under $200 gadget is beginner-friendly from a budget & performance perspective. I’ve used this rangefinder for the last two months and will write a thorough & in-depth review.

After using it for the last two months, I’ve discovered significant ups & downs of this rangefinder. Keep reading as I’ll share my personal experience with the pros & cons in the next features & review segment.

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder– Features & In-Depth Review 

callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder gives accurate measurement with one click and offers golfers a hassle-free gaming experience.

Stay tuned as I’ll be highlighting exclusive features & my personal experience with them in the following sections.

Magnification & Slope Technology of Callaway 300 Pro: For Better Exploring Capability 

callaway rangefinder magnification

Callaway 300 Pro features 6x zooming technology to explore areas of 5 to 1000 yards searching for targets.

You can measure & view the target in yards or meters – depending on your personal preference.

I’ve used this rangefinder in fields with vast tree counts. Surprisingly, this rangefinder measured distance accurately despite the field or course condition.

Also, you’ll be getting slope technology built in. With this technology’s help, you can enjoy more accurate measuring & locking flags or other targets such as rivers & trees.

However, tournaments won’t allow using slopes as it gives unfair advantages according to their rules.

Turn off your slope function by holding the mode button for 5 seconds if you’re playing a tournament.

Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.): Ensures 300 Yards Lock-On Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder  

callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder

As I mentioned above, you can measure the distance from 5 yards to 1000 yards. But you can only pin your target within 300 yards.

The 300 yards locking facility is more than enough for novice & intermediate golfers. Professional golfers don’t even use a rangefinder, let alone a locking feature.

This laser rangefinder comes with an exclusive Birdie feature. Birdie technology delivers audible chirp after locking & confirming pin distance.

Holding with a shaky hand won’t help with calculating the accurate distance and pinning the target.

For the best result, have the rangefinder steadily with one hand so that you can get precise & consistent distance calculations.

Easy Readable LCD: Best for Novice Golfers  

callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder 1

Reading distance is easy & beginner-friendly. This laser rangefinder features an easy-to-read LCD in a compact body.

You can view distance in yards or meters scale. To switch from one scale to another, press and hold the M button for 15 seconds, and you’ll be good to go.

Besides everything else, this display is so clear that you can use this rangefinder for simple binocular purposes. I had an excellent experience exploring the forest with this laser rangefinder.

Elegant & sleek designed laser weatherproof rangefinder with 6x magnification & 5-1000 yards range. Great for beginners as it features easily readable LCD & 300 yards locking/pinning technology.

Water & Fog Proof: Makes Callaway 300 Pro Water Proof

Callaway 300 Pro Weather Proof

Ever stopped playing just because the weather wasn’t that good? With Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder, you can focus more on the game instead of the weather. This sturdy build laser finder is water & fog proof.

You can enjoy the game non-stop despite the weather condition – Rainy & Foggy conditions.

The LCD used in this rangefinder is right as well and helps enhance the viewing experience.

My overall experience with this laser finder was satisfactory. I found the best value for money from this rangefinder than other budget rangefinders I’ve used earlier. so I think Callaway 300 Pro is the best golf rangefinder for the slope measurement


  • Sturdy Build Quality With Elegant & Sleek Design
  • Budget (Under $200) & Beginner Friendly, Comes With Easy Readable LCD Display
  • Gives You The Ability To Explore 5-1000 yards With 6x Zooming
  • Lock Your Target From 300 Yards Distance
  • Forget About Weather Condition As It’s Water & Fog Proof


  • Birdie’s Chirp May Annoy Some Users
  • Will Show Inaccurate Data if Holding With A Shaky Hand
Callaway 300 pro

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Scale from Meters to Yards?

Personal preference differs from person to person when it comes to scaling options. You can use both meters & yards options in this laser rangefinder. To change the scale from meters to yards, press & hold the M button for 15 seconds.

Can I Turn Off Slope Function For Tournaments?

The tournament doesn’t allow using slope function in laser or GPS Rangefinder. For safety, you can turn off the slope function in this Callaway rangefinder. Press and hold the mode button for 5 seconds to turn off the slope function.

Can I Use This Rangefinder For Binoculars Purposes?

This rangefinder comes with a 5 to 1000-yard range & a clear LCD. You can surely use this rangefinder for typical binocular purposes like watching a bird in the forest.

Are The Callaway 300 Rangefinders Good?

Callaway is a historical brand in the golf industry. Their products are top-notch in quality. Callaway 300 Rangefinders aren’t exceptions. So yes, Callaway 300 Rangefinders are good options to consider

Is The Product Worth Your Money?

This product costs around $200. From a price perspective, it’s a sweet deal even for a novice golfer. You’ll be getting so much value from this $200 rangefinder that you’ll be amazed, and it’s definitely worth your money.

Here’s a quick video about Callaway 300 Golf Rangefinder!

Final Words for Callaway 300 Review

That was all about the Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder. As a $200 budget laser rangefinder, I couldn’t ask more. I’m confident enough to state – this rangefinder will fulfill all your expectations from a golf rangefinder.

Like every other product, this rangefinder has minor downsides as well. But keeping these downsides in mind, this rangefinder is still one of the best golf rangefinders in the $200 price range.

I bet purchasing this rangefinder won’t disappoint you by any means – budget & performance. so I can say that Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder is the best with its slope measurement.

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