10 Best Travel Fishing Rod Review|Choose what you like!

If you asked me to disclose secrets about getting your hands on the best travel fishing rods – I would gladly tell you everything that I know. But if you’re here to know how not to stink during those 2-3 days of fishing trips – I’m incredibly sorry, but honestly, I don’t know what can help with that God-awful wet dog smell that fishers endure during their best catch days.

Well, if we overlook this horror, you will know that fishing is quite fun. Sweaty, yes, but fun too! So, here I am with a list of the best travel fishing rods – to make your experience, time, and money worth the read. But let’s specify the ‘travel rods’ for a minute.

Because, heck, reels or tackle boxes are easy to fit anywhere, but the best travel fishing rods? That’s another story!

Best Travel Fishing Rod in 2023:

We have covered the top 10 best fishing rods for travel based on our experience. Read out the entire article to get a clear idea about them.

1. St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rods

Don’t we all hate it when our travel spinning rods snap at the end due to not being able to comprise its limited and stated pressure? Well, this St Croix spinning rod might just be otherwise.

Let’s make you fall in love with a sturdy fishing rod that serves its sole purpose, shall we?

Dive in to know more about this premium SCII graphite construction, which gives off high performance without you spending high cost! Now we are always into high-performance with a minimum budget, aren’t we?

If your jam is outstanding strength, hook-setting power, and sensitivity, you will be astonished by this purchase. Get a sturdy, lightweight feel – within a budget!

But wait, there’s more. This graphite fiber with a high strain rate isn’t only perfect for anglers, but it’s actually really lightweight, durable, and serves the most sensitivity. You can ensure the most robust grip due to its premium cork handle.

Furthermore, two coats of flex-coat slow cure finish make it a lot more secure for traveling and hardy. But the best catch is that this comes with a 5-year warranty.

Now that seems like the best deal to me because you will be getting all the value for the money spent and much more. You will, moreover, get tension supports of ultra-light, light, medium-heavy, and medium.

This is the ultimate backpacker bliss!


  • Extreme casting ability
  • Durable and compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Long-lasting


  • The reel seat is sloppy

02. Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod

Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod

Okuma has been renowned for its versatility and advanced technology in every fishing rod that it introduces to its loyal customers. This Nomad travel spinning rod is no different.

Isn’t it frustrating that you have to try and fit your fishing rod’s entire length into your backpack? Well, you can leave all those worries behind. The 3-section breakdown in this beauty will make your traveling ten times easier.

Now the two tips with different actions on each of the rods let you choose how and where to fish with ease. The guide frame has zirconium inserts for lesser complexity and more versatility.

Break these into 3-pieces without having to squish the whole length in forcefully. But that’s not it; you will receive extreme performance, lightweight, durable, and a versatile fishing rod. A deal with no poor luck, am I right?

 But this great for traveling rod is not only stated as so because of these specifications, but also because of its high value for money. Are you opting for an occasional fishing day trip or regular ones?

It doesn’t matter! Because this fishing rod will serve both heavy-duty or occasional fishing and any other purpose of that sort. Get this all-rounder for excellent design, performance, or recreational fishing!


  • Heavy-duty
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile and durable


  • Delivers less bend

03. Okuma Citrix Travel Rod

Let’s see what’s better with this Okuma Citrix edition. For starters, this is only under $90. I know- WOW!

A fishing rod that’s travel-friendly, all under $90? Seems like a bang-for-the-buck deal, doesn’t it?

Let’s see if the specifications are worth it. The Citrix addition is stated to be built with the highest quality material from the origin of China. It’s built with high-quality synthetic materials and gives a very lightweight feel with a custom 4pcs travel design.

A balanced weight-reduction mechanism with zero foregrips will give you optimized comfort while reeling.

If you’re on a tight budget but want an optimized fishing trip – feel free to go with one of the best travel fishing rods, the Citrix. It will indefinitely deliver a lightweight rod, excellent built, and travel-friendly features.

But is that it? No! The ALPS stainless guide frame made of zirconium inserts will let you use braid or mono lines. Furthermore, the reduced weight makes it far more convenient for traveling, but here’s why you would love it even more.

It’s backed up with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know that you will be getting the maximum out of this purchase. Okuma lures in fishers due to its great casting, travel safe, solid build, sturdy exterior, and compact case features.

But the question is – Is this Citrix piece all of the above?

Hell yes!


  • Solid-built
  • Great action
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Cheap


  • Check its weight limits as it’s prone to breakage.

04. Fenwick Dual Power Travel Spinning Rod

Fenwick Dual Power Travel Spinning Rod

Getting your hands on a dual-power travel spinning rod is every fisherman‘s dream. But not only that – it must also serve all its purpose.

Let us introduce you to the Fenwick travel spinning rod and tell you why your dreams will finally come true!

The AAA cork grip handle lets you get the most pleasing feel with less expense. The sea-guide soft touch will make your reel game stronger, albeit, more useful.

But we also need to secure those reels, right? Fenwick came up with a positive lock design technology that secures all the platforms for your reels. Sounds like a banger, doesn’t it?

This travel rod’s unique quality is its sheer boost in quality material that accompanies lightweight, precision, power, and durability. You will finally understand why Fenwick has been in this game for so long!

If I read your mind correctly, you must be looking for precision, strength, and additional power, yes? The wait is finally over!

Because the carbon-bound blanks in this spinning rod will provide precisely that, with a spiral carbon thread, unlike the previous reels, we discussed. The stainless steel frames have an aconite insert, which gives off dual power and more versatility.

During Fenwick’s 45 years, of course, they have assessed fishers to precisely target classic lightweight, comfortable and durable designs.

Let this custom length and action take your fishing game to a whole new level of excellence!


  • Great strength
  • More power and precision
  • Lightweight
  • Worth the price


  • The guides are too small.

05. Daiwa Travel Trigger Rod

Did you know that Daiwa makes the best composite fishing rods? But that is for another time and another story.

Right now, we will talk you through this multi-piece travel rod by Daiwa and tell you why this fast-action and medium-power fishing rod is the best equipment in the game!

The multi-piece travel rod has extensive sensitivity and quality that takes you on a road of the best fishing trips ever.

Let’s check off why you should get this fishing rod – its fast action, medium power, high-quality material, great for traveling – and the best part – at a very reasonable price! Are you in?

The travel design is made specifically with Fuji aluminum oxide guides and a semi-hard travel case, so you know that the casting and reels will be far cleaner and high in performance. But that’s not it. The Daiwa has its own category of wellness and is made with a great-looking boot.

The medium casting further applies to more straightforward guides with slight pressure. So, you get a fair share of the deal at an expected price point. Along with the excellent sensitivity and protection during traveling, the high-end quality meets and impresses one also because of its low price.

With a solid and well-constructed build, this excellent product will never let you down. It will most definitely be your absolute favorite because it is an indefinite 3-piece fishing rod!


  • 3-piece
  • Medium power
  • Sensitive and great casting
  • High-end quality but at a reasonable price


  • Assembling is a bit tricky

06. Okuma Nomad Travel Casting Rod

Okuma Nomad Travel Casting Rod

I know we could be confusing you with lots of Okuma travel fishing rod options, but, hey, the more options, the better, right?

It’s safer to say that they have something for everyone, so you get to pick at your own pace.

But for now, let’s talk about this Nomad piece, which comes in a medium-heavy feature in a 6’6″ rod. It is basically a stunning boat rod, which is exceptionally sturdy and has a casting rod with excellent sensitivity.

Go nuts with this highly sensitive, extremely portable, and sturdy fishing rod. Experience one of the best that Okuma has to offer in a cheap deal.

The handle is massive, so you know you will get the job done with ease. And the road is exceptionally well-constructed and also comes with two tip sections of different power. So you get to fish at your own preferred place.

This medium/heavy rod is also known to have lots of power, and the lighter mode is highly recommended. For catching the biggest fishes out there with sturdy packaging, you get to capture loads!

Want to know the best secret with this Okuma piece? It’s effortless to pack with a deal that will make you realize that you have spent your money well.

It’s also great for jogging and highly recommended for portability and fishing in saltwater lakes or seas. What’s more that you could want the best travel fishing rod?


  • Great for boat rod
  • Two-tip options
  • Massive handle
  • Sturdy and best for catching big fishes


  • Not lightweight

07. Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Don’t you love it when other than the basic features that a fishing rod must-have, it also comes with variations of a 4-piece?

I mean, isn’t that what we all look for with everything that we buy… variations? Heck, yes!

This Fiblink fishing rod has precisely that and so much more with the price range of under $71! Let us introduce you to our best banger deal with high value.

Built with solid carbon fiber construction, it has improved and surpassed performance action and sensitivity than most other higher-ended brands. It delivers extraordinary toughness and sturdy construction for boat fishing.

But that doesn’t stop it from being smooth and avoid line sticking in the guides, which also minimizes friction and enhances sensitivity. You know that the deal is not joking with emphasized vibration transferability from the rod to your hand.

But it has so much to offer with its no-slip rubber tube handle with a tapered rear grip, so be ensured that it will give you more stability and durability without any quivering maneuverability.

The reel seat also has a protective cap and does give you a perfectly straight and true fishing experience. Although you must already be = more than just impressed, you will be ecstatic to know that it also comes with a one-year warranty against any defect, whatsoever.

Solve all your problems ASAP and get this to compensate for your lost satisfaction in fishing!


  • Great value deal
  • Well-built
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Great for professional use


  • Rod’s tip is a bit fragile.

08. Okuma Nomad Travel Casting Rod

Remember what I said about Okuma having something for everyone? Here’s a shout-out to all those fishermen who love 7 feet medium-heavy fishing rod with a casting cover.

Ready for another best travel fishing rod? You bet!

The three-section breakdowns have become an exquisite, easy-to-go catch-up for every fishing trip. The two tips with different actions are just the cherry on top.

This Okuma piece will win your fluttering heart at first sight with its 3-piece breakdown, high durability, 2-piece versatility, and premium construction built features. And it’s Okuma! Nothing can go wrong with this!

Each rod also has the top-notch and most craved benefit of zirconium guide inserts for the frame. But you’re wrong if you think that we’re done. We’re far from it, actually.

This road is high in performance and delivers versatile two-piece rods where one is lighter, and the other is heavier. At the minimum expense, the premium components make up rock-solid durability.

Furthermore, makes it potent because of its waterproof, best travel fishing rod case. The nomad series of Okuma is easily one of the most overused, best travel fishing rods that elevate the easy-to-go and easy-to-use experience.

For the best quality throughout your fishing journey – this is the way to go!


  • Great value for the price
  • Excellent epoxy finish
  • High-quality reel seat and guides
  • Lightweight and strong


  •  All the pieces might not fit in well.

09. Daiwa Travel Spinning Rod

Tired of looking for an exclusive, sleek, fishing rod? You may have just hit the jackpot!

Why? Keep reading to know!

This exclusive HVF Daiwa piece is entirely constructed with graphite, and it’s made in 7’6” length. The three-piece rod is further made for medium/heavy power and faster action, so you know that this construction improves your flexibility, strength and gives a better zero blank twist.

Well, if I’ve already bored you with the gory details, you will be enlightened to know that the joint system is a V-flex technology and comes in un-sanded micro pitch blank.

But then again, what’s a Daiwa multi-piece if it doesn’t come with Fuji aluminum oxide guides, am I right? It’s clinging to perfection comes from the semi-hard travel case that you will be gladly surprised to have.

But all of this is in the best grab of under $130! This purchase of yours will be your most travel-friendly rod as you can fit it easily in your car’s trunk or even in your backpack. Daiwa embellishes fishing products of high quality to give you reliable and hardy responsiveness.

Go for a sea bass or panfish catch and boom! You’ll be overwhelmed with its capacity and stretched limits of accommodating to any and all kinds of water – sea or local!


  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Flawless performance
  • Great for freshwater, saltwater, and pier fishing


  • The reel screw feels cheap.

10. Okuma Fishing Tackle Nomad Travel Rod

Okuma Fishing Tackle Nomad Travel Rod

We’re down to another great-looking Okuma fishing tackle rod, which will not only lighten up your jeopardy with fishing but will also make your experience long-lasting. And here’s why!

Designed in an exquisite blue and black frame, this 7-feet inshore graphite travel rod will give you a concise and precise selection of being an all-rounder.

Embellished with a worldwide high-quality utility, this three-piece design construction also offers high performance but makes a great traveling partner because of its padded and waterproof casing. If I had to describe this Okuma piece in a word, I would say – versatile.

Why? Good question!

Each rod has two tip sections with one light and one massive, which gives you, increased versatility within minimum luggage. You can have your utmost dependability on this rock-solid composition, which, unlike other rods, does not make you prone to difficulty and greater expense.

Nomad gives you the greatest solution at a lower price because it does not abide by any repercussions while fishing. I mean, who likes a bent or split fishing rod while you’re having the best time of your life, right?

This rod has a light and medium performance with a sturdy exterior while being very lightweight, making it all the more perfect for traveling.

So, where is your next destination? Because this best travel fishing rod is here to accompany you!


  • Best for traveling
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of backbone
  • Great flexibility


  • The hard case could be more protective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a great travel fishing rod?

Take note of these considerations before you splurge on a fishing rod. These alternatives will make your fishing experiences ever-so-smooth and worth the price.

Note the burden of the fishing rod that you’re opting for. Pay extra attention to the precise applications and its burden limitations. Usually, an all-purpose fishing rod will serve you a great experience with its mediocre weight coverage. However, the rod’s specification will vary based on where you plan to fish, as that, for trout fishing, you might want an ultra-light rig but purchase a mild rig in case of wanting the best travel fishing rod saltwater experience.

How did I test these rods?

The best way to test rods is through their sensitivity level. The best technique to check it is to comprehend the fishing rod’s actions, which are how much a rod can bend. Slow action rods will bend all the way until the butt, but the faster ones are great for longer casts. Another method to check its durability is to see if the rod is ‘snappy.’

Furthermore, you must also check with the brand that you’re purchasing, the fishing rod’s length and weight, and the handle material.

01. What is the most portable travel fishing rod?

Our best portable travel fishing rod has to be the Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager. This rod is specifically made to make portability easier for anglers with a 20-size reel model, ball bearing drive, and an aluminum spool. It’s made for the best travel fishing rod for trout, panfish, catfish, bass, and other species for a much easier hook-on.

02. What Is The Best Composite Travel rod?

When it comes to the best composite travel rod, we will have to go with the Daiwa Mini System Mini spin Ultra-light Rod. Are you the one who prefers modular and tight-spaced rods? Well then, do not delay the purchase. Moreover, the rod is 4.5feet long and can be split into five sections.

03. What is the Best Travel Spinning rod?

We have listed a couple of spinning rods for you to choose from. Mind you – their prices vary; thus, you get to ease up on your options and go with your budget.

Our best-picked travel spinning rods are:

  • Okuma Nomad
  • St Croix Triumph
  • Fiblink 3 Piece
  • Fenwick Methods and
  • Okuma Voyager

Final Verdict

Like I said in the beginning, I’m no expert on eradicating the stink… but!

I can assure you that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have the best fishing experience every time the season calls for it.

A few things to abide by before you make your lifetime purchase are – the construction of the fishing rod, sensitivity level, precision, weight, travel-friendly options, adaptability, and the price point… duh! We can’t tell you exactly what to buy right off the back.

Because it also depends on you! It depends on your preference, budget, usability, and design. So have at it!

You can never go wrong with any of the ten best travel fishing rods that we’ve enlisted for you. Now it’s up to you. Choose wisely and score the biggest fish!

Never forget that there are plenty of fishes in the sea – Literally. But not plenty of good quality fishing rods to choose from so, take your best pick!

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