10 Best Rod and Reel combos for bass fishing | Shocking Choices!

Are you looking for someone to confess the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing?  Let me be your underground agent.

But, you would be out of luck here if you seek to unravel how to sneak out of the house and go fishing all by yourself.  Because truthfully, I also want to know how to do that. As soon as I pick up my fishing kits, I’ve got an audience.

But, if we should ignore that, I know every nits and grit on fishing rods and reels-  the secrets to catching big fishes and large quantities in a short time. Alright!!! Check these 10 best rods and reel combo for bass fishing compiled for you.

10 Best rod and reel combo for bass fishing

Let’s Head towards our reviews for the top ten best rods and reel combo for bass fishing.

1) Redington Crosswater Fly fishing outfit-

Best rod and reel combo for bass fishing

Finally, there’s a good match for a novice. I remember my first fishing outing; it was such a horrible moment. And I am sure you wouldn’t want that. The good news is this; Redington manufacturers do not want that either.

Now you have a fishing rod and reel that is beginner-friendly. The alignment dots on the rod contributes significantly to the user-friendly experience. What else? It has excellent speed and could go farther than you can imagine. Regardless of the water condition, the Crosswater Fly has always been a legend. The best fishing rod and reel combo for the money.

The days of returning home from fishing empty-handed will be over with Redington Crosswater. It has great power and precision. Such a beautiful rod that gives you so much durability. It can withstand all the pressures in fly fishing. And let me tell you this, it supports a great deal of flexibility. By this, I mean a smooth and adjustable drag.

The Crosswater rod is being made with graphite and is available in both 2 pieces and 4 pieces models. An opportunity for anglers to buy a complete set or a single rod. Its reel provides a reliable system with a long-lasting polymer build.  Your search should definitely end here. Because when you buy a Redington Crosswater Fly, you have to yourself a Cordura rod tube.


  • Easy setup
  • Packaging is great
  • Effective
  • Good casting ability


  • No shoulder strap
  • Rod breaks too often

2) KastKing emergence Fly fishing combo-

KastKing emergence Fly fishing combo

Yet another great fishing combo for starters but is not limited to this cycle alone. Experienced anglers also have benefited from it. With the KastKing emergence Fly, your fishing adventure would begin.

Nobody would ever find buying a separate fishing reel and rod easy and fun. So save yourself all the trouble plus enjoy this easy fishing combo. Then again, it comes with four pieces rod plus an excellent reel. As if that’s not enough, the reel is preinstalled with the KastKing Propel Wf floating fly line. 

Hit the waters with this fishing combo, and you would never have to regret it. It is robust and good quality and a high performing fishing combo. KastKing delivers precisely what it promises its users.

The best thing about this fishing combo is that you have access to other fishing accessories. Do you want to know them? Good! Buy a KastKing emergence Fly. You would be a proud owner of a forceps, 1 line nipper, 12 hand-tied flies, a strike indicator, and a split shift.

Are you a regular saltwater Fisher? Relax!!! You are good to go with it. Also perfect for freshwater fishers.


  • Good quality
  • Contains basic fishing kits
  • Comfortable Carrying case
  • Best for saltwater fishing and Freshwater fishing


  • Reels may lose apart
  • Heavyweight

3) K&E Outfitters Drift series 5wt Fly fishing rod and reel complete package-

K&E Outfitters Drift series 5wt Fly fishing rod and reel complete package

Best-selling fishing combo in the United States. Well, what else do you expect? A fishing instrument manufactured by a couple passionate about fly fishing.

Which water body do you prefer for fly fishing? Rivers? Streams? Lakes? Whichever it is, the K&E got you covered. Also, it is ideal for all kinds of angling levels. Do not forget that it is a fishing rod made by fly Fishers themselves.

This is outrightly a unique fishing combo for you. It is worth every penny. Great fishing performance. You’d better try it out. Then you will appreciate this couple for a job well done.

The blue fishing rod with a smooth, silky casting is a beauty to behold. Also, an easily adjustable aluminum die-cast reel accompanies it. You would have a great time with it. The reel arbor is removable so you can clean and maintain the reel with ease.

That’s not all to the K&E Outfitters complete package. In the package, you have a preinstalled fly line, which is about 150 yards. Also, there’s a rod tube that serves as protection for the rod.


  • Well-balanced rod and reel
  • Good construction
  • Great customer service
  • High performance


  • Bad for prolonged use
  • Small fly holder

4) NetAngler Fly fishing rod and reel combo

NetAngler Fly fishing rod and reel combo

Tested and trusted! I know, I know. You can’t wait to hear it all. But you have to do me a favor first. Relax and enjoy all the saucy details of this best rod and reel combo for bass fishing.

Let me begin with all the contents of the package. NetAngler Fly fishing combo comprises a fishing reel with pre-loaded fly lines and a fishing rod. It also comes with a monofilament fishing leader, four fly fishing tools, one-rod tip, 28 fishing flies, a fly box, and one carrying case. And yes! All these for a token.

Are you done wasting your time on loading fishing reels with lines? Then, you need to buy this. Because it is time-saving when it comes to loading lines. Fishing lines are already pre-spooled. And in case there’s an extra rod tip.

The rod has a breakdown length of 27 inches that would fit into the carrying case well. A Lightweight rod in four sections is all you need for the travels. So, a fantastic traveling fishing rod. The reel also is bankable. Although it is being set for left hand retrieve, no worries, it allows conversion to right hand retrieve.

Even after you get those flies in the package, further protection against loss awaits them. That’s why you would also get the storage pouch. Then, everything, including the reel and the rod, would secure themselves in the carrying bag.


  • Inexpensive
  • Catch big fish
  • Best for traveling
  • Versatile


  • Stiff rod
  • Low quality flies case

5) Dr. Fish fishing rod and reel combo-

Dr Fish fishing rod and reel combo

Everything you would need for a great time out there on the water is packaged for you here.  You don’t believe me? That’s acceptable. Considering that most fishing combo packages are off, there would still need you to buy one or two things else. 

But, the truth remains that is not so with the Dr. Fish fishing rod and reel combo. Here, you have a spinning reel, a fishing rod, a tackle bag, lines, tools, lures, and rigs. You can see for yourself; nothing is missing here.

If you prefer a waist strap fishing rod and reel combo, this is for you. And if the shoulder strap is your way, you would also do fine with Dr Fish. It entertains both ways, and since most fishing combos do not, it is well respected. Above all, it is durable.

Fishing rod is well built with high modulus fiber, combined with a fiberglass stainless steel guide frame and an aluminum reel seat. It is one of the best rods for bass fishing. For the reel, it is resistant to corrosion. Many thanks to the perfect materials used for its construction.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for the price
  • Good compact


  • Low-quality lines
  • Small carrying bag

6) Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combo-

Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combos

This time around, let’s talk about a good fishing combo that is below $80. Sounds good, right? But hey, before you begin to think so lowly of this fishing combo, read all have got to tell you here.

I would recommend this for any angler desiring the best speed performance. This aside is perfect for traveling. It will fit so well into any bag, even into a backpack, without having to dangle out.

Everyone should have a Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combo. Why? It is easy to carry and easy to dissemble. So now you can have back all bass fishing fun that you couldn’t have whenever you travel from home.

I hope you will be able to absorb this shocker. Despite its low price, the fishing combo has 8 lures and 9 other accessories. Yes, you heard that right.

It got a powerful reel with an Ultra-thin streamline design and a slim carbonized fiber rod. I know you would want to doubt the performance feasibility of this fishing combo. Maybe because it’s way too cheap. But trust me, it would get you a walleye, a brass, and even a trout. It tops the list of the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing.


  • Smooth casting
  • Complete fishing set
  • Lightweight
  • High sensitivity


  • Weak rods
  • Not ideal for continuous use

7) Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combos-

Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combos

Let me introduce you to another pretty fishing combo that won’t make you break the bank. In fact, it looks as if Sougayilang would do anything to make anglers with a low budget enjoy fishing too.

I bet you would want to take a look at this relatively low fishing combo. It is blue. Wow!!! What a creative way to inspire anglers during fishing moments.

You know why you should buy this fishing combo? It’s at a great price, perfect for traveling, and one sure thing- it is effective. So what’s your thought?

It’s not just about the money. I am promising you a great fishing experience with this best smallmouth rod and reel combos.

The four pieces rod is well knotted and this gives way to the easy setup procedure. The rods are super corrosive resistant. How about the reel? It is an aluminum spool with high tensile gear.


  • User friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Good performance
  • Good tensile gear


  • Poor rods
  • Not reliable

8) FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo-

FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

I told you right from the beginning that I am a pro in this. So, don’t get surprised by what you are going to find out now. This fishing combo is available for $60. Wait yet, that’s not all. It has two models. So you have the option of choosing whichever model you want.

Starters would find this interesting to use as they build their angling skills. After all, it doesn’t cost much, and it is a medium action fishing combo. So if you desire an optimized Fishing Rod and reel combo despite your low budget- you can make your choice with this combo.

The first model is the FISHINGSIR Fishing full kit, 3/4 weight. It comprises a 100 feet fly line, 8 feet 3/4 weight four sections fishing rod, and 3/4 die cast fly reel. Also got 1 retractable zinger, a 9 feet tapered leader, 24 pieces’ flies, 1-line nipper, and 1 fly rod case.

Also, there’s a FISHINGSIR Fishing full kit 5/6 weight, which is different from the 3/4 weight with its 5/6 diecast fly reel and a 9 feet 5/6 weight four sections fishing rod.


  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • Beautiful rod
  • Worths its value


  • Not for Professionals
  • Rods often breaks

9) Quantum Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo-

Quantum Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

You would definitely have gotten your choice of the rod and reel combo already before we got down here. But, let’s still check this out. It is one fantastic fishing combo with a low price. You never can say. Your little nephew or your grandchild might need this.

You need the Quantum Telescopic Fishing Rod and spinning reel combo for easy handling- especially if you are new to angling. Moreover, it is an inexpensive reel and rod combo. Would therefore make a perfect gift to anyone passionate about fly fishing.

Quantum Telescopic Fishing combo is lightweight and easy to use. The rod is the best bass fishing rod for the money, graphite made with custom reel seats. Despite its low price, it has a five years warranty for materials or workmanship defects.

The hand can either retrieve to the right or the left. It’s your choice. To top it off, it is pre-spooled with the Zebco Cajun line.


  • High quality for the price
  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • 5 years warranty


  • Not reliable
  • Weak reel

10) Kids Fishing Pole, Light and Portable Telescope fishing rod and reel combo-

Kids Fishing Pole, Light and Portable Telescope fishing rod and reel combo

Except if you don’t want to enjoy your angling thoroughly, you wouldn’t need this fishing combo. Everyone got kids. Maybe, not your biological kids, fine, but some kids that would keep tugging at your shirt. Request that you take them along for fishing.

It is lightweight and allows collapsing for easy carrying. A great Unisex fishing combo. It will give your child a fishing experience that would linger for long.

While you enjoy the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing, you can also create a wonderful fishing moment for that kid. This kid’s fishing combo does it all. And you know what? It doesn’t cost a fortune.

A spinning fishing rod, a lightweight fishing reel, and a fishing lure set, just for a grab under $50. Well, let’s check its features if it is even worth investing $50 on.


  • Comfortable rod handle
  • Percent rod and reel combination
  • High flexible
  • Easy portability


  • Breaks easily
  • Costly for the quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy a rod and reel combo?

New anglers would find it challenging to match fishing reel and rod specifications. If you are new to bass fishing, save yourself the stress of buying separate pieces as well as trying to set them up. Go for a rod and reel combo; you will be glad you did.

Trying to cut down your expenses for a fishing rod and fishing reel? Grab a fishing rod and reel combo immediately. Saves twice the money you would use to buy them individually.

Who shouldn’t buy a rod and reel combo?

For Professionals anglers, the reel and rod combo may not appear suitable. How’s that? More experienced anglers already do have lots of gear. The components of a rod and reel combo may not allow the angler access to an existing tackle. Basically, because such a tackle may not interact with the combo components.

What are the benefits of a rod and reel combo?

Pay attention to this, a rod and reel combo comes with priceless benefits. With a rod and reel combo, you can be sure of their compatibility. Yours is to get into the water and fish all the way. A professional has already done the specifications matching for you.

Also, it is not money-consuming. You know this already. Now, be part of those enjoying the combo at a price more considerable than purchasing them individually. On the face of it, the rod and reel combo is user-friendly, easy to set, effective, and durable. Have a smooth fishing experience.

How to choose a Bass fishing rod and reel?

Here we are, the point that makes most anglers cower in fear. Because a bad fishing rod and reel gives anglers only horrible fishing experience. So how do you get hold of the best fishing rod and reel combo? Let me give you a head-up because you’ve got lots of rod and reel combo to choose from.

Before you buy a rod and reel combo, consider your fishing environment. Some combos are not ideal for saltwater. So you should check this out and ensure it meets your fishing environment. Also, do consider your targeted fishing species and your angling level. If you do this, you will have to yourself an excellent bass fishing rod and reel that will meet up your needs.

What is the best all-round fishing rod and reel combo?

All in all, our best all-around fishing rod and reel combo are none other, but the KastKing emergence Fly fishing combo. It supports any water condition, well-built and high performing. Ready? Make haste and get one; it’s the key to great fishing days.

What type of reel is the best for bass fishing?

The answer? K&E Outfitters aluminum die cast reel. The reel is adjustable and user friendly. Above all, it allows for easy maintenance and cleaning when compared to other reels. And this is as a result of its removable abhor. Been produced by lovers of fly Fishing like you- the K&E Outfitters aluminum die cast reel would make you always yearn for fishing seasons. 

What is a good spinning rod and reel for bass fishing?

Kids Fishing Pole, Light and Portable Telescopic fishing rod and reel- a good spinning rod and reel. It is designed to give kids a great time fishing in the water. No more provoking thoughts on how to help them carry their fishing rod and reel all the way to the river. It is lightweight and breakable. Kids can carry them all by themselves.

While for adults, the Quantum Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo fall into this category. It is superb when it comes to catching bass. You do not even have to break the bank to get one. And guess what? It still comes with a warranty.

What is the best bass Bait casting combo?

In this regard, we present to you the Sougayilang Fishing Baitcaster combo- the best bass Baitcasting combo. It is very portable and has high-quality construction. You want to catch a bass with ease; you need one of these. The eight lures present in it would do the trick.


Well, well, I am done with the confession I promised to give you. We have given you an invitation to have a great fishing experience with us when the season comes.  It’s all now in your pitch whether to accept it or not.

Remember that you have to consider your pocket, among other things, when making a choice. My advice to you is to choose smartly. The bottom line is that there are varying bass fishing rod and reel combos for everyone’s needs. One out of these is definitely for you.

Fishing is cheaper than any therapy. So go out there with any of our 10 best rods and reel combos for bass fishing, and come home with those dumb bass. Welcome to yet another fishing adventure. See you on the water.

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