5 Best Lift Kits For EZGO Golf Cart To Offer A Smoother Ride On The Road

While riding on a golf cart on rough terrain, you need higher ground clearance, right? That’s when a golf cart lift kit comes in handy to boost your cart’s height so that you can experience a hassle-free ride.

Aside from attributing an exclusive look to the cart by increasing its height up to 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, or 8″, the kit also lets you use larger tires and offset wheels on the golf cart.

Among the famous golf cart manufacturers, EZGO is a leading name and if you are an EZGO user, you must look forward to the best lift kit for EZGO golf cart.

On that note, check out our top five list below to decide on your pick.

1. Easiest to Install-
ECOTRIC 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit
Manufacturers: ECOTRIC
Size: 5″
Weight: 22.9 pounds
Material: High-quality steel
Compatibility: Gas cart
2. Best Overall-
ECOTRIC 6″ Drop Axle Lift Kits for

2001.5-2020 EZGO Cart Electric TXT Model
Manufacturers: ECOTRIC
Size: 6″
Weight: 32.8 pounds
Material: Alloy
Compatibility: Electric cart
3. Best on Budget-
7BLACKSMITHS 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit
Manufacturers: 7BLACKSMITHS
Size: 6″
Weight: 32.5 pounds
Material: Alloy
Compatibility: Electric cart
4. Strongest of All-
Jake’s 6″ Spindle Lift Kit for

EZGO TXT 1994-2001.5 Electric Golf Carts
Manufacturers: Jake’s
Size: 6″
Weight: 26.66 pounds
Material: Ductile Iron
Compatibility: Electric cart
5. Best All-around-
EZGO TXT 3″ RHOX Spindle

Lift Kit by the Golf Cart King
Manufacturers: Golf Cart King
Size: 3″
Weight: 21 pounds
Material: Not mentioned
Compatibility: Gas and Electric cart

Best Lift Kit for Ezgo Golf Cart

As EZGO golf carts are made to maintain the highest quality, you need to go for the right golf cart lift kits that fit perfectly with them. After hours of research, our expert team has shortlisted the following five EZGO lift kits that are safe, durable, and easy to install. Rest assured that the chosen products wouldn’t disappoint the cart owners.

Let’s dive into the review then!

1. Easiest to Install- ECOTRIC 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit

ECOTRIC 5" Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit

First, we have a stellar drop axle lift kit for your golf cart from ECOTRIC. Let’s check out what key specialties it offers-


  • Compatible with Ezgo carts having “3 bolt steering” and manufactured in the year 1994-2001
  • A high-quality lift kit crafted with the highest quality steel
  • Offers optimum strength and durability
  • Easiest to install requiring no cutting/welding
  • The black powder-coated finish offers ultimate protection from dust

When we talk about the golf cart lift kits, ECOTRIC is the first name that hits our head.

Among the golf cart manufacturers, they are quite famous for providing rigorous lift kits.

Their 5″ drop axle lift kit perfectly suits the 1994-2001.5 EZGO Medalist/ txt gas golf carts models having 3 bolt steering.

And the best part of this kit is that you can install it in no time. No cutting, no welding, nothing.

Just follow the detailed instruction guide provided with the kit and assemble the given hardware accordingly.

Thanks to the drop axle design of the lift kit, it replaces the stock front axle and thus increases the stock height.

To add more, the cart manufacturer used the highest quality steel so that these lift kits last forever.

Above all, the black powder coating is the most striking feature that saves the kit from extreme weather conditions.

Thus these golf cart lift kits are everyone’s favorite by executing the extreme duty of adding an extra inch to your cart.

Also, they are available in 4″ sizes as well. So, if you prefer a 4-inch lift kit for the EZGO golf cart, you can go for that too.


  • Includes everything you need to install it
  • Strong and sturdy craftsmanship
  • Compatible with electric carts as well
  • Extremely straightforward installation advice
  • Very reasonable price point


  • A bit time-consuming to be assembled
  • The user manual could have used pictures

2. Best Overall- ECOTRIC 6″ Drop Axle Lift Kits for 2001.5-2020 EZGO Cart Electric TXT Model

ECOTRIC 6" Drop Axle Lift Kits for 2001.5-2020 EZGO Cart Electric TXT Model

Secondly, we came up with another best golf cart lift kit from the same cart manufacturer. Let’s break down its striking features first.


  • Allows adding taller tires and wheels on the cart
  • Lengthens wheelbase by including both front and rear lifts
  • Permits height lifting up to 6″ with the easy installation of the kit
  • The axle height lift accepts 23″ tire size
  • Includes all alloy class 8.8 high-strength hardware

Similar to the ECOTRIC 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit, this ez-go golf cart lift kit combo also doesn’t require any drilling or welding to be installed.

Moreover, being made of high-quality alloy, it makes your golf cart capable of carrying extra weight.

Offering a 6″ height lift, the kit is compatible with all EZGO carts of 2001.5-2020. As ECOTRIC makes year-specific lift kits, check before you buy whether it will fit your cart model or not.

Do you want to upgrade the overall performance of your golf cart? Then try this best golf cart lift kit and experience the strongest and safest lift ever.

You will literally be blown away by seeing how your lifted golf cart offers higher lifts and optimal clearance at once.

Best of all, it’s less expensive than other lift kits made of alloy. That surely adds more value to your golf cart.

However, these are only compatible with electric carts. And it would have been great if it came with the instructions.


  • Fairly impressive price range
  • Very well built to last longer
  • Makes your cart more stable
  • Industrial grade powder coating to the exterior
  • Simple and no cutting installation


  • No instruction manual
  • The rear brake cable needs some adjustments

3. Best on Budget-7BLACKSMITHS 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit

7BLACKSMITHS 6" Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit

Next on the lineup, meet another 6″ lift cart for giving your EZGO cart an optimum height boost. The key features of this budget-friendly axle lift kit are-


  • Compatible with electric EZGO cart models of 2001.5-2020
  • No cutting or welding demanded
  • Includes both front and rear lifts
  • Lets you add wider tires and off-road wheels
  • Extra heavy ergonomics with a perfect fit

Well, to begin with, the benefits, we must admit that it is the best golf cart lift kit on budget allowing 23″ tire sizes.

Pretty similar to the ECOTRIC 6″ Drop Axle Lift Kits for the 2001.5-2020 EZGO Cart Electric TXT Model, it is made of a heavy-duty alloy that adds some extra stability to the kit.

As it is made for the models produced in 2001.5-2020, your cart definitely needs a 4-bolt pattern for seamless assembly.

However, the golf cart lift kits add a maximum of 6 extra inches to your golf cart by lengthening the wheelbase.

Nevertheless, don’t attempt installing it all by yourself. As there is no proper guide, you better take professional help not to damage your cart.

But please don’t get worried. The installation is no rocket science either. As the whole process is self-explanatory, it doesn’t take much time for experts to mount it to your EZGO cart. You need to pay them some extra bucks though.


  • Very affordable
  • Self-explanatory instruction process
  • Rugged and robust ergonomics
  • Offers a great front and rear lift to the cart
  • Fits perfectly without any cutting or welding


  • No specific installation instruction is offered
  • Sometimes the rear lift blocks conflict with the brake cable

4. Strongest of All- Jake’s 6″ Spindle Lift Kit for EZGO TXT 1994-2001.5 Electric Golf Carts

Jake's 6" Spindle Lift Kit for EZGO TXT 1994-2001.5 Electric Golf Carts

In the fourth spot, let’s talk about a high-end spindle lift kit from Jake’s. The core specifications of this kit are as follows-


  • Made of high-quality ductile iron
  • 3 times stronger than the gray iron
  • A complete kit for both back and front lift
  • The brake cable needs to be unhooked for easy installation
  • Compatible with electric EZGO carts only

As we all know, spindle lift kits work differently than a block lift kit or an axle lift kit.

Saying that these are the perfect drop spindle kits with optimal height raise.

Unlike a regular 6″ lift kit, it’s made of ductile iron which offers 3 times more strength.

Reasonably enough, this kit comes a bit more expensive.

But truth be told, you get what you pay for. If you buy it once, it will last a lifetime giving the ultimate ground allowance to your golf cart.

And it’s a perfect match for EZGO carts of 1994-2001.5 electric models which have a 3-bolt-steering style.

Another great amenity of using this kit is the higher speed. As you can customize the look of your cart using bigger tires and wheels, you will experience a wider stance.

So, don’t exclude it from your potential buying list only because of the higher price point. This is truly stellar in the field of spindle lift kits.


  • Extremely well-built architecture
  • Looks great on the respected EZGO carts
  • Fits perfectly fine
  • Lightweight construction for ease of use
  • Ensures higher speed rate of the cart


  • A bit overpriced
  • Doesn’t work without the electric carts

5. Best All-around- EZGO TXT 3″ RHOX Spindle Lift Kit by the Golf Cart King

EZGO TXT 3" RHOX Spindle Lift Kit by the Golf Cart King

The final spot of this review is occupied by a 3-inch lift kit for the EZGO golf cart. Let’s check it out in detail below.


  • Suitable for both electric and gas golf carts
  • Compatibility: EZGO TXT Gas 2001.5-2008.5 and Electric 2001.5-2009 golf carts
  • Includes everything needed for a hassle-free installation
  • Rigorously tested to meet the safety standards
  • Work with a minimum of 10″ wheel

What we loved the most about this awesome spindle lift kit is the extraordinary fitting. Without any cutting or welding, it perfectly gets the job done with no extra tool.

Yes, you heard it right! You don’t need to buy a single tool to install it. Because the manufacturers already include everything in the package.

Although you can use it only with a minimum of 10″ offset wheels and 20″ tire size. So, watch out!

And you will be disappointed if you have a club car as it’s particularly made to lift the EZGO golf carts.

Another fact of the concern is the high price range. If you prefer a more affordable choice, we recommend the 7BLACKSMITHS 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit.


  • Safest golf cart lift kit maintaining all safety standards
  • Outstanding longevity with the strongest engineering
  • Comes with everything needed for installation
  • Maximizes stability of the cart
  • Needs no professional help to be installed


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t work with stock wheels and tires

Types of Lift Kits

Before you go for lifted golf carts, you should know about the types of lift kits available in the market. Here they are-

Drop Axle Lift Kits

If you are looking for the most inexpensive option, you should go for a drop axle kit. It offers a longer axle to the golf cart and increases the height of the entire front suspension.

Although you need professional help to install drop axle lift kits.

Spindle Lift Kits

Another inexpensive option for modifying your golf cart is the spindle kit. Being extremely easy to install, drop spindle lift kits are directly fixed to the factory suspension of your cart.

Moreover, drop spindle lift kits allow using bigger wheels on the golf cart increasing the stance of the cart for a smooth ride.

For a smooth ride, it’s important to have higher ground clearance. So, go for a-arm lift kits that replace the entire front suspension.

A-Arm Lift Kits

Of course, you need a different lift kit for the rear as well to have a robust lift. However, a-arm lift kits are trustworthy in this regard.

Block Lift Kits

A lifted cart certainly gives an attractive outlook. On that note, you can use a cost-effective kit like the block lift kit and separate the front and rear suspension and the frame of your golf cart.

Although you need to be a bit forgiving about the flexibility of these kits.

Long Travel Lift Kits

Compared to block lift kits, long travel lift kits are more expensive. But they offer independent front suspension and rear suspension adjusting height and stability according to needs.

Resultantly, they offer a better ride while off-roading.

Can You Lift a Golf Cart without a Kit?

Umm, it depends. Technically the answer is yes but we won’t recommend it.

Why so? Well, though you can build your own kit to lift your cart, professional lift kits are specifically designed to do so with more conveniences.

And they are way safer as well. For example, without the right equipment, you run the risk of loosening the tire-holding shafts. Can you imagine what will happen next?

Again, chances are, your golf cart frame will eventually be badly affected on off-roading without a proper lifting kit.

Last but not the least, golf cart lift kits would make the cart way more stylish in appearance.

Most importantly, lifting a cart without a prefabricated kit requires vast knowledge and skill to adjust the chassis of the cart. Even a slight mistake would ruin the entire process.

So, we suggest going for a designated kit instead.

How Can I Make My Golf Cart More Stable?

As lifted carts are not suitable for golf courses, most of the time you will be driving them off roads. No wonder you need to focus on your cart’s suspension and stability.

That being said, you can use larger wheels and wider tires in the cart. Because larger tires offer more stability and wider stances. That’s how you get better control while driving off-road.

At the same time, you must rely on bigger offset wheels. Only then you can use the larger tires. 

Buying Guide for the Best Lift Kit for EZGO Golf Cart

Now that you know the prominent golf cart lifting kit types and their usages, it’s time to learn how you will choose the right kit.

On that note, let’s break down the key features to look for in the best lifting kit for your golf cart.

Kit Size

The very first thing to decide on is the size. Though there are many sizes available, you should go for the size you wish to see your cart lifted to.

For your EZGO cart, you can go for the EZGO Txt 2-inch lift kit if you prefer a standard look.

For a 20″ tire, a 3″ or 4″ kit would do.

But tires above 20″ need larger kits like 6″, or 8″.

But the most popular size is the 6″ which easily fits an EZGO cart.

Tire Size

The tire size of the golf cart plays the dominating role to decide on which kit you should go for. For example, if you have an 18″ or 19″ tire, you don’t need any golf cart lift kit at all.

On the contrary, a 20″ tire size would go well with the 3″ or 4″ kit.

If you want to invest in a 6″ kit, the tire size must be 21-23″.


Based on your requirements, you can go for the a-arm kits, block, drop axle, or spindle kits. While a-arm lift kits are the easiest to install, block kits are the cheapest.

But the spindle lift kits are preferable for their wider stance. A drop axle lift kit is a more common lift kit though.

Value for Money

You might be intimidated by the extra cost to increase the height of your cart. But don’t worry, there are some economic options.

Although the best golf cart lift kit doesn’t come cheap, you can find an EZGO Txt lift kit with wheels and tires in a combo.

Sounds good! This will save some extra time as well to match the kit with the tires.


Does a lift kit make a golf cart ride smoother?

Undoubtedly yes. Providing higher ground clearance and wider stance, they offer better support on uneven terrains.

How much does it cost to install a lift kit on a golf cart?

On average, you need to spend around $200 for a quality golf cart lift kit. And if you want an expert to install it, that will add some extra bucks to the overall cost.

Is it worth lifting a golf cart?

Absolutely yes. There are tons of benefits of lifting a cart even as little as 2″. You will get a more stable riding stance and better suspension. Also, you can use bigger tires and wheels which is a nice plus to beautify the cart.

How fast does an EZGO Go golf cart go?

Well, it depends on whether the cart is gas or electric powered. A gas EZGO cart can run as fast as 19 mph. On the other hand, an electric one goes 25 mph.

How do you speed up a 36-volt EZ Go golf cart?

You can incorporate an octane booster in the tank to make the golf cart faster. Otherwise, using better tires and wheels also speeds up an EZGO cart to a notable extent.

And yes, adding more torque is suggested too.

Final Words

While riding off-road or uphill, you must rely on the best lift kit for an EZGO golf cart no matter how advanced your cart is.

That’s why we compiled the list above which includes some heavy-duty lifting kits to keep your cart running smooth.

Not only will they offer better ground clearance but also add more speed and power to the EZGO cart. Resultantly, you can carry some extra weight in the cart too.

However, we highly recommend Jake’s 6″ Spindle Lift Kit for EZGO TXT 1994-2001.5 Electric Golf Carts as it’s the strongest on the list.

And as for the most affordable pick, you can try the 7BLACKSMITHS 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit.

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