5 Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart – Glow Up Your Cart

Golf Cart light kits are all the rage and the world of golf carts hasn’t escaped the trend. Dr. Access, LEDGlow, TecScan, 101LOL, Roykaw & RecPro are some of the biggest names producing LED light kits for golf carts. With so many brands in the market for LED lights, we have seen some great technology being put to use and a vast range of variety in the last couple of years. 

If you, too, are looking to glow up your golf cart with LED lights, Here’s the solution you need to know. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to make the best choice in LED lights. However, we have examined most of what’s available in the market, to compile a list of the 5 best-LED light kits for golf carts. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed reviews of our top picks that you can choose from!

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart

Now we will take a detailed look at each of the golf cart light kits we chose. We will explore the best specs, pros & cons of the LED kits while also comparing them for your benefit.

01. LEDGlow 4pc Standard Million Color Lighting Kit

LEDGlow 4pc Standard Million Color Lighting Kit representing as the Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart

For about 2 decades, LEDGlow has been making LED light kits for motorsports and has made a name for itself in that space. They are known for their solid colors with standard designs and premium quality. It is no surprise that the Million Color lighting kit is one of the best for the country club. 


  • Compatible with all electric and gas golf carts
  • 12V control box with 18 color options
  • 22 different modes can be activated
  • Water resistant underbody tubes holds 48 SMD LEDs
  • Comes with a wireless remote control

The SMD LEDs are bright and vibrant enough to cut a brilliant figure when the sun is setting over the greens on your golf course. It comes with 18 solid color options that light up in various modes with the highest quality. The kit offers 5 flash modes, 5 activation modes, 5 scan modes, 5 chase modes, a color fade mode, and another color fade mode. We found this wide range of options to be very impressive. The million-color lighting kit is aptly named. 

The kit features 4 LED strips, 24” flexible, water-resistant tubes each, a control box with remote control, a junction box, and 4 wires to connect the strips to the junction box & 3M double-sided tapes. We found the kit easy to install in the club car model and the instructions were pretty detailed. You shouldn’t have much trouble getting started.

Although the remote is somewhat complicated to use, you can switch modes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. The underside of your cart will be glowing like the sky on the 4th of July and just as pretty. 


  • Various fun modes and pretty color options available
  • Remote control makes it convenient to operate
  • Water resistant tubes to protect lights in wet weather  
  • Compact junction box that’s easy to plug and play
  • Simple installation process with detailed guidance


  • The control box is a bit flimsy
  • You have to go through a cycle of color sequences to make changes 
  • TecScan Standard Golf Cart Light Kit

02. TecScan Standard Golf Cart Light Kit

TecScan Standard Golf Cart Light Kit-Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart

If you are looking for golf cart headlights and tail lights that can be installed in a jiffy, the TecScan Standard golf cart light kit is a good option. The kit comes with brilliantly bright red tail lights and white headlights. Here’s all you need to know about the kit!


  • Clear magnifying lenses constructed of poly methyl methacrylate
  • Headlight consists of SMD 5050 LED 400 Lumen
  • Geo optic reflecting flat beam that is scratch & sun resistant
  • Illuminates upto 20″ x 20″ area using only 4 watts
  • Compatible with both 12v & 16v systems without voltage reducer

Apart from the golf cart LED headlights, the kit also features tail lights, Plug-In Wire Harness with Voltage Meter, wire ties, on/off switch, & instructions. Strong adjustable brackets that the lights feature make it unnecessary to drill big holes on your fenders. Moreover, the magnifying lens is made of a compound that allows it to be very clear and make your lights shine the brightest.

The flat beam is not only scratch resistant but is also protected from the heat of the sun so that it won’t crack up in extreme heat. With over 30 years of experience, TecScan has successfully designed an LED light kit that is energy efficient. The light uses very little power but still shines adequately bright. 

However, the headlights aren’t as bright as we would prefer. Although the road is visible, it would be better if the light was brighter. Overall, a great kit that will last you years.


  • Doesn’t require making a big hole in the fenders
  • Easy installation process in just 6 steps
  • Compatible with multiple voltage systems without a converter
  • Bright red tail lights look incredible
  • Battery-saving system that runs on just 4 watts 


  • TecScan customer service is not up to the mark
  • Headlight is less bright
  • 10L0L Golf Cart Headlight Bulb LED Lights

03. 10L0L Golf Cart Headlight Bulb LED Lights for EZGO Club Car DS Precedent

Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart-10L0L Golf Cart Headlight Bulb LED Lights for EZGO Club Car DS Precedent

This 10LOL universal golf cart headlight kit provides bright light for perfect vision in dark conditions. Check out some of the amazing features.


  • Compatible with Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, & EZGO at 12v input
  • Glare free light, 300 percent brighter than Halogen bulbs
  • Minimum expected life of up to 50,000 hours
  • 900 Lumens per bulb and the kit has 2 headlight bulbs
  • Energy efficient kit requires only 4 Watts of power to run

10LOL is a specialized golf accessory supplier brand that has been in business for over a decade. You can trust their products to provide good value for money and this one is no exception. 

This kit comes with 2 LED headlight bulbs that give out 900 Lumens each. With an intelligent cooling system and upgraded driver, which keeps the bulbs cool, you can expect the bulbs to provide service of more than 50,000 hours. 

Compatible with a 4 watts and 12 volts system, the kit goes with so many cart models that it can be dubbed universal. This can be an environment-friendly and energy saving replacement for your old Halogen headlights. 

Although the light beams spread out pretty wide, they were less focused. We could see about 15 ft in front of us, which is adequate but better to be higher.  

All that being said, these lights are much cheaper than any of the others on our list and if you are looking for headlights only, this kit is perfect. But we won’t recommend this one for someone who wants a long-lasting, high-quality headlights & tail lights kit. In that case, you should stick to  TecScan Standard Golf Cart Light Kit, Dr.Access, or the other 10LOL kit in our list. 


  • Compatible with a vast range of vehicles
  • Provides a wide spread of light beams for safety
  • 65% energy saving for prolonged battery life
  • Super quick 20 minutes installation process
  • IP68 rated, which means the bulb is protected from water 


  • Beam is less focused than we would like

04. 10L0L Golf Cart Deluxe Daytime Running LED Head/Tail Light Kits

10L0L Golf Cart Deluxe Daytime Running LED Hea

Looking for a 48V golf cart LED light? The 10L0L Golf Cart Deluxe Daytime Running LED kit is perfect. Equipped with a built in voltage-reducer, there is no need to get one. You can just install the kit as it is and enjoy its daytime halo rings. 


  • Compatible with cart systems between 12V to 48V
  • Designed for daytime running that runs perfectly well at night 
  • Comes with a special connection for Gasoline powered carts
  • Equipped with low beam/high beam lamp function
  • The LED light can give a turn signal & acts as brake light as well

Designed to fit EZGO TXT golf carts that came out between 1995-2015, this kit is equipped with 2 LED headlights, 2 LED tail lights, 1 wiring harness with switch, 1 steering wheel column cover, 1 main upgraded wiring harness, control switch with wiring harness, horn, brake light with pedal, and some mounting screws.

This model is equipped with all the things you will need for signaling to make your vehicle street legal given other conditions are met. You get brake lights, turning signals, and a horn as well. 

We also love that there is an inbuilt voltage reducer so this kit goes with so many different models without having to make additional purchases. The lights are bright and you can turn on the daylight halo rings when needed. It is a simple installation but you won’t get much help from the instruction manual as it’s pretty vague. However, this kit is of high quality & worth every dollar spent on it.


  • Fits a variety of voltage systems
  • Built in voltage converter saves additional expense
  • Comes with a horn, turn signals and brake lights for signaling 
  • Both low & high beam function available for street safety
  • Lights are incredibly bright & offer good safety


  • Instructions are vague & confusing
  • No wiring diagram available for assembly

05. Dr.Acces Club Car DS LED Light

Best LED Light Kit For Golf Cart - Dr.Acces Club Car DS LED Light

Dr.Access is another well known golf cart accessories brand that has produced some quality LED light kits. If your golf cart’s halogen light has gone bad and you are looking for a replacement headlights and tail lights kit, this one is worth considering.


  • Compatible with Club Car Precedent Electric Models released in 2004-2008
  • Comes with plug & play wiring harness
  • Features bright white headlights & red tail lights
  • Designed for 12V-DC power units only
  • Water and dust-resistant LED lights

Advertised as a basic LED light kit for Club Car Precedent electric models, this one is exactly that. Don’t expect bells and whistles from this one. You will get high-quality, brilliantly bright headlights and tail lights at an affordable rate. 

The kit also contains screws, zip ties and an installation guide. Nothing out of the usual. However, the upgraded wiring harness sets this kit apart. You can add horn, turn signal, & brake pedal lights later with the help of the wiring harness to form an integrated system. So, in case you may want to add more accessories to your golf cart in the future, you can get this kit.

Moreover, the LED lights are adequately bright and durable with water resistant and dust resistant features. Although you can only directly use this kit on 12V golf cart models only. But if you have a voltage reducer, you can fit this kit into models that give out 48V. Overall, this 12 volt LED light bar for golf cart gets the job done at an affordable range. 


  • Bright headlights & tail lights for perfect visibility
  • Easy installation process doesn’t take long
  • Gives very strong beams even in bad weather conditions
  • Upgrade wire harness makes future additions possible to the kit
  • LED lights are durable and doesn’t wear out easily 


  • Requires additional voltage reducer for 48V carts
  • Wiring diagram isn’t very useful

How To Install LED Underbody Lights On A Golf Cart? 

Installing LED underbody lights on a golf cart will vary depending on the kit as well as the golf cart model. However, since we just installed the LEDGlow 4pc Standard Million Color Lighting Kit for testing, we will share how we did it below. 

Art of Testing:

Power and test your kit with a 12 volt power source for full functionality prior to installation. 

Step 1: 

Mount the first lighting tube to the front of your golf cart’s frame using the included adhesive strip. Clean the area with an alcohol prep pad to promote adhesion. 

After the front tube is mounted, finish installing the driver’s side, passenger side and rear tubes to your golf cart’s frame using the included adhesive strips. Screws may also be used on the ends of each tube.

Step 2: 

Run the lead power connectors from each underbody to the junction box location keeping the wires away from any moving parts. Once all of the tubes are mounted, secure the junction box to a dry location using the included adhesive.

Step 3:

Starting with the front tube, plug the connectors from the front and rear tubes into the smaller ports. Then, plug the connectors from the two side tubes into the larger ports on the junction box. Secure the control box to a dry location that is easily accessible using the included adhesive.

Step 4: 

Run the power and ground wires to the battery keeping clear of any moving parts. Next, attach the connection cable to the control box and run the other end to the junction box. 

Step 5:

For a 12 volt battery setup, use a voltmeter to test each battery to locate the battery with 12 volt power only. Crimp eyelet connectors to the power and ground wires from the control box and attach them directly to the battery. Red connects to the positive battery terminal and Black connects to the negative battery terminal.

However, if your golf cart has an 8 volt battery setup, you will need a voltage reducer to properly power your lighting kit.

Step 6:

Once the kit has been properly connected, power the kit and test for full functionality.

How Do You Connect LED Lights To Golf Cart Batteries? 

Most LED lights are compatible with 12 volt battery systems. The process is simpler if you have a 12 volt battery. However, for 8 volt systems, you need to connect a voltage reducer to the batteries and lights to make them compatible. We will take a look at both processes.

For 12 Volt Battery Setup:

Use a voltmeter to test each battery to locate the battery with 12-volt power only. Crimp eyelet connect the power and ground wires from the control box and attach them directly to the battery. Red connects to the positive battery terminal and Black connects to the negative battery terminal. The connection is secured.

For 8 Volt Battery Setup:

Attach the voltage reducer to the highest voltage available using a voltmeter to identify the highest available voltage. Choose an area to mount the reducer where the wires will not be stretched. Clean the mounting location and the reducer with an alcohol prep pad. Use double sided adhesive to mount the reducer to the location you just cleaned. 

Voltage reducer has two sets of wires. The input wires will be connected to the golf cart battery. These are the red and black wires labeled inputs. The output wires will be connected to the lighting kit. These are the yellow and black wires labeled “output”. 

Attach an eyelet connector to the red input wire from the reducer and connect it to the positive terminal of the battery. Then, attach an eyelet connector to the black input wire from the reducer and connect it to the negative terminal of the battery.

Using a butt connector, crimp the yellow output wire from the reducer to the red power wire from the lighting kit. Use another butt connector to crimp the black output wire from the reducer to the black ground wire from the lining kit. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying The Light Kits – Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you must take into account before spending money on LED light kits. We think if you are careful about the following things, you can make a satisfying purchase. 

Compatibility With Cart

When considering compatibility, one has to check the cart model and battery configuration first. The year of release and the model of the cart that are compatible will be included in the kit description. 

While most LED lights are compatible with 12V batteries, some have built-in voltage reducers that make the kits compatible with 48V batteries as well. For gasoline carts, ensure that the kit has a converter that will make the unit work with the cart.

Energy Efficiency

We find it better to go with energy-efficient kits to save not only your hard-earned money but also for the sake of the environment. A lot of LED lights are now able to run on 4 watts of power only. Over time, this will save a lot of electricity or other fuel power.


Needless to say, you want the lights you purchase to be adequately bright, spread out enough, and reach a longer distance for your own safety. If you are getting underglow accents, brightness is just a matter of aesthetics. But for headlights and tail light golf cart kits it is a must as your safety is concerned in that case. 

Beam Adjustability

Low beam/high beam adjustable lights offer more functionality. Low beam makes you more visible to others in the dark and you can also see what’s in front of you in bad weather conditions more clearly. While a high beam lets you see farther in front of you, it is harder to make out other vehicles with a high beam. So, being able to adjust the beam is better for safety.


It is better to get lighting kits that can be upgraded with other accessories without making any changes to previous installations. 

Variable Modes & Colors

In case you want an underglow light, you should go for one that offers you many color options that can be activated in different modes. They look much cooler. 

Easy Operation

Ease of operation is a prime factor in getting a light kit. Especially underglow lights with many different options. There is no point in getting fancy kits with a million functions that you won’t be able to run.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do golf cart LED light kits get their power? 

The LED light kits get their power from your golf carts batteries. The most common batteries are 12V, 36V, and 48V. An LED light kit specifies the power source configuration it is compatible with anyway.

How do you wire LED lights to a golf cart?

The process is different for different models of LED lights. Any kit you get will carry a set of instructions for installations. Most lights these days have very quick installation processes. 

Where do you put LED lights on a golf cart?

You can get underglow lights that you can put at the front end, rear end, passenger side and driver side of the cart. You can also get headlights and tail lights that need to be attached on the fenders of your cart with adjustable brackets. Other kits also can replace the factory set headlights and tail lights that came with the cart.

How do I hook up and run a 12 volt light on my 48 volt golf cart that has six 8 volt batteries?

For that you need to connect a voltage reducer to your 8 volt battery as we already mentioned. You can read the section, ‘How Do You Connect LED Lights To Golf Cart Batteries?’ that’s given above to learn all about it. 

What voltage are golf cart lights?

Golf cart lights are most commonly 12 volts. Some come with in-built voltage reducers so they will be compatible with 48V systems as well. 

Final words

Installing an LED light kit isn’t easy if you don’t have much electrical knowledge and the instructions aren’t clear. We recommend you consider getting it professionally installed if you don’t have prior experience with electrical repair and installation work. 

Hopefully, our list of best-LED light kit for golf cart has helped you with deciding which one you should get. We recommend you look at the reviews carefully and consider if the light kit meets your needs. All of them are good options. You can’t go wrong with either one. Cheers!

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