5 Best Golf Umbrellas For Push Cart- With ultimate Sun And Rain Protection

What do you think is the most important golf equipment while playing golf on the course? Perhaps, the vast majority will answer- a golf umbrella.

And that is quite reasonable, we guess. Whether you play golf on sunny days, rainy days, or days with high winds, is there any alternative to golf cart umbrellas to save your game?

However, with countless choices in the market, it might be overwhelming to figure out the best golf umbrella for a push cart.

That’s why we shortlisted the top five products with maximum coverage that won’t let you down while playing golf.

So, let’s review them below!

1. Best UV-Resistant-
Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp
Brand: Sport-Brella
Color: Aqua
Size: Regular
Material: Steel, PA6, PVC, Polyester, PP Weight: 1.8 pounds
2. Best Water-Resistant-
G4Free Automatic Open Double Canopy Umbrella
Brand: G4Free
Color: Black
Size: 54 inches
Material: Silk
Weight: 1.3 pounds
3. Most Durable-
ZOMAKE Large Windproof Golf Umbrella
Brand: Zomake
Color: Black
Size: 54 inches
Material: 190T pongee
Weight: 1.28 pounds
4. Most Affordable-
Owen Kyne Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella
Brand: Owen Kyne
Color: AA Blue Butterfly
Size: X-Large
Material: Cloth
Weight: 1.15 pounds
5. Most Innovative-
G4Free Golf Bag Umbrella for Club Protection
Brand: G4Free
Color: Black
Size: 33.4 inches
Material: Metal
Weight: 0.7 pounds

Best Golf Umbrella for Push Cart for Rain & Sun Protection

While selecting the five best golf cart umbrellas, we focused on the most lightweight ones for their ease of use. Besides, they are strong enough to fight wind gusts in windy conditions.

Curious about the rest of the amenities? Why don’t you go through the review section then?

1. Best UV-Resistant-

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp

We want to start our discussion with an outstanding golf umbrella for a push
cart from the very famous Sport-Brella Versa-Brella collection. Let’s check out
the key feature first.


  • Offers 99.5% UVA and UVB protection
  • Rugged and robust canopy cover
  • Adjustable to any angle as required
  • Includes a universal clamp to provide a secure fit
  • Very lightweight and resultantly, easy to carry

If you are looking for the best UV umbrella for a golf push cart, nothing can beat this extraordinary brolly.

It comes with UPF 50+ protection with 99.5% of UV resistance. Can you imagine how safe it is to protect your skin from the scorching sun?

Moreover, this golf umbrella is adjustable to any angle based on the revolving of the sun. Therefore, it is more efficient to block the sun with the 4-way 360° swivel.

Apart from that, we genuinely like this canopy umbrella for its maximum coverage. Whether it’s the golf course or the beach, you can get full protection from rain and sun.

Furthermore, the eye-soothing aqua color is extremely elegant. It’s available in a wide array of other colors though.

Best of all, the golf umbrella is extremely lightweight and includes a durable carrying case.

Therefore, it’s more than easy to carry it wherever you go.

As it’s available in two sizes, regular and XL, the canopy spans differently. For the regular size, it spans 40×42 inches, and for the XL size, the coverage is 44×44 inches.

Yes, there are cheaper alternatives available in the market for a golf push cart umbrella.

But those might fall behind in terms of unfailing UV protection.

So, you should definitely look no further and choose this golf push cart umbrella to avoid the UV rays.


  • High-quality materials make the golf umbrella durable
  • Very easy to open and close
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • The universal connector clamp lets the umbrella fit on both square and tubular surfaces
  • Preferred umbrella for any outdoor activity


  • A bit expensive
  • Sometimes, the pole wiggles even in the locked position

2. Best Water-Resistant-

G4Free Automatic Open Double Canopy Umbrella

Second, on the lineup, we came with a windproof golf umbrella with a vented double canopy design. Let’s learn further details about how this double canopy design comes to your rescue on the golf course.


  • Features a swift automatic open mechanism
  • Offers a comfortable EVA grip
  • A large umbrella with a 54/62/68 inch canopy
  • Comes with a sturdy fiberglass frame
  • Provides ultimate water resistance with the heavy-duty silk material

Well, it’s a virtually windproof umbrella, to begin with, thanks to the vented double canopy design.

Due to the vent, high winds can pass through without blowing you away.

As already mentioned, this high-performing golf umbrella is water-resistant with SPF 50+ protection.

Besides, it works as a shield to provide UV protection, sun protection, rain protection, and whatnot.

As a result, we highly recommend it as one of the best golf umbrellas for wind and rain. In fact, it competes with a top-quality umbrella like the Clicgear double canopy umbrella.

One good point about this golf cart umbrella is the all-black design. Not only the sleek finishing is eye-popping but also equally elegant.

Talking about the frame, the umbrella is made of a heavy-duty fiberglass frame with a flexible EVA grip. No matter how long you carry it, you will not feel uncomfortable.

Another thing to go for this double canopy umbrella is the auto-opening mechanism. Just a simple press on the handle button will do.

Similar to the Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp, it also comes in numerous colors. So, you can choose the color that suits your taste.

But in comparison, it’s a bit more affordable. That surely adds great value for the money.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a large umbrella such as an 80-inch golf umbrella, you have to look further.


  • Opens really fast with the auto system
  • The ultra water-resistant 210T pongee fabric offers optimal rain protection
  • Very well-built ergonomic handle
  • The vented double canopy design doesn’t let it flip inside out
  • Available in 20 beautiful colors


  • The sizing is a bit misleading
  • Doesn’t last long as expected

3. Most Durable-

ZOMAKE Large Windproof Golf Umbrella

Next, let’s talk about a top-notch brolly from Zomake, a name that always lives up to its promises. The core specifications are-


  • An extra large gold umbrella available in 54/62/68-inch
  • A double-layer canopy design to sustain strong winds
  • Made of super waterproof and anti-slump fabrics
  • Offers high-quality EVA grip
  • The ergonomic handle is made of durable EVA

Well, the Zomake golf umbrella is an ultra-durable golf cart umbrella with a rugged fiberglass frame.

On top of that, the auto-open plays a big role to make it a golfers’ favorite.

Being engineered in a solid pattern, it is available in three different sizes, 54 inches, 62 inches, and 68 inches.

So, you can easily assume how oversize a canopy it has to provide maximum protection against rain, sun, wind, or storm.

Thanks to the double canopy design, it is a virtually windproof lightweight umbrella.

And the high-quality EVA handle is absolutely comfortable with a stable grip.

Resultantly, you get better control over the umbrella on windy days.

To add more, the ZOMAKE golf umbrella used only the top-graded materials to manufacture it as the best quality umbrella.

For example, the top canopy is designed with lightweight and high-tech fabrics. And the frame follows a fiberglass architecture to last longer.

Naturally, it won’t bend, break, or turn over even during strong windy days.

Best of all, the extra large double canopy umbrella can shelter two/four persons together from the harmful rays.

That’s why it’s an ideal choice for any outdoor activity aside from playing golf. You can use it as your regular umbrella too. That makes sense, right?

However, this one of the best umbrellas for push carts is basically designed for men. But women can easily go for it as there are some awesome women-friendly colors available as well.


  • Comes in three different sizes and in 10+ colors
  • A multipurpose umbrella with ultimate wind, sun, and rain protection
  • Offers better control due to the high-tech EVA handle
  • Consists of a strong frame to withstand windy conditions
  • Lightweight and therefore, easier to handle


  • Some users are disturbed by the leaking issue in the steady rain
  • Not fully windproof as claimed

4. Most Affordable-

Owen Kyne Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella

Here comes the most affordable golf umbrella on the list, the Owen Kyne folding umbrella.

Let’s break down its key amenities first.


  • Made of lightweight and waterproof pongee fabric
  • Uses a heavy-duty stainless steel frame
  • Reverse folding design to keep you dry
  • A soft rubber umbrella handle to carry it comfortably
  • Available in 20+ gorgeous color combinations

To begin with the benefits, it’s a perfect choice for those who prefer the best golf umbrella for sun protection.

Because it is made of 210T high-density impact cloth as material. Therefore, it avoids UV rays up to 87% to provide optimal UV protection.

Aside from eliminating those harmful rays, the inside-out design adds a big plus as you can open this inverted golf umbrella keeping the wet side in.

Resultantly, the best umbrella for golf push carts doesn’t wet your body, clothes, car, bag, or floor.

Moreover, the C-shaped handle is a nice add-on as it lets you keep your hands free. Just cross the handle over your arm and enjoy the freedom.

When there is no other choice but to lean on the umbrella, the innovative steel balls come in handy. Those eight balls work as eight legs and therefore, the pushcart umbrella can stand on its own.

What a great convenience, isn’t it?

Best of all, the advanced digital printing technology of the top canopy makes the lightweight umbrellas really eye-catching. Besides, they come really cheap compared to other high-end brands.

So, get yourself one before your next golf course.


  • An anti-slip C-shaped rubber handle with a comfortable grip
  • The firm body withstands strong rain and windy conditions
  • Great value for the money with optimum water resistance
  • Breathable double-layer canopy
  • Comes in an extra large size for optimum coverage


  • A bit bulky ergonomics
  • The handle is a bit flimsy

5. Most Innovative-

G4Free Golf Bag Umbrella for Club Protection

best golf umbrella for push cart, G4Free Golf Bag Umbrella for Club Protection

Finally, we have another G4Free golf umbrella with ultimate protection for your golf clubs. The core specifications are as follows-


  • A sure-grip rubberized umbrella handle
  • Lightweight and water-resistant fabric
  • Three locking sections with adjustable shaft length
  • The 360° canopy pivots at any angle
  • Includes a top protective inner liner to protect the fiberglass frame

First of all, it has a  sturdy ergonomic design with a fiberglass shaft to sustain wind gusts to the fullest.

Meanwhile, you can rely on this golf cart umbrella to protect your golf club during heavy rain, thanks to the water repellant materials.

Basically, you just need to attach this spring-loaded umbrella to the bag to protect the clubs.

Like the best umbrellas for push carts,  there is an inner liner not to scratch the frame. If required, you can pivot the double-layer canopy to any angle.

Moreover, the golf push cart umbrella ensures easy access to the golf club.

On top of that, it weighs only 0.7 lbs which is a big plus for any golf umbrella out there.

Overall, it’s one of the best golf umbrellas ever with ultimate UV protection for harsh weather conditions.

However, it’s not the cheapest option so far. So, if you are looking for a more affordable push cart umbrella, go for the Owen Kyne Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella.


  • A strong frame of fiberglass makes the umbrella durable
  • The thick metal shaft is perfect for adverse weather conditions
  • Offers a classic and elegant outlook
  • A very deep canopy to cover the gold bag fully
  • Can be folded to 36.2 inches to be carried easily


  • The shaft is too long
  • Will fly away in strong wind

Why Do You Need an Umbrella for Golf?

Out of all other accessories to play golf, a golf umbrella is an extremely essential one.

It not only keeps the players dry when the heavens open but also keeps the equipment protected.

Literally, a golf push cart umbrella is your best friend when the weather goes south.

On hot summer days, you need to be safe from the strong UV rays. Besides, you should keep your golf club, towels, and other accessories at the desired temperature.

That’s when a golf push cart umbrella comes in really handy covering all of them.

Suppose, the scorching sun is affecting your view on the strong sunny days. Can you play comfortably?

Of course, no. So, you should definitely use a shield in the form of a golf umbrella to avoid the glaze.

The same thing happens when it’s raining or snowing heavily. You cannot continuously clean your glasses and keep on walking on the golf course.

Therefore, the easiest solution is to cover yourself from rain, sun, snow, or UV rays with a full coverage umbrella with a double-layer canopy.

Being architectured in a much larger size than the traditional umbrellas, they are specifically designed for golfers to protect themselves and their baskets.

Even taller golfers can get the most out of this brolly that can be adjusted accordingly.

What Should I Look for in a Golf Cart Umbrella?

Truth be told, there are a lot of things to consider before investing in a good quality golf umbrella. But there are some points that are more crucial than others.

Let’s look forward to them below.


As you need to carry the golf umbrella, a lightweight umbrella is preferable. In fact, the more lightweight, the better. There is other equipment as well.

However, the ideal weight for a golf cart umbrella is less than 2 pounds.

Though there are a lot of push cart umbrellas weighing as few as 1.1 pounds. And naturally, they are way more desirable.


When you ask about the manufacturing material of the golf course umbrellas, there are mainly two choices- metal and fiberglass.

Previously, most golf umbrellas were made of metal shafts and ribs.

But nowadays, fiberglass is more in the trend due to its versatility and flexibility.

On top of that, fiberglass umbrellas are more lightweight as well.

However, it’s better to have a silver coating inside the umbrella to isolate the sun rays.


Next, look for an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip.

Also, it should last pretty long during those long hours on golf courses.

After all, a soft umbrella handle with high-quality material offers more control over the umbrella without affecting your game.

However, it’s even better if the umbrella handle permits you to keep your hands free.


Always make sure to buy the tried and tested golf cart umbrellas instead of focusing on the price. You should go through the product description to see whether it would withstand strong weather or not.

Also, the golf umbrellas should block strong sun rays and rain, and should never flip inside out when the strong wind hits.

Moreover, the umbrella height does matter as well to make it suitable for push carts.

Best of all, you are lucky if the golf umbrella has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Famous brands offer this opportunity like the Clicgear umbrella.

If you have an electric golf cart, please check whether the preferred umbrella fits that electric golf cart or not.

Easy to Open/Close and Carry

A decent golf cart umbrella should be easy to open and close. It’s definitely a key feature to look for.

On that note, an auto-open mechanism works the best as it makes the umbrella easily foldable keeping your hands free mostly.

In addition, the best umbrella for golf push carts often includes a carry bag and a pushcart umbrella holder for added convenience.

Double Canopy

Compared to a single canopy, a double canopy is always preferable as it offers maximum protection. Furthermore, a double canopy is more likely to be breathable to let the golfers feel fresh.

Additionally, single canopy ranges from 54-58 inches whereas double canopy umbrellas are 60-68 inches. And we all know that the larger the better in terms of golf umbrellas to fight high winds.


Is a bigger coverage area better?

Of course. A bigger coverage fully protects the golfers, their golf clubs, and bags from sun or rain. For the same reason, most golfers prefer a large umbrella as a 72-inch golf umbrella.

What is better? Single or double canopy?

A double canopy is wider and sturdier. So, compared to a single canopy umbrella, a double canopy design is way better.

Are all golf umbrellas UV resistant?

In most cases, they are. But you need to check the specs properly to be sure of their UV blocking capacity.

What materials should I look for in my golf umbrellas?

Fiberglass is the most preferred material for a golf cart umbrella. Being notably lightweight,  it makes sense to last quite long.

Why is pongee fabric better than nylon and polyester?

As pongee is denser than nylon and polyester, it lasts longer. Moreover, the pongee fabric is totally washable and offers a smoother material feeling. Also, they often have a silver coating for better protection.

Final Words

Well, that’s the end about the best golf umbrella for a push cart. After hours of research over the finest golf umbrellas on the market, we concluded that these are the top five products in terms of water resistance, UV resistance, longevity, and ease of use.

Definitely, they are budget-friendly as well. For example, we have some really inexpensive options like the Owen Kyne Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella or the ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella.

And in terms of sturdiness and maximum protection, the Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella is our ultimate favorite.

Now it’s your call to decide which of our top five selections will fit your demands the most by offering unfailing protection during rain or shine.

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