5 Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet To Alleviate Severe Foot Pain

Only flat-footed golfers know how challenging it is to overcome severe discomfort on the golf course. On that note, we came up with the best golf shoes for flat feet with tremendous arch support to alleviate intense foot pain.

Aside from comfortable shoes, golf players with fallen arches should go for golf shoes with good traction and great stability. And fallen arches are treated better with wider fitting shoes instead of pointed ones. That means you should never let your toe be squashed.

Thankfully, our top five selections meet all these requirements. We hope you will enjoy playing golf better than ever with these specifically designed footwear collections.

Let’s get started then!

Comparison Table:

1. Most Comfortable- Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf ShoesManufacturer: Adidas
Department: Men
Material: Mesh/Synthetic
Color: Grey
Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 
2. Best Cushioning- FootJoy Original Golf Shoes for MenManufacturer: FootJoy
Department: Men
Material: 100% Textile
Color: White/Brown
Sole: Synthetic
3. Most Fashionable- Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Men’s Golf ShoesManufacturer: Skechers Go Golf
Department: Men
Material: 100% Leather
Color: Charcoal/RedSole: Rubber
4. Best Waterproof- New Balance Minimus Tour Spiked Shoes for MenManufacturer: New Balance
Department: Men
Material: 100% Synthetic 
Color: Dark Grey/GreenSole: Rubber
5. Best Grip- ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf ShoesManufacturer: ECCO
Department: Women
Material: 100% Leather
Color: Denim Blue Yak Leather
Sole: Synthetic 

5 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

A good pair of golf shoes offer countless favorable features to make the golf game more pleasurable, especially for flat feet. Based on those striking features, the following premium golf shoes are shortlisted. Hopefully, the reviews below help you pick the right pair and keep your feet cool.

1. Most Comfortable- Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Let’s kick start our search with this amazing Adidas pair that is a very comfortable golf shoe in all aspects. The core specifications it comes with are as follows-


  • The lightweight mesh and synthetic upper ensures enhanced breathability
  • Better balance and stability with the 6-spike configuration
  • Comes with a 91-day comfort guarantee
  • Super comfortable shoes with a low-profile construction
  • The soft EVA insole offers lightweight cushioning

As we all know, Adidas and excellence are synonymous when it comes to a footwear collection. Naturally, these specifically designed golf shoes are no exception and they surpass all standards of comfort with their ultra-lightweight EVA midsole.

Besides, the low-profile Thintech construction makes walking a breeze on the golf course keeping your feet closer to the ground.

And thanks to the breathable upper, you can keep your feet cool throughout the game.

As these are tech-response golf shoes, you can feel great stability, thanks to the ultra-lightweight cushioning.

Being available in six timeless color combinations, these spikeless golf shoes leave no stone unturned to please the golfers.

Furthermore, plantar fasciitis patients can also go for these premium golf shoes, thanks to their sufficient arch support. In fact, the breathable feel of the mesh and synthetic upper makes it one of the best men’s golf shoes ever.

If only they were as wide as advertised, it would have been great. However, aside from the narrow fitting, it doesn’t have a single drawback. So, don’t miss it!


  • Super grippy shoes with stylish exterior
  • Great value for the money
  • Offers easy on/off system
  • Durable shoes with sturdy craftsmanship
  • Very easy to clean


  • Runs half size small, so order wider shoes
  • They don’t feature waterproof material

2. Best Cushioning- FootJoy Original Golf Shoes for Men

Next, we came with an outstanding pair of shoes from FootJoy, the name goes hand in hand with golf. Let’s check out why it made its place on our top five list.


  • High-quality golf shoes made of 100% textile
  • Super-soft synthetic sole
  • Fullest fit across forefoot with the Austin Last
  • The EVA footbed offers lightweight cushioning
  • Amazing breathability and durability with the easy-care upper

If you are looking for golf shoes with superior comfort and unmatched cushioning, go for this FootJoy pair right away!

To begin with the benefits, we are blown away by the EVA fit-beds that offer great arch support underfoot. On top of that, this ultra-lightweight cushioning will not decrease over time.

Perhaps, the timeless comfort it offers makes it the best deal for golf players with flat feet.

Best of all, these shoes boast one-year waterproof comfort with unparalleled breathability. And thanks to the premium material quality, they last pretty long as well.

What drew our attention is the DuraMax rubber outsole with turf gripping performance. No wonder you are going to have a great time on the course with matchless traction and stability.

Nevertheless, the food bed liner is made of thinner foam and resultantly, you don’t get superior arch support. So, if you need the best golf shoes for arthritic feet, go for the Adidas one.


  • Available in three eye-catching colors
  • The infinity outsole design maintains enhanced grip and traction
  • Super-versatile to be used as sneakers as well
  • A tour-proven performance with superior build-up
  • The lace-up closure offers easy on/off


  • You need to replace the bed liners with the gel inserts
  • Offers a wonky fitting unlike a FootJoy original pair

3. Most Fashionable- Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Men’s Golf Shoes

Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Men's Golf Shoes

Experiencing severe foot pain at the end of a few rounds of golf? Try this Go Golf pair from Skechers and enjoy water-resistant performance throughout. 


  • Made of 100% premium leather
  • Reliable rubber outsole
  • Spikeless golf shoes with optimum stability and control
  • Casual craftsmanship makes them more fashionable
  • Water-resistant formula to keep your feet dry

Basically, it’s a sneaker-style spikeless shoe to let you enjoy golfing to the fullest. As spiked shoes don’t let you stay focused on taking a shot on the ball, you can rely on these spikeless counterparts with adequate balancing technology.

An often overlooked feature of these premium golf shoes is the arch to mid-top shaft measurement. Therefore, you get sufficient arch support to fight foot issues like plantar fasciitis.

Another perk of using a Skecher pair while playing golf is the streetwear look. As a result, you can wear them off the course as well, all credit goes to their sneaker-like fashionable exterior.

And most interestingly, all these features don’t make the shoes charge an arm and a leg. Rather they are quite budget-friendly for long-term use.

Also, the ultra-flight foam is a great add-on to make it a very comfortable golf shoe on the go.

Above all, the water-resistant performance keeps your flat feet dry on the golf course during light dewy mornings.

But they are not completely waterproof to withstand heavy rainfall. So, you can check out the New Balance Minimus Tour Spiked Shoes for Men with a two-year waterproof guarantee.


  • Maintain natural motion with maximum traction
  • Combines comfort and style in one frame
  • Durable leather upper
  • Can be used as casual walking or tennis shoes too
  • Great spikeless shoes offering better golf swing


  • Too short tread life
  • They run at least half size smaller

4. Best Waterproof- New Balance Minimus Tour Spiked Shoes for Men

Those who prefer golf shoes with purely waterproof material can give these spiked shoes from New Balance a shot. Let’s check out what prime features made them so special among golfers with flat feet.


  • Entirely waterproof upper with 2 years of warranty
  • Flexible and fashionable NDurance rubber outsole
  • The classy synthetic upper offers ultralight FantomFit support
  • Tremendous arch support with the arch to low-top shaft measurement
  • Features REVlite 4mm drop midsole for premium responsiveness

If we compare it to the FootJoy shoes, both feature extremely durable rubber outsoles with optimum control on the golf course. But you get slightly better arch support from a New Balance pair.

Apart from the great arch support for flat feet, the REVlite midsole works as one of the best golf shoe inserts for flat feet with proper cushioning.

Often you get a more natural motion on and off the course with these traditionally spiked shoes due to their minimal running technology.

All these features made them stand out from regular golf shoes to support people with overpronation issues. And being waterproof, they seal the deal even better.


  • A very comfortable golf shoe with waterproof performance
  • Offers roomy toe box for wider fitting
  • Cleans up quite easily
  • Gives great feel on the ground
  • Creates no bruises or blisters on the feet


  • The spikes fall out too soon
  • Doesn’t last long as expected

5. Best Grip- ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoes

Struggling to maintain a balanced posture on the golf course? Here we are to bless you with your happy days again. These women’s ECCO golf shoes for flat feet offer literally the best possible grip ever on the ground.

The core amenities it is crafted with care-


  • 100% leather shoes with synthetic soles
  • Features premium Gore-Tex waterproof technology for increased breathability
  • It’s signature BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology brings you closer to the ground
  • The YAK leather upper is incredibly durable
  • Outstanding underfoot cushioning with the ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip

First thing first, we really loved the wide variety of colors for these ECCO shoes for women. You can pick your favorite one from the nine available options. All of them look gorgeous though.

If you need both longevity and breathability, no other golf shoes for flat feet can beat it in terms of natural walking comfort.

Especially, the innovative outsole with three different zones fills the bill for this high-priced footwear. The ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip works for stability, durability, and rotation.

As a matter of fact, the shoe aids in back-swinging and follow-through to improve your game in the next round.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, your feet stay protected from water and moisture.

On top of that, they are slip-resistant against wet grass or other slippery surfaces.

Another exclusive add-on is the antimicrobial insole that offers day-long comfort. Therefore, we call them the best women’s golf shoes for flat feet with ultimate shock absorption ability.

However, the only disappointing factor is that they don’t come cheap. But if budget is not an issue, you can surely give these premium golf shoes a shot.


  • Provide firm grip for extended rounds of golf
  • Requires no break-in period
  • Offers a non-slipping performance on any standard trail
  • Strong and lightweight engineering
  • Encourages natural walking to relieve fallen arch issues


  • Very expensive
  • Runs a bit shorter

What Is the Difference between Flat-Footed Golf Shoes and Flat-Footed Regular Walking Shoes?

In a word, dedicated golf shoes for flat feet usually come with spikes for better traction and control. On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are almost identical to regular sneakers or running shoes having the ultimate shock absorption properties.

But when you play golf as a flat-footed person, you have to be a lot more careful to understand the subtle difference between regular running shoes and golf shoes, be it spiked golf shoes or spikeless golf shoes.

It’s better to have waterproof golf shoes for flat-footed people as they deliver out-of-the-box control even on wet surfaces. The slip-free performance is what you need in the form of a supportive arch.

Contrarily, although regular walking shoes for flat feet do offer adequate arch aid, water resistance is not a mandatory feature for them.

Aside from the distinction between a spiked golf shoe and a spikeless golf shoe, specifically designed golf shoes for flat feet are golf swing-friendly by stabilizing the medial foot area super supported.

Unlike other athletic footwear, they offer less toe drop keeping the foot more grounded instead of elevated.

Thus, golfers love today’s synthetic shoes more for their added cushioning and loads of foot-friendly features.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Shoes for Flat Feet?

Apart from the nice outlook, it’s the superior comfort level of a good pair of golf shoes that matters the most for flat feet. In terms of buying golf shoes, you can consider the following factors as checklists to choose the right pair. Let’s break them down below to let you make a wise purchase.

Great Arch Support

For a fallen arch, superior arch support is an absolute must be it a golf shoe or a regular one.

On the same note, a good quality golf shoe raises the fallen arch by an equal weight distribution on the feet. Besides, it also eases your acute foot ache by elevating the ankle.


Both a spiked golf shoe and a spikeless golf shoe work equally well for playing golf with confidence. But spiked shoes are more desirable due to their classic cleated design. Therefore, your shoes feel more grippy with better lateral stability.

However, spikeless golf shoes are more lightweight and more versatile. Furthermore, they are more comfortable. But playing golf on the soggy ground is still benefited more by the spiked shoes than spikeless shoes.


Although we often overlook this feature saying that dry conditions don’t need waterproof shoes, it’s not always playing in the rain.

The early morning dews could also let your feet feel soaked. So, why take risks when you could get amazing waterproof golf shoes within budget?

Traction and Stability

A balanced golf shoe supports your body weight by letting you walk comfortably on the golf course. And that’s when you need both traction and stability from your dedicated golf footwear.

On that note, high-tech shoes with aggressive tread patterns are your best bet on any terrain to stay steady. They offer great traction indeed.


Be it athletic shoes or running shoes, nothing matters more than comfort. If you are not comfortable, you cannot wear them for long. Most importantly, flat feet need a properly cushioned platform as footbeds that don’t deliver even the slightest feeling of discomfort. Because having flat feet already feels uncomfortable.


While wearing golf shoes, you don’t want to feel like being caged, right? That said, flexible uppers with breathable materials are much appreciated for flat feet as they allow adequate airflow inside. So, you can keep your feet cool even after a long golf-playing session.


Which are the most comfortable golf shoes?

After going through countless shoes, we were fully satisfied by the comfort level of both New Balance shoes and FootJoy shoes.

Can I walk for miles without feeling sore with golf shoes?

Absolutely, why not? If you can pick the right shoes, you can walk in them all day long without any soreness. But make sure to avoid ill-fitted shoes to do so.

Should flat feet wear arch support?

You can wear arch support if you have flat feet. But please remember that it will only temporarily minimize the symptoms instead of fully curing the disease.

Do flat feet make you slower?

Truth be told, flat feet don’t directly make you slower. But with all those severe symptoms, you are unable to fully focus on walking, playing, or running. So, yes, flat feet do have an impact on your natural movement in the golf game.

Final Thoughts

We hope our comprehensive guide on the best golf shoes for flat feet makes your next round of golf games easier. Once tried in practice, surely you will be blown away by the cushioning, comfort, and arch support they offer.

That being said, you can check out the New Balance Minimus Tour Spiked Shoes for Men with maximum traction or stability. It delivers waterproof performance too.

And for spikeless shoes, we highly recommend the Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Men’s Golf Shoes which are the most stylish on the list.

Nevertheless, the rest three golf shoes also help with flat feet with their overall lightweight and breathable feel.

So, try your favorite pair and share your experience below.

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