Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands : Honest Review

There is not a sadder pair than a pair of sweaty hands and a golf club. Not only because you get grossed out by your own hands producing way too much sweat than you can afford in the middle of the game, but also because the club in question is slipping away and you’re having to reform your grip every couple of minutes.

And it’s not just the sweat, any moisture that is present between your hand and the golf club will get in the way of the game. Here’s where the best golf grips for sweaty hands come into play.

Stable and firm, an excellent grip with lighter grip pressure can even allow you to have more yards. So if you want to avoid accidental shots or stray ones where you mistakenly let go of the club for the sweat, then these are some great grips to enjoy playing with.

Comparison Table:

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf GripSize: Standard
Weight: 0.05 kg
Availability: Single grips
Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf GripSize: Standard
Weight: 1.39 pounds
Availability: Set of 9/13 grips
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf GripSize: Midsized
Weight: 0.15 pounds
Availability: Single grips
CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrid Golf Grips 13 PackSize: Midsized
Weight: 1.07 kg
Availability: Set of 13 grips
Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit  Size: Standard
Weight: 1.99 pounds
Availability: Set of 13 grips

Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands

Here are the reviews on the golf grips, rest assured, that help you choose the best pick to enjoy your game:

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

The first one on the list is the Golf Pride Grips, a popular one from Amazon that is a simulated wrap grip that features a combination of good construction and a good feel into leather. And from the additional blend of a softer rubber compound, you have durability, performance, and economy from it too.


  •  Comes with a single grip or 13 grips in white, black, and blue.
  • You can pick from standard and midsize rubber and leather grips.
  • Made for those who want a tacky as well as a soft grip on their clubs.
  • Simulated leather grips aesthetic and feel.
  • Rubber grips in the construction also promote high durability and good performance.

This camping tent offers great value for money for those who want to tackle slippery clubs and sweaty hands without going for gloves. It feels very comfortable, even when you try on old clubs so that’s a huge plus. They are on the tackier side too, so if you want something like that, this grip is going to be better than most ones available on the market.

Another great thing about Golf Pride grips is that they have a tour wrap that is much better than any other brand of old tour wraps. For those with particularly long fingers, they can work with a  standard size of this with only just some extra layers of taping. This, along with the tackiness and the quality of the grip will make it very easy for you to control your overall swing.

The ease of installation also plays a big role here. As it comes with a  grip-tape spray-solution etc, it all becomes very easy for the user to install the grips just as they would like on the golf clubs.


  • You can use this grip for a long time.
  • This golf grip is available in many different styles and types.
  • It is quite soft to handle even after prolonged usage.
  • It gives you a decent grip even in wet weather.
  • A great option for those looking for a transpositional grip.


  • Not the most affordable for beginner golfers.
  • The anti-slip grip could be further improved for wet weather.

Best for Arthritis/Large Hands: Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf Grip

Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf Grip

While the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip has been great for those with long fingers, this golf grip is best for those with overall large hands and not just fingers. The Winn Dri-Tac grips are soft and no matter what shot you hit with these, they give you precise landings. Being a firm-grip model this grants you good control of the golf club even with sweaty hands.


  • Has a much firmer grip compared to most models of golf grips.
  • Ensures not only extra stability but also some form of comfort from the grip.
  • These are shock-absorbing grips that offer higher water resistance for the ultimate non-slip performance
  • The installation is quite easy with only club fitting required of the grips.
  • Made to play in wet weather and for those with a sweaty hand.

The second best grip for sweaty hands, this grip tape is made of polymer that makes it very durable and firm, resisting it from slipping from your hands. Also, the thread-like pattern on it combines a tapered as well as moderate design, making it firmer than regular grips. This is why, no matter what the weather is, your performance will always be consistent.

In terms of appearance, the golf pride MCC is smoothly made and colored in blue-gray to look stylish with your club. So whatever your profile is, it will suit your style likewise. Also, these golf grips tend to run a little larger and yet manage to be perfect for golfers with average-sized to large-sized hands. The lightweight grips make them fit almost any golf club without creating any extra loads on them.

You will also like the shock-absorbing ability of the grips that save you from having painful hands while you play. And when you swing your hands while using the grip, it puts much less tension on your muscles than other softly-made grips. So it is great for those who play regularly.


  • Looks and feels great on the hands of the golfer.
  • Takes less than an hour for the installation of 10 grips only.
  • Changes your game for the better by improving your golfing skill.
  • Perform well by themselves or with a rain glove during wet weather.
  • The kit includes almost everything required to make re-gripping clubs easy.


  • The solvent needs to be purchased separately.
  • Not the most durable option.

Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip

If you were looking for golf pride grips midsize, then the MCC Plus grips will give you all the latest technology fresh off the market in its broad range of grips. Made to provide golfers with more comfortability, better grip, and a luxe style, these golf grips make it almost necessary for you to get them to improve your golf performance.


  • Comes in 4 different sizes that suit all golf club options.
  • Features a larger diameter than other grips and is hence both solid yet lightweight for an even grip pressure
  • Comfortable grip that does not slip from sweaty hands.
  • Long-lasting grips need not be replaced often.
  • Tour-proven and hybrid golf grips that work in harmony with a larger lower hand

Consistency is the first benefit that you will notice when you incorporate this cord grips into your golf clubs, making them the top of the best golf grips for sweaty hands. Providing your sticks with an ideal fit, it makes sure that no matter what the weather is, your game of golf is not harmed by rain or sweat. It features the performance of rubber with an additional cotton cord, absorbing moisture properly in every season.

Besides this moisture-wicking property, the additional cord gives the players increased comfort so you can hold the handle enjoyably throughout the game instead of shifting focus from your game to the pain in your hands. The lightweight grip also reduces any pressure on your hands and lets you swing the golf club freely without tying them.

There is another unique well-being feature of the golf corded grips that comes from the cotton cord used in it. This acts as a tension-reducing element that calms your brain when you play golf. Also, it prevents your hands from developing blisters if you play for long hours with these grips on.


  • Performs great in all-weather for the sweat control technology
  • Golf pride grip gives you the highest comfort from the blend of cotton and rubber
  • Comes with the maximum surface texture for an excellent grip.
  • Multi compound golf grips weigh very less and are available in 4 color options.
  • Has the facility of size variation for different players with different hand sizes.


  • Comes as an individual grip and not a set
  • Expensive options off the market

Best Value: CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrid Golf Grips 13 Pack

CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrid Golf Grips 13 Pack

For those of you not willing to spend so much on your golf grips and not wanting anything professional like the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip, this one from Champkey will be a great pick. It has a similar texture to Golf Pride Multi-Compound grips which is very helpful for golfers with sweaty hands.


  • Made from a double-layer of soft rubber for a comfortable thickness and improved golfing.
  • Comes with a repair kit to keep everything of the hybrid golf grip well-maintained.
  • Includes 13 grips in the pack to offer you great value.
  • Made by meeting the performance standards of golfers.
  • You can pick between 13 and 15 Tapes and grips from the kits.

In terms of construction, these grips feature cotton yard and not rubber material, making it softer than the usual rubber for most players and having a much better sweat-absorbing ability. So irrespective of hot and cold weather, it will restrain your sweaty hands from giving in in the middle of the golfing rounds.

Also, cotton is great for those who want an environment-friendly grip that does not harm nature. There is also a certain Wrapping Technology involved in making the grip that helps your

lower hand. It reduces the grip pressure on your hands and lets them act more relaxedly so you can have powerful swings.

Also, these come in different styles to suit most players and their clubs, fitting into the latter pretty well. All in all, this makes a good golf grip package.


  • The set includes almost everything needed for regripping your grips.
  • Made with a thread technology featuring brushed cotton.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes for different styles.
  • Also features a wrapping technology that creates power swings.
  • Has an All-weather control technology for sweaty hands.


  • Maybe too soft for some users.
  • The provided tape is not the strongest.

Also, See: Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

The last on the list is from The Winn Dri-Tac for winning golf club grips. This grip is said to suit your golfing game in any season by providing you with a firmness of grip that is also comfortable and lets you enjoy golf without thinking about the pain that would have come otherwise from using poorly made grips. Let’s take a look at the details of these moisture-resistant grips.


  • Comes with a classic wrap-style design.
  • Made with WinnDry polymer that provides you with optimal cushioning and comfort
  • Features a non-slip and all-weather performance.
  • Has a high shock absorption ability.
  • Comes with a .600″ core size and different weights for juniors to oversized grip lovers.

These grips are made from polymer. What this means for you is that it is soft and comfortable and can submerge the sweat from your hands without causing the club to slip from your grips. They can suit your game in all seasons even if you have been golfing for long hours in bad weather.

It features a beautiful, warped design that gives you a firm grip on your lower hand and makes it easy for you to take long-range shots with its tapered profile. The shock-absorption feature

Reduces the pressure on your hand muscles and lessens the chances of pain after the game.

It also comes with a style of alignment suitable for beginners. So even if you are just into the game of golf and using grips for your sweaty hands, you would love how well it is aligned while giving you soft feels on the handle; something that is very required if you are a beginner golfer.

The set has 13 grips available in different sizes from junior to standard as well as oversized options. So all in all, it makes an ideal set for golfers.


  • Perfect for those who prefer the classic wrapping style in their golf grips.
  • Made from the moisture-wicking WinnDry patented polymers.
  • Offers perfect cushioning to the golfers.
  • Provides 100% comfort making the best grips for irons
  • Gives you an overall non-slip performance


  • Does not last very long.
  • Priced a little high.

Soft vs. Firm Grips For Sweaty Hands

Different kinds of grips are made from different materials. However, the most common one happens to be from rubber. Even under a rubber construction, there can be soft-grip and firm-grip options.

If you have sweaty hands, you can pick between either of the two. The soft one will obviously feel squishier in your hands and give you a little more comfort while the firm ones will sit tighter. However, in terms of durability, the latter is better as it wears out less quickly. It is also better resistant to sweaty hands.

Benefits of Using Small Golf Grips

You will hear professional coaches telling you to go for oversized grips and then again, not so oversized grips. When it comes to the size of your hands, you need to be aware of what you pick and what grip size matches your skill and golf playing level.

There are a couple of reasons a small golf grip may help you. These include:

  • Helping players with arthritis and players who need lower vibrations from the club on the palm of their hands upon impact.
  • Making your hand bend less without closing in on the grip fiercely.
  • Relieving any pressure that you may feel from the grips if you have smaller hands
  • Allowing the swing to be smooth and powerful.

Measuring Golf Grip Hand Size

There are 3 different sizes of grips for you to pick from standard, undersized or oversized options. Let’s see how you measure each one of them:

  • Standard golf grips are for hands measuring 7-8 ¾ inches between your wrist and the highest tip of your longest finger.
  • Undersized grips are suited for juniors and for those with smaller hands, the range this time being 7- 8 ¼ inches.
  • Oversized grips or the jumbo ones are for hands with a range of 9 1/4 inches or above.

Things to Look For When Buying Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands

These are the things you should keep in mind for buying golf grips with sweaty hands:

Do you need an entire grip kit to regrip your clubs?

It is actually quite hard to replace each of the single grips at a time. So you would be wiser to purchase a bundle of golf grips. That saves your money as well as gives you more consistent clubs. If you don’t get yourself a bundle, your grips may be variable hence ruining the consistency of your game.

How often do you need to change the grips?

This is more specific to the person and his game than just numbers. Also, it depends on whether or not you’re playing in hot and cold weather.

If the grips are made from rubber, they will wear out gradually. With changing temperature and impact from the natural environment, this wearing out will be quicker too, which may eventually cause you to lose the grip and signal strains and wrist pain.

So whenever you see signs of wearing out in your grips and your hands start to become harder, you should change them immediately.

How long-lasting are golf grips?

You don’t have to change the golf grips regularly if you get long-lasting ones. For those who play occasionally, the beginner golf grips for sweaty hands will last a long while.

But the same thing cannot be said for someone who uses that grip to pay regularly. For a durable golf grip, make sure yours is comfortable, stable, and firm.

Is it really necessary to re-grip the golf clubs?

Your handle is the only part of the club that you touch, so this isn’t something that you can disregard easily. You can regrip them per season if you want. This not only spans out the wear time but also reduces strain on your hands.


Is a cord grip good for me if I am a golfer with sweaty hands?

Yes. Since these have a high traction content, they are good for those with sweaty hands. But these can also rip in between your hands, so for those with sensitive skin, the cord grip may not be the best.

Will using a worn-out grip affect my game?

Yes. If you have a worn-out grip as well as a slipper one, chances are you’ll end up losing the game for poor hand placement and scores. You cannot get the right amount of traction if your golf grips have worn out.

Should players with sweaty hands wear gloves?

Yes. Besides getting a golf grip for sweaty hands, if you have excessively sweaty hands, you can also add an additional glove to connect to your club handle, This may make the grip firmer for you and save your hands from slipping.

Which Golf Grips are Best for Your Sweaty Hands?

There is no single best golf grip that is suitable for everyone. What may suit one with large hands may not be a golf grip for smaller hands. Also, grips that are suitable for beginners may not be suitable for professional golfers who train for a long while. So it actually depends on the golfer and his style.

What sized golf grips should I use if I have large hands?

You can use oversized golf grips as mentioned in our guide if you have larger hands.

Final Word

And that brings you to the end of the list for the best golf grips for sweaty hands! for those who prefer a lot of tackiness and for beginner golfers, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip is a great pick.

Again, for regular players and for those who would love to lessen the strain on their hands, the Winn DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf Grip is a better solution. Overall, you would love multi-compound grips like the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip which is not only comfortable but also light and even puts pressure on your hands while being durable.

Again, if you are someone who is not looking to spend a lot, the CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrid Golf Grips are great too. So it all depends on your personal preference which one you’d go forward with your sweaty hands and the will to win the game!

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