5 Best Golf Club Cleaning Brush – Easy Cleaning each time

Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefit of having a dirt-free clean wedge, there is also the fact that cleaning your clubs before storing them is necessary to prevent rusting. If you want your expensive clubs to last reasonably long, stuffing them into your golf bag while caked with grime and dirt is not a good idea.

Moreover, clean wedges allow you to have some spin in your shots. Most experts will tell you that a clean golf club improves performance. But perhaps the most surprising benefit is psychological matters. Cleaning your golf clubs after each round allows you to get a sense of closure while you take away the lessons from that round to improve your game for the next round. And having a fresh club on each round signifies a fresh start.

However, how to clean your clubs with golf club cleaners? Well, check out our list of the best golf cleaning brushes to get started.

Comparison Table:

Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush Groove CleanerNo of brushes: 2
Retractable cable’s length: 2 ft.
Bristle material: nylon+metal Wire
Metal spike: yes
Handle Material: plastic
Yoport Retractable Golf Club Brush and Club Groove CleanerNo of brushes: 1
Retractable cable’s length: 2 ft.
Bristle material: nylon+metal wire
Metal spike: yes
Handle Material: plastic
Golf-EZ Golf Essentials KitNo of brushes: 1
Retractable cable’s length: 2 ft.
Bristle material: nylon+metal wire
Metal spike: yes
Handle Material: plastic
Frogger Golf BrushPro Retractable Club Brush/Groove CleanerNo of brushes: 1
Retractable cable’s length : 2.5 ft.
Bristle material: nylon+nylon
& phosphorous Bronze
Metal spike:  yes
Handle Material:  plastic
Frogger Golf BrushPro Retractable Club Brush/Groove CleanerNo of brushes: 2
Retractable cable’s length: 2 ft.
Bristle material: nylon+metal wire
Metal spike: yes
Handle Material: high-quality ABS plastic

5 Best Golf Club Cleaning Brush For Clean Clubs After Each Round

Best Golf Club Cleaning Brush

We find electric golf club cleaners, brushes, and groove cleaners to provide the most effortless cleaning. If cleaning your golf clubs between rounds is too much of a hassle, you are likely to avoid doing it. That’s why we compiled a list of the best portable golf club cleaner that you can use immediately after a round to avoid putting off cleaning.

Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner

One of the most affordable brushes as the best golf club cleaners on the market, with the Xintan Tiger golf cleaning brush, you get your money’s worth and then some. Check out what’s so great about this golf club cleaner.


  • Two brushes come together
  • Soft nylon bristles & metal bristles in each golf club brush
  • Aluminum carabiner for easy attachment
  • Metal spike on the top of the brush
  • Durable plastic handle and spike cleaner

Out of the pair, each brush comes with bristles on both sides. One of the sides features nylon bristles, while the other boasts steel wire bristles. Both sides are effective at drawing out dirt from your club heads without damaging the clubs in any way.

The golf brushes come with covers, which is good as the steel bristles can hurt your skin if accidentally poked. So keep the cover on whenever not using the brush. The top part of the brush has a metal spike on one side. This is to trace the grooves to clean stubborn dirt wedged in deep. This spike comes in very handy.

Moreover, the brushes come with aluminum carabiners that can be hooked up to your golf bags. You can dry clean your golf club brush in between rounds with this brush to enhance your performance and take precise shots.

However, there are a couple of issues. We noticed that the meta side of the brush frays very soon, and the string coming from the aluminum carabiner is too short. But considering what these brushes are worth and the value they provide, these shortcomings are nothing. We found this brush absolutely delightful!


  • Nylon & metal bristles clean most of the dirt away
  • The spike can get in between grooves for cleaning stubborn debris
  • Soft bristles don’t damage the club heads in any way
  • Easily attachable with a golf bag
  • Handle has a good grip & doesn’t slip


  • Metal bristles start to fray after some use
  • The string is a bit shor

Yoport Retractable Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner

Another excellent golf cleaning brush that is incredibly durable and affordable. Some of the excellent features of the proper cleaning solution that this brush have been explored below.


  • Metal & nylon bristles for cleaning
  • Rubber grip for comfort while applying force
  • Metal spike for focused debris removal
  • Aluminum carabiner for attachment
  • 2 ft. long extendable zip line

Available in four different color combinations; all black, black-blue, black-red & black-green, this brush sports an extremely strong plastic handle. The grip is made of rubberized material that is soft and shaped ergonomically for an easy holding experience. You will be comfortable even when scrubbing away at your clubs with a fierce effort.

There are bristles on both sides of the brush. One side has nylon bristles that are perfect for your woods. You will get a squeaky clean finish every time. On the other side, the brush features steel wire bristles that can seamlessly clean your irons and get rid of all the lodged dirt and grime.

You can easily clean your clubs between shots in a few seconds. Just pulling on the retractable handle and removing the cover is enough to get started. You need nothing in addition to the brush. Needless to say, the aluminum carabiner and retractable zipline make the cleaning process extremely convenient. You will get perfect spins on each shot.

Compared to the Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush , the spike on this brush blunts easily and the retraction mechanism seems cheaper. However, the steel bristles are more durable & the rubber grip is a lot more comfortable.


  • Nylon bristles work with woods & metal one’s clean irons effectively
  • The spike can get in between grooves for cleaning stubborn debris
  • Soft bristles don’t damage the club heads in any way
  • Easily attachable with a golf bag
  • The comfortable grip on the handle even during vigorous brushing


  • Spike blunts easily
  • The Zip-line retraction mechanism is flimsy

Golf-EZ Golf Essentials Kit

This golf club cleaning kit comes with a lot of golf essentials that are perfect for beginners. Just grabbing this kit before a golfing session can improve your game so much. However, if you already have an essential kit and are only looking for a brush, skip this one.


  • Microfiber towel for fast absorption & quick drying
  • Retractable two-sided brush with nylon & metal wire bristles
  • Foldable divot repair tool made of strong metal
  • Golf ball alignment kit for improved putting & swing
  • Comes with 4 different colored markers

The kit comes with a cleaning brush, microfiber towel, divot repair tool, 2 packs of ball alignment tools with 4 markers, a golf pencil, and 10 golf tees. All of these come in a durable carry case that can be hooked on your golf bag.

Moreover, the cleaning brush, microfiber towels, and golf tees also come with attachable hooks for the convenience of the users. This feature improves accessibility immensely, and you can easily grab the things you need more during rounds.

Now, coming to the brush in this kit, it is a standard cleaning brush, not much different from Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush or Yoport Retractable Golf Club Brush. You get the 2 ft. long retractable cable with an aluminum carabiner. A metal side and a nylon side of the brush head with good-quality bristles for effective cleaning. The handle is decent, if not the most comfortable.

We especially love the microfiber towel. Divot repair and ball alignment kit are also good quality but the markers aren’t up to scratch.


  • Most items come with attachable hooks for easy access
  • Good quality, effective cleaning brush
  • Kit includes 21 different pieces at a very affordable rate
  • The towel comes in handy for drying sweat during a game
  • Ball alignment kit is very useful for beginners


  • Markers are a bit poor in quality
  • Fragile retraction mechanism on brush

Frogger Golf BrushPro Retractable Club Brush/Groove Cleaner

The BrushPro won the “Best New Product” award at the PGA Merchandise Show. Its unique brush heads are one of the reasons why it’s such a popular product amongst golfers. Here are some other features.


  • 2 attachable brush heads with each brush
  • 100% nylon bristles for forged clubs
  • Phosphorus bronze+nylon bristles for irons
  • 2.5 ft. long retractable cord
  • Phosphorus bronze spike for groove cleaning

Attachable brush heads and a foldable groove cleaning spike are much safer to use than some of the other brushes on our list that come with a cover for protection, which is very easy to misplace. With BrushPro, you don’t have to worry about poking yourself or metal bristles snagging on towels.

Moreover, the nylon and phosphorus bronze combination is soft on the clubs to avoid any damage but just as effective at cleaning dirt and debris. The ergonomic handle offers a solid grip & good control that can let you focus on a specific section for dirt cleaning. Compared to the other brushes, BrushPro is built stubby and thick around the handle, which we found comfortable even when applying lots of pressure.

The retractable cord is also 0.5 ft longer than most other brushes, which lets you freely clean your clubs. Overall, we love how safe this brush is as well as effective. Cleaning your clubs between rounds is going to be a breeze with this brush. You can feel the improved spins on your balls after using this brush during a game. However, the retractable cord feels flimsy and needs to be used with some care.


  • Soft nylon bristles clean woods easily
  • Longer retractable cord
  • Ergonomic brush handle provides an easy grip
  • Foldout metal spike can safely be tucked away
  • Phosphorus bronze is softer than steel on metal clubs and grooves


  • Retraction mechanism isn’t very sturdy
  • brush head falls off occasionally

THIODOON Golf Club Brushes and Groove Cleaner

The THIODOON golf club brushes offer good quality at a very affordable rate. You get a pair of brushes together that have the same features. Here’s what makes this brush great.


  • Double brush heads with nylon & steel wire bristles
  • Retractable groove cleaner provides safety
  • Large surface area of bristles allows faster cleaning
  • Ergonomically designed ABS plastic handle
  • Retractable two ft. zipline with aluminum carabiner

The retractable groove cleaner is what sets this brush apart from the other double bristle brushes we shared on our list of best golf club cleaning brushes. If you misplace the cover of the Yoport Golf Club Brush or the Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush, they will become a safety hazard and can hurt you accidentally. With this one, you don’t have to worry about poking your fingers.

Even though the nylon and metal bristles cover more area than the other brushes and offer a faster, more effortless cleaning, just like a typical brush, the metal wire bristles start to fray. But before that happens, you can get a lot of use out of the brush. So, it’s definitely worth what you pay for.

Moreover, the handle comes with three different grip options and is extremely comfortable even when you are applying pressure. Ergonomically designed grip fits into your hand perfectly and doesn’t slip or slide during usage. The retraction mechanism is fine, but the magnetic base lacks sturdiness. Overall, a great brush to clean your clubs between rounds.


  • Large surface area of bristles covers 2.5 more space for fast cleaning
  • Strong metal bristles clean irons effortlessly without bending
  • Grip of the brush has 3 design variations to choose from
  • High-quality material endures a long time
  • Safety retractable feature is unique and much necessary


  • The magnet base on the brush isn’t sturdy enough
  • Wire bristles start fraying soon

What Is The Best Way To Clean Golf Club Heads?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Golf Club Heads?

The best cleaning method depends on when you are doing your cleaning. Cleaning your brush before or after a round on a course requires a different level of precision than when you are cleaning before storing your clubs.

We think you should try to clean up your golf club with an electric golf brush cleaner after every round to help your performance.

It is very convenient and gets most of the dirt cleaned without requiring additional materials. Just turn on your electrical brush and run it over your club heads. Afterward, wipe it down with a damp towel.

However, this method of cleaning isn’t best for storage. If you are done golfing for the day and ready to store your clubs away for a while, you must clean them more thoroughly. We recommend you get a bucket of lukewarm water with some liquid soap and dunk your clubs in it before using a soft bristle brush to clean the club. Wipe the clubs dry before storing them in dry conditions.

How To Clean Golf Clubs

How To Clean Golf Clubs

To properly clean your golf clubs, you need to put in more effort than running over the head with your electric golf cleaner. Here’s what you need.

  • A bucket
  • Light dish soap
  • Soft bristle brush
  • A pair of towels

There are several steps to properly cleaning your golf clubs.

Step 1:

Begin by filling the bucket with some lukewarm water and a small amount of soap. Remove all your clubs from the golf bag and have them ready to clean.

Step 2:

Take your first club, and dump the head in the bucket of water for a few seconds. Remove it and wipe it off and make sure all the debris has been removed from the grooves. Cleaning the grooves of your clubs, especially your irons and wedges, is crucial. Brass and dirt can build up the grooves and can affect both spin and control your shot. If you can still spot any built-up debris, use the brush to remove it.

Step 3:

Once the club head is cleaned, flip the club. Pick the second towel, run underwater, and quickly wipe down the grip. Do not soak the grip in water or use soap or brushes to clean the grip.

Step 4:

Finally, wipe down the shaft and make sure to towel dry the entire club before moving on to the next one.

How Do You Clean Ping Irons?

Ping irons are expensive and a bit of an investment. To ensure they last as long as they should, cleaning them regularly is necessary. Here’s how you can clean your Ping irons effectively.

How Do You Clean Ping Irons?

Start by adding half a teaspoon of dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Soak the club head in the bucket for a few minutes. To clean dirt and other debris from the club’s shaft, move a water-soaked rag up and down the shaft. Wipe the grips with the damp rag as well.

Scrub the face of the club well with a brush to make sure the grooves get cleaned thoroughly. To remove firmly-packed grime, scrub the clubface along the grooves. Make sure to use a soft bristle brush made for cleaning golf clubs to avoid scratching at the club and causing damage to it.

Afterward, once your club is squeaky clean, rub it with a dry towel and ensure that it is perfectly dry before storing it away. Move on to the next club for cleaning.

What To Look For When Choosing a Golf Club Cleaning Brush?

Although not a huge investment, it is always nice to get the right kind of golf brushes the first time. For that, you need to check out the following things before making a purchase.

What To Look For When Choosing a Golf Club Cleaning Brush?

Soft Bristles

Scratchy bristles can ruin your club if you rub it too hard on your clubheads. Instead, make sure that the bristles are soft, preferably made of nylon for woods and softer wire wool bristles for irons. We feature a lot of double-headed brushes with these two types of bristles on each side. You can get a brush like that for maximum functionality.

Groove Cleaner

A groove cleaning metal spike is necessary to clean the grime & debris out of the grooves on your irons. Pointed spikes can effectively clean even deep dirt out of your clubs without the need for water or soap. This is extremely helpful for cleaning between rounds.

A Long Retractable Cable

Retractable cables are especially handy. You don’t have to poke around your golf bag between matches to find the brush. With just one pull, the brush will be ready for cleaning. Most brushes come with 2 ft. long retractable cable. However, we found a 2.5 feet cable to be more comfortable.

Aluminum Carabiner Or Other Attachments

A retractable cable becomes pointless without a good attachment system that allows your brush to be hooked onto your golf bag. We found aluminum carabiners to be sturdy. However, there are other hook systems available in the market that are just as effective at staying put.

Ergonomic Handle

An ergonomic handle allows you to properly grip the brush while cleaning. Exercising a good amount of control on the brush’s movement is only possible if the handle is ergonomically shaped to allow good handling. Your hands will stay comfortable even when you are putting a lot of pressure on the brush for vigorous cleaning with a well-designed handle.

Safety Mechanism

Most brushes have a cover to protect them from the metal spike and wire bristles. However, some have retractable brush heads or foldable metal spikes. Although a cover is effective, most people tend to lose it. If you have a similar propensity, go with a brush that has a retractable or detachable brush head.


What Should I Use To Clean My Golf Clubs?

You can dry clean your golf woods with a nylon bristle brush, and for your irons, metal wire or a combination of bronze and nylon bristles are good. To thoroughly clean your golf club after a game, get warm water, a soft bristle brush, and dish soap for cleaning. 

Can You Use Fairy Liquid To Clean Golf Clubs?

Yes, you can use fairy liquid for cleaning your clubs. In fact, you should use a fairy liquid solution with lukewarm water to dip your club heads before giving them a nice scrub with a soft bristle brush.

Are Wire Brushes Bad for Golf Clubs?

No. They won’t scratch your golf clubs if you buy them at a golf shop or get a brush that is meant for cleaning golf clubs. Usually, these metal wires are built to be soft and not damage clubs.

Do Golf Brushes Scratch Clubs?

No, golf brushes don’t scratch clubs. The bristles are made with the goal of cleaning clubs in mind. So, they are soft and don’t mark your club heads. However, you should still go easy with steel wool bristles.

Should I use water to clean my golf clubs?

Yes. You should use water on your golf clubs to give them a good cleaning, especially, before storage. Get a golf club cleaning brush with water use suitability. Any soft nylon bristle brush should do the trick.

How often should I clean my golf clubs?

We recommend you dry clean your golf clubs between rounds for a good spin on the ball. After leaving the club and getting home, it is best to wash your clubs with warm water & dish soap. Then, dry your clubs with a towel for storage. This will add years to your golf clubs.

Final Words

Golf clubs are expensive and it is much better to maintain them well than to buy new ones. Without proper cleaning before storage, your clubs can get rusty and damaged. Moreover, if your golf clubs are dirty, there’s a chance that it will affect your performance as it is harder to get spin on shots with a grimy wedge.

Therefore, we compiled a list of the best golf club cleaning brushes for you to dry clean your clubs between rounds for enhanced performance. Attention to detail like this is what makes a golf player’s game top-notch. You can expect a subtle performance improvement if you practice cleaning your clubs after a round.

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