5 Best Golf Cart Rear View Mirrors To Drive A Cart Safely

As a golf enthusiast, you certainly know that driving golf carts are much like driving cars or motorbikes. So, it needs similar features like brakes, seatbelts, etc. to ensure driving safety. But an often overlooked feature is the rearview mirror. You must have the best golf cart rear view mirror to get a clear idea of what’s happening behind the cart.

If you can install the mirrors correctly, whether they are rear or side-view mirrors, rest assured that you will eliminate the chance of accidents to a great extent.

Saying that we came up with five rear view mirrors below that are equally effective as golf cart side mirrors too.

So, let’s get started with their detailed review.

1. Best for All Weather Condition- 10L0L Golf Cart Side MirrorsBrand: 10L0L
Size: 7.1″×5.5″
Fit Type: Fitted
Material: Plastic
Mirror Lens Type: Convex
2. Easily Adjustable- BETOOLL Golf Cart Folding Side View MirrorsBrand: BETOOLL
Size: 5″×7″
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Material: Glass, Plastic
Mirror Lens Type: Convex
3. Most Rotatable- 10L0L Universal Adjustable Mirror for Golf CartBrand: 10L0L
Size: 16.5″
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Material: Glass, Iron, ABS
Mirror Lens Type: Convex
4. Widest Vision-  HKOO Extra Wide Golf Cart Rear View MirrorBrand: HKOO
Size: 2.75″×16.5″
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Material: Plastic
Mirror Lens Type: Convex
5. Most Flexible Design- NOKINS No Drilling Golf Cart Rear View MirrorBrand: NOKINS
Size: Not Mentioned
Fit Type: No-drilling
Material: Glass, ABS
Mirror Lens Type: Convex

Best Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

After hours of research on the current best golf cart mirrors on the market, we narrowed down the list based on some striking features such as brand value, build quality, materials, mount, universal fitting, etc.

Hopefully, you will get your desired rearview mirror below for your existing golf cart model.

1. Best for All Weather Conditions- 10L0L Golf Cart Side Mirrors

Best Golf Cart Rear View Mirrors - 10L0L Golf Cart Side Mirrors

Looking for the Yamaha golf cart mirrors? We have this one from the popular brand 10L0L that is compatible with any EZ-GO and Yamaha golf cart and club car.

Let’s check out its key amenities below.


  • Made of impact black PP plastic housing
  • Features shatter-proof tempered glass
  • Durable ABS clamps
  • Anti-friction and corrosion-proof for better performance
  • Provided hardware kit with the package

Well, the best part of this golf cart mirror is that it comes weatherproof. Thanks to the high-impact plastic construction, whether it rains or shines, it is compatible with all weather conditions.

Moreover, it’s a completely adjustable side mirror set for golf cart that comes with all hardware accessories for easy installation.

Being manufactured with a detailed installation instruction, this rearview mirror offers both back and front views very clearly.

Also, the convex lens design offers an astounding wide vision with the exact visual angle you want.

The rectangular shape is all set to provide a convenient viewing angle with ultra-clear images.

Talking about the installation kit, it comes with flat screws, washers, locking nuts, pointed screws, bigger and smaller sheet irons, and literally everything you need to assemble the mirror in a club car or golf cart.

Most importantly, the mirror folds back upon impact not to break into pieces abruptly.

Upon everything, it is a real glass mirror to provide much more rear view compared to the old five-panel mirrors commonly found.

And with the mounting hardware, you can easily attach it to your cart. Just drill two holes in the roof bar and attach the mirror set with the four screws included.

In a word, the side view mirror boasts just about everything it comes with which is pretty reasonable though.


  • Very reasonable price point
  • 180° fully adjustable mirror up and down, in and out
  • Features shatterproof HD glass
  • Includes all mounting hardware accessories
  • Durable ABS housing makes them unbreakable


  • The iron bracket splits from the base
  • Don’t tilt back far enough

2. Easily Adjustable- BETOOLL Golf Cart Folding Side View Mirrors

BETOOLL Golf Cart Folding Side View Mirrors

Next, we have another budget-friendly golf cart mirror set from BETOOLL, the brand always produces high-quality golf cart accessories. Let’s break down its prime specifications below.


  • A pair of efficient side-view mirrors with real glass lens
  • Reduces blind spots for more safety
  • Folding rear view mirrors in the size of 5″×7″
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The heavy-duty plastic housing resists damage to ensure long life

While commuting in a golf cart or changing lanes, more than anything you should care about your own safety.

That’s why it’s very important to have distorted images through the mirrors so that you can avoid blind spots.

In that regard, we have an irresistible pair of side view glasses for your club car or golf cart at a very affordable rate.

Similar to the 10L0L Golf Cart Side Mirrors, it is also designed with waterproof material.

Besides, the mirror is easy to adjust up, down, or sideways for your needed viewing angle.

Again, BETOOLL installed a set of folding mirrors that facilitates easy parking and storage even in a narrower spot.

To add more, it is quiet vibration resistant not only on a suitable surface but also on a bumpy road.

Above all, it includes all mounting hardware for an easy installation. By following the step-by-step user manual, anybody can attach the mirrors to the golf cart within minutes.

And thanks to the manufacturers, you even get a limited warranty with the mirrors. What more do you need?


  • Easily adjustable folding mirror
  • Swivels both directions
  • Fits well with all Yamaha and EZ GO carts
  • Comes with 2 self-tapping screws with a universal mount
  • Long-lasting and damage-proof housing offers a great value for the money


  • Some users found the mounting bracket faulty
  • Doesn’t include stainless lock nuts as advertised

3. Most Rotatable- 10L0L Universal Adjustable Mirror for Golf Cart

10L0L Universal Adjustable Mirror for Golf Cart

Thirdly, let’s meet the most rotatable mirror on the list with an extra-wide viewing angle of the back, again from 10L0L to avoid spam fraud and abuse.

The core specifications it’s crafted with are as follows-


  • Adjustable to any angle
  • Easy 10 minutes assembly
  • 270-degree rotation to watch every direction
  • High-impact ABS housing
  • Made of durable material to fight back every terrain

With the 16.5″ wide convex mirror, you can rock in the road whatever golf cart you use- Yamaha, EZ Go, or anything else. It blesses your cart with enhanced driving power on all terrains.

As already mentioned, you can adjust it to any angle. That means you can watch over every direction around your cart with a quick glance.

More importantly, it comes with every single tool you need to install the side mirror within just ten minutes. The package includes both large and small gaskets, 4 large screws, 2 small screws, a couple of nuts and bolts, an iron sheet, and 2 plastic combinations.

Thinking of your family’s safety while riding in a golf cart? No worries, the real glass lens is there to represent a clear vision of the back if any car or object is going to hit your cart or not.


  • Doesn’t shake while driving
  • Durable ABS clamps
  • Wear and corrosion-free
  • Extra-wide rear view for more safety
  • Fast and facile assembly with no extra tool


  • A bit expensive
  • Vibrates against the windshield

4. Widest Vision-  HKOO Extra Wide Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

HKOO Extra Wide Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

In fourth place, we have an amazing golf cart mirror with the finest and widest vision ever. The 16.5″ mirror offers a 180° panoramic rear view on the whole.


  • Suits several golf carts and club cars
  • Pivots up and down quite easily
  • The mirror face clearly shows everything behind you
  • Offers a wider vision reducing blind spots
  • You can see up to 150 degrees behind the cart

Those days are long gone when you had to use the multiple-panel rear view mirror and hesitate about which of the five panels you should look into.

Nowadays, HKOO makes it easier with this curved side view mirror to watch over any direction you want, of course, without any image distortion.

The curved design literally lets you look over anything behind your left and right shoulders in crystal clear mode.

Fortunately, it doesn’t require any side adjustment for sliding up and down to show the rear vision. And thanks to the real glass build-up, it lasts pretty longer than your expectations.

Best of all, it offers a general fit for a number of golf cart brands. So, it fits most of the popular carts perfectly.

However, the only disappointing factor is that you cannot tighten the down knobs with your hands that prevent them from slipping downwards.

Other than that, it’s a great purchase, indeed!


  • The mirror stays in place
  • Good value for the money
  • Great size of the mirror face offers a panoramic rear view
  • Makes any backside car easily noticeable
  • Quick installation with the two self-tapping screws


  • Doesn’t come with detailed assembly instructions
  • The plastic brackets are not that durable

5. Most Flexible Design- NOKINS No Drilling Rear View Mirror

Most Flexible Design- NOKINS No Drilling Rear View Mirror

Lastly, let’s check out one of the best no-drill golf cart mirrors from NOKINS. With a flexible design, it comes in a square shape to fit any famous brand’s golf cart such as all Yamaha golf carts.

However, the striking features it’s engineered with are as follows-


  • Easy height adjustments within minutes
  • No drilling required to be assembled
  • Offers a good field of view
  • Folds in fast for easy parking and storing
  • Made of high-impact PP shell and long-lasting ABS clamps

If you are looking for a no-drilling clip-on rear view mirror for a golf cart, you can never go wrong with NOKINS.

Not only does it offer a clear vision but also a stable one. The durable ABS clamp is padded with non-slip rubber to create a sturdy and quiet vibration.

Unlike the 10L0L Universal Adjustable Golf Cart Mirror, it neither vibrates against the windshield nor does block it while flipping up.

Apart from that, you don’t need any drilling tool, and therefore, no worries about the drilling height. Just open the package and snap it through the 1-inch tube of the ceiling bracket. That’s it to assemble it with the existing product mounting kit.

To be honest, you will be blown away by its unique design compared to regular mirrors. Surely, it justifies its expensive price tag with the brand new diagram and high-impact plastic construction.

However, it’s only suitable for 1-inch ceiling support tubes. Therefore, we highly suggest checking out what models of golf carts it’s compatible with before buying.


  • Offers your required visual angle by quick adjustments
  • Made of premium-quality materials
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • A rapid 5-minutes installation without drilling holes
  • Offers more stability while driving


  • Not compatible with all golf cart models
  • Slightly distorts the images

What Is the Difference Between a Club Car and a Golf Cart?

Club Car is basically a golf cart manufacturing brand with a bit of difference in their carts.

For example, if we compare two golf carts from two leading manufacturers, Club Car, and EZ GO, we see that Club Car carts are made of a lightweight aluminum frame. Resultantly, they are rust-resistant.

On the contrary, an EZ GO cart features a strong and sturdy steel frame. But that is not erosion free, especially in the high-humid coastal areas.

Plus, Club Car golf carts are made to last more than 20 years if you can maintain them properly.

On top of that, they are more powerful for uphill driving and handle hilly trails pretty well.

But you cannot ride on a regular golf cart on the hilly track unless you upgrade the cables and controller.

However, you get the replacement parts of an EZ GO cart pretty cheap. And they are readily available too.

On the other hand, Club Car parts are quite expensive. Also, they drain the battery faster than their competitors.

Buying Guide for the  Best Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

Now, let’s look forward to a quick checklist of the specs you must look for in a premium-level golf cart. Try to find the majority, if not all, of these features in your cart to get the best out of it.


Well, the making material does matter to stand for the build quality of a golf cart mirror. Based on the material it’s decided how stable or feeble the mirror will be.


The best golf cart mirrors should be universally mountable to all the common manufacturing companies’ golf carts. Of course, it should have a universal fitting as well.

Mounting Hardware

Not all golf cart side mirrors do provide mounting hardware for easy installation. In that case, we recommend going for a golf cart that includes all the assembly tools you need in the same package. This will let you save money as well.

Brand Value

Although a popular brand’s product could be a deal-breaker too, to avoid spam fraud and abuse from the fake sellers, it’s better to go for a popular brand like Yamaha, Club Car, EZ GO, etc. At least, if not satisfied with the product, you will get a refund.

Easily Adjustable

Above all, a rearview mirror should be easy to adjust both up and down, right and left. Only then you will have the expected visual angle for informed driving.

Folding Mirror

Also, always look for golf cart side-view mirrors that are rapidly foldable whole parking or packing the cart. 


Do golf carts have turn signals?

No, they usually don’t have turn signals. But you can buy the signals separately and install them in your cart.

Can you add seat belts to a golf cart?

Yes, absolutely. But like the turn signals, they aren’t offered with the cart. Rather you need to buy it separately. However, installing seat belts saves you from accidental flips.

How do you put a car seat in a golf cart?

You need a car seat with a belt strap and a tether strap on the back. Now, strap the bottom of the car seat and the golf cart seat together. Also, strap their backs together with the tether. Thus, you can secure a car seat to the cart.

Can you put a baby car seat in a golf cart?

Yes, you can put a baby car seat in your golf cart if the cart has a seat belt. In fact, you must do it if you carry a toddler in the cart.

Final Words

To wrap up our guide on the best golf cart rear view mirror, we guarantee you the superior quality of each of the golf cart mirrors listed above. After all, they are chosen very carefully considering all their pros and cons.

Before clicking on the purchase button, take your time to check them thoroughly so that you can decide the one that goes with your cart’s form and function. Here, the dimensions of the mirror are utterly important to adjust with the cart.

However, you can pick the 10L0L Universal Adjustable Golf Cart Mirror if you want a rotatable mirror with a clear view. Otherwise, go for the NOKINS No Drilling Golf Cart Rear View Mirror for better flexibility. It also offers a no-drill assembly in the quickest period.

Nevertheless, choose the golf cart side mirror wisely as it is related to your driving safety.

All the best!

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