5 Best Golf Cart Locking Device to Secure Your Transportation

A golf cart is not only a transport that helps you to cover a long distance of the golf court but also can help you to transport anywhere within a large territory. Our battery-driven small vehicle is the perfect cart for showing class and transporting your guests. Let’s start talking about “Best golf cart locking device”.

Due to the high value of these golf carts, there are a lot of attempts to steal them. To keep your golf cart secured, you can take help from anti-theft devices. Whether it is a steering wheel lock, clamp lock, or utility lock, they can come to great use. Not everyone is the same or has their security preferences. Some people go for waterproof, while others are just content with a strong physical lock.

Keeping that in mind, here we will learn about the 5 best golf cart locking devices that can strengthen the security of your golf cart and relieve your stress. Join us to know more about them so that you can make the best decision.

Comparison Table

The Club UTL800 Utility LockBrand: Winner International
Material: Vinyl, Alloy Steel
Weight: 4 pounds
Benefit: Weather-resistant, Extra heavy-duty
Wheel Clamp Lock For Trailers Brand: KAYCENTOP
Material: Powder-coated ‎Alloy Steel
Weight: 4.66 pounds
Benefit: Waterproof, anti-theft
Wheel Clamp Lock Golf Cart Great DeterrentBrand: KAYCENTOP
Material: Powder-coated ‎Alloy Steel
Weight: 5.48 pounds
Benefit: waterproof cap to prevent dirt dust and rust
Tevlaphee Universal Wheel LockBrand: ‎Tevlaphee
Material: Soft-coated high-strength steel
Weight: 4.51 pounds
Benefit: Locking the Car Is More Stable, and Stronger
Winner International Security DeviceBrand: ‎Winner Internationa
Material: Durable steel and black vinyl
Weight: 6.45 pounds
Benefit: Provides both a visual and physical deterrent

Best Golf Cart Locking Device You Should Know Before Golfing

When playing golf, the golf cart can be very useful for going around. So, maintaining the security of the golf cart is also important, and for that, you will need the golf cart locks. But which one will be best for you? Here, we are offering the best 5 from our list for you to pick up.

Club UTL800 Utility Lock

Club UTL800 Utility Lock

Club UTL800 is one of the best security devices for protecting any of your possessions. If your cart is facing any security threat, then this lock just could be a golf cart anti-theft device.

  • It can replace the padlocks and chains.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • A heavy-duty construction withstands a lot of pressure.
  • The Vinyl coating protects your vehicle from any scratch.
  • Multipurpose uses for easier.

It is a very convenient replacement for heavy chains and padlocks.  Only this utility lock can replace many of your padlocks and is lighter and easier to carry.

As the lock has a smooth vinyl coating, it is weather resistant. So, dirt or moisture can’t damage the lock easily.

Club UTL800 Utility Lock can withstand a lot of pressure with heavy-duty construction and is designed to stand against even 1500 pounds of pressure.

As this is a very heavy-duty lock, you might worry about its smoothness. That is why it offers vinyl coating of the lock that eliminates all your worries. Moreover, a smooth vinyl coating protects your vehicle and prevents getting any scratches.

Club UTL800 Utility Lock is not only good for your golf cart. You can use it for your motorcycle or any property you want to stop from moving.


  • Even though it can withstand a lot of pressure, it is lightweight.
  • Being scratch-free and able to work in any weather, rest assured this will be long-lasting.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures that the lock will last long.
  • It will allow you to use it on other devices.
  • You can use it as a substitute for padlocks and chains.


  • It will get damaged under water as this is not waterproof.
  • It is not self-locking, so you are the one to ensure that it is locked before you leave the vehicle.

Wheel Clamp Lock For Trailers

Wheel Clamp Lock For Trailers

Being another lock of KAYCENTOP, providing high-quality security, Wheel Clamp Lock For Trailers is easy to maintain and serves you with various benefits.

  • It is highly visible.
  • It provides high security.
  • It offers a self-locking system to help to maintain the security of your cart.
  • It has a waterproof cap to prevent dirt.
  • It can be used for various vehicles.

Undeniably, the perfect tool to scare the thieves off is the bright yellow and red color that screams “caution,” and cannot be ignored easily.

Not only that the trailer wheel lock provides you with the highest quality security, but its strong steel construction also will not budge with strong mechanical force.

It has a self-locking system. Even if you forget to lock it properly in a hurry, it will be very difficult for others to unlock it without the key.

Whether it’s a lock for doors or for a cart, no one appreciates dirt on it. It just looks and feels bad. So, a waterproof cap is provided, and dirt can no longer enter the lock when not in use.

If you have multiple vehicles with wheels of different widths, you can use this one lock. If the wheel width is less than 10 inches, this lock is perfect for any vehicle.


  • Tires of different maximum widths are available.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • High visibility ensures that the thieves will look into easier targets.
  • Self-locking system will ensure that the vehicle is locked once you leave it unattended.
  • Comes with multiple keys, so no worry if you lose one.


  • It is not scratch-free, so it might look old if used roughly.
  • It is not constructed for heavy pressure, so it might break by using forces.

Wheel Clamp Lock Golf Cart Great Deterrent

Wheel Clamp Lock Golf Cart Great Deterrent

This wheel clamp lock can be a good choice if you want a long-lasting clamp lock. The strong support of this lock will prevent thieves from stealing your cart, and it also has a protected keyhole. So, the lock will last even longer.

  • Its powder-coated alloy steel clamp protects the wheel finish.
  • Its waterproof cap prevents dust and rust from reaching the lock.
  • Hard to copy the keys.
  • It can be used for different types of vehicles.
  • It is highly visible.

If you are worried that the strong claw of the lock will damage the shiny coating of the wheel, then you don’t need to worry at all. Its powder-coated alloy steel clamp will not let any harm be done to your wheel rim, and the finishing will remain intact.

One of the important features of this lock is its waterproof rubber cap over the keyhole. It will prevent any dust or water from seeping through the keyhole and keep the rust and dirt away from it.

The keys provided with it are unique and very hard to copy. Since it’s not readily available, you do not expect to get your things stolen by thieves in a blink of an eye.

Its single clamp can be used for your bikes, golf carts, cars, and many other vehicles.

All thieves look after targets that come with large gains with minimum effort. With locks having high visibility in the public place, rest assured, thieves will focus on the unguarded one than your golf cart.


  • It does provide not only safety but also protects beauty by providing strong resistance.
  • Keyholes are protected from water and dust.
  • The powder-coated alloy steel clamp helps keep the beauty of your wheel intact.
  • High visibility ensures that the thieves will give a second thought before stealing.
  • Unique design ensures key duplication is very difficult.


  • You cannot protect wheels more than 10 inches wide. So, if you want to use this lock, you must have tires narrower than 10 inches.
  • It is not scratch-free, so you can expect a loss of glamour look in a very short time.

Tevlaphee Universal Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee Universal Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee Universal Wheel Lock is a bright-colored Universal wheel lock that is perfect if you want to declare that your cart is secured with the lock and give it a strong resistance against theft. It is easy to install and will help you maintain the security of your golf cart.

  • It secures the tires and automobiles from theft.
  • The highly vibrant yellow and orange color makes it visible to others.
  • It can lock the car more stably and strongly.
  • The heavy-duty device provides strong resistance against external force.
  • The high-quality alloy steel is very durable and not damaging to your tire.

It is strong and durable. Moreover, its wheel clamp lock is crescent-shaped and gives you a better grasp than other locks.

You will find that bright yellow and orange colors indicate that your cart is locked. So, if anyone tries to approach your cart to steal it, they will be discouraged watching the strong lock around your wheel.

Strong alloy steel plates of the lock provide strong resistance against external force and protect your car effectively.

It is a heavy-duty device and, surprisingly, is quite lightweight and provides strong resistance. It is a popular anti-theft device for its strength and durability.

Its alloy steel body is coated with a PVC cover which is helpful to keep the car wheel intact and undamaged.


  • It is extremely light, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • It also has a handle that helps you have a good grip around it.
  • It is highly visible, which makes it a low gain, high effort target.
  • Its high durability ensures the long-lasting of the lock.
  • It is designed for heavy-duty, so it will not collapse at force very easily.


  • It might not work that well for tires whose width is less than 7 inches.
  • It is not self-locking, so you are the one to ensure that it is locked before you leave the vehicle.

Winner International Security Device

Winner International Security Device

These tire claws of winner international are suitable for larger tires like cars, trucks, trailers, and many more. Each of these locks has 3 unique keys. These keys are laser encrypted and impossible to copy. Because of the width of these tire claws, almost all types of vehicles can be locked using this device. It can ensure that your golf cart is safe despite the model or tire type.

  • Provide both physical and visual barriers to theft.
  • Durable steel construction protects the rim of the wheel.
  • Can fit wheels of larger sizes.
  • The laser encrypted keys ensure absolute uniqueness.
  • Can keep your cart safely locked anywhere.

If you use this tire claw, it will prevent your wheel from rotating. Thus your vehicle will not move. So, if anyone tries to steal your cart, they will encounter a strong barrier.

Its durable steel lock body with a black vinyl coat makes them look beautiful and protects the rim of your wheel from any damage or friction.

Its clamping width can be adjusted and lock even a 12-inch wide tire. Isn’t that amazing?

Unlike found in other types of locks, its tire claw is not bulky and weighs only around 6 pounds. You can carry it if you want to stay away from your house and lock your cart whenever you are not around.

To make it difficult to open with any other key, the manufacturer, winner international, provides laser encrypted unique keys for every e-tire. So, don’t worry about anyone being able to open your lock easily.


  • You can use it for different types of vehicles and anywhere.
  • It is portable and lightweight; it is easy to carry around.
  • It does not matter how big or small your wheels are; you can adjust the lock to fit your cart’s wheel.
  • Durable steel ensures that the lock will last a long period of time.
  • Unique laser encrypted keys are very difficult to duplicate.


  • A suitable handle o hold onto is not provided with its tire claw.
  • It is not self-locking, so you are the one to ensure that it is locked before you leave the vehicle.

How To Prevent Your Golf Cart From Being Stolen?

You can take a few measures to make your golf cart difficult to steal and toughen up the security. Here are some tips that you can make the thieves’ life difficult.

Keep Your Golf Cart In A Garage Or Under A Shed

While not using your golf cart, storing it under a shed or safely in your garage is the best choice. If you keep your cart in an open space, it will attract not only others but also the security will be compromised. You cannot lock or install various security devices in an open place. It will be troublesome even when it is possible to install different devices in an open place.

Use A Unique Customized Starter Key

Usually, all the golf carts of one batch or one model have the same or similar starter key. So, if you have a golf cart, it is very likely that you will be able to open and start any cart of that model using the starter key, which is scary for other owners.

To prevent others from doing this with your cart, you can install a unique starter key. It is not tough to install a starter key in your cart. If you want to get the best security, it is better to consult with the manufacturer and learn about the locks which will give your cart proper security.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

There are various types of golf cart anti-theft keypads, switches, and devices that can add an extra layer of security. You can have unique padlocks, clamp locks, and alarms perfect for your cart.

Use Security Lights

If you keep your cart in a dark place, it won’t be easy to check its condition whenever you want. Also, things kept in the dark tend to be ignored. So, installing security lights around your cart will help you keep it safe.

Install A Wheel Lock Boot

If Intruders cannot drive your cart, they will not be able to take it away. It is true in most cases. So, making your cart immobile will discourage thieves. You can use wheel locks to make the wheels non-rotatable. Various theft locks can fulfill this purpose. You will find these locks of different diameters and designs on the market.

Install An Additional Alarm For The Security System

If you still feel insecure and doubtful about the safety of your favorite golf cart; you can always install alarms and sensors on the cart or in your garage. You will immediately get notified if anyone wants to temper with your cart as the alarm will go off. It is an effective solution if you want to scare the thieves off or check the update of your curt anytime.

How To Choose The Best Golf Cart Locking Device?

When choosing a suitable golf cart locking device, you need to consider several factors. Let us look into factors that will help you to choose the device you need.


You should be aware of the way your device functions. If you are using a golf cart anti-theft keypad, you must know if the lock system of the keypad is working properly and if it is robust enough to withstand external forces. The functionality also helps you understand if the lock is damaged. So if there is any anomaly, you will be able to fix or replace it in time.


The installation process of these additional security devices needs to be easily understandable. If the installation process is too complicated to understand, you will not be able to handle them properly.

Even the slightest mistake in the installation can make the whole device non-functional or

useless. So understanding and installing the device properly is a must.

Type Of Service

The services provided by these golf cart locking devices vary depending on various factors. Some devices come with more advanced technology than others. There are wheel locks that have sensors embedded into them. You will get notifications if the lock is being tempered without your knowledge.

Apart from these, your golf cart model also plays a very important role. Depending on the quality and design of your golf cart, you can choose the most suitable locking device that will not be heavy but provide the safety you need.


What is the best way to secure a golf cart?

As your golf cart is a very precious possession, it also attracts thieves to snatch it out of your grasp. Installing anti-theft devices can strengthen security. You can install a remote security system that can be run by using your cart’s battery. You can also use a golf cart pedal lock.

How do you secure a golf cart to a trailer?

While transporting the golf cart using a trailer, you need to attach the cart security on it, so it does not move or fall out through a bumpy journey. To secure your golf cart, you can use various tools and locks. Before choosing what to use to tie the cart, you need to keep in mind that the strap must not harm the paint of your cart. It might cost a lot to repair that.

Do all golf carts use the same key?

No, all golf carts don’t have the same key. You will not be able to run your golf cart with the key of other golf carts. However, if the golf carts are of the same model or from the same manufacturer, the keys can be the same or similar. Golf cart owners can use this opportunity to swap their keys if needed. If you want to install a unique key to your golf cart, you can do that by contacting the manufacturer and ensuring the security of your cart.

Can you put an alarm on a golf cart?

Yes, you can put an alarm on golf carts. Various types of alarms can strengthen the security of your golf cart and work as effective anti-theft devices. You can install audio alarms, trackers, security lights, and sensors depending on the circumstances and importance of the event.

Final Thoughts

A single customized golf cart can cost quite a hefty amount. But it is not only special because of its price. Your customized vehicle gives you comfort and a sense of ownership and represents your class. So losing it can cause you psychological damage as well as economic damage.

Installing the most suitable golf cart anti-theft devices can prevent this and ensure a long-lasting relationship between you and your cart. Now you can choose the best golf cart locking device that can fulfill your requirement and ensure the long life of your cart.

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