5 Best Golf Balls For Beginners (Swingers and Handicappers Unite)

Unique beginners, more unique swings, and swing speeds. Your launch will be certainly different than a woman your age or an adolescent just starting golf. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you use the best golf balls for beginners in your early golfing stages as it suits you when you start out. 

All of you beginners may not require the extra distance from new golf balls. However, there are some standard requirements from a good golf ball, such as one that optimizes your hits; feels adequate for shots around the greens, and comes with a reasonable price that can excuse lost balls during practice!

To help starting golfers in their quest, this article features the best golf balls for beginners.

Comparison Table:

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Material: Synthetic
Construction: 2-piece
compression: Low
Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls Material: Rubber
Construction: 3-piece
compression: Ultralow
Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020Material: Rubber
Construction: 2-piece
compression: Low
TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf BallsMaterial: Synthetic
Construction: 2-piece
compression: Low
Vice Pro Soft Golf BallsMaterial: Urethane
Construction: 3-piece
compression: Low

Best Golf Ball For Beginners to Enjoy the Game

Here are the detailed reviews on each of the 5 best golf balls:

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls for Beginners

Particularly designed to give you more distance in the shots you take, the TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls are no doubt, super-popular as beginner golf balls. It has quite a soft feel with a mid-ball flight that offers mid-to-high wedge spins. So what you get is an excellent short game control at one of the most reasonable prices.


  • Features a React Speed Core and a 344 aerodynamic cover for enhanced speed.
  • It offers you a low spin that improves your performance over the distance.
  • Ultra-soft feel has a 2-piece construction and 77-compression for ball speed.
  • The dimple pattern reduces drag and promotes high velocity off the tee.
  • It is made of proprietary Iothane cover which meets your clubface.

So what makes it great for higher-handicappers and beginners? First off, these are excellent balls that come pretty cheap. So if you are someone who is frequently losing golf balls, you shouldn’t be investing in premium balls, but golf balls like TaylorMade that deliver good performance at a reasonable price.

However, not all cheap balls can offer you a good response right off the club. For a better ball flight out, the Distance+ is the bomb. It feels ultrasoft, unlike most cheap golf balls that feel like you’re hitting wooden balls or rocks. 

What is further helpful is that it comes in colors. So if you get the yellow option, your golf balls with stand out on the greens and it will be super easy for you to track your shots and find the ball.


  • Grants you good control and moderate spin around the greens with wedges.
  • Decent golf balls that do not break the bank. 
  • Great for off-season golf and practice.
  • Colored balls are helpful to track and find.
  • You can hit your ball further with Distance+ balls.


  • Not very durable.
  • Scuffs easily on sandy grounds.

Best for Slow Swingers/Best Overall: Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls

These are golf balls that when you play with once, there’s no going back. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls when it comes to popularity and ultrasoft feel, the Callaway Supersoft has two of the biggest advantages that good balls can boast of: maximum distance and maximum forgiveness. What else makes it the best golf ball for beginners with high swing speed? Let’s see.


  • Combines the trio of great core, cover, and flight technologies in the golf ball.
  • Tri-Blend Ionomer cover features a Paraloid Impact Modifier that allows high launch with a low spin and increases ball speed.
  • Has excellent greenside control with a soft feel.
  • High-Speed Soft Compression Core transfer energy to give you more distance.
  • Like the OG Callaway Warbird Golf Balls, these also feature HEX Aerodynamics that reduces drag and enhances the lift for better carry and higher flight.

If you are one of the handicappers who plays from the regular men’s tees, this is one of the best golf balls for 90 mph swing speed. So no wonder why the biggest users of this set are golfers with a driver swing speed of 92-95 mph, occasionally creeping down to the 80s. Sealed with a durable cover and Callaway’s Triple Track tech, the visual cues and performance from the set are overall stunning.

Under the cover of the Callaway supersoft golf balls, you get the signature high-speed mantle which generates a low spin rate versus a high launch angle. This, along with the extra layers, helps you can transfer the energy for a better ball feel. 

Even around the greens, you can cut down the unnecessary spin and maintain unmatched greenside control on its trajectory. Again when you have too much spin on the iron from the average slicer/fade, the functionality of this ball will prevent making them go offline. So you see how golf balls matter in short shots for you!


  • You get increased consistency from its oversized design.
  • Designed to give you maximum forgiveness and increased distance. 
  • Durable construction featuring a three-piece solid feel.
  • Offers a very low spin so you get a straight, long-distance ball flight.
  • Great action and faster ball speeds with wedges and short irons.


  • Less feel on short shots
  • Some beginners may struggle with the high launch angle.

Best for Women: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

For women who have just recognized their liking for golf, the Velocity set from Titleist is one of the best beginner golf balls. Although it does take a little more than your usual beginner golf ball set, it has qualities that make it as worthy as the best golf balls for accuracy. With a fantastic distance covered by its low spin rate, this is a treat for beginners who dread the pesky slices and hooks.


  • Offers you a longer distance with an extremely low spin on long games.
  • The construction promotes greater iron stoppability than regular golf balls.
  • Generates high flight on almost any shot for the Octahedral Dimple Pattern
  • Comes in ranges of white, pink, green, and orange matte colors.
  • Better control makes it one of the most popular brands on the PGA Tour. 

For the players who fancy colors and could do with some good balls that can be lost and found even amongst the thick and tall grass, this is it. The best golf ball for 15-20 handicap or higher handicappers, this set can give you distance and some mid-range softness off long clubs thanks to its larger LSX core. 

The dimpled design helps you get a penetrating trajectory finished with an angular, shallow descent. So you can enjoy minimal sidespin when you are on iron play or drives.

The feeling you get from the balls is also great. It has a softcore covered with an elastic yet tough urethane material, so there is a good balance that increases your chances of getting a steady flight. So to perfect your swing, as most beginners want, the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are great.


  • Great launch angle and high ball flight with predictable descent.
  • Good carry and roll provide an overall higher distance.
  • Soft feel that performs nicely with the putter.
  • Exceptional balance with remarkable spin control.
  • Dimpled designs on the golf balls allow a steady flight.


  • A little more expensive than most golf balls.
  • Susceptible to scuffs.

Great Value: TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Featuring the same Iothane cover as the Distance Plus Golf Balls, how do you think the Noodle is different? If there is any golf ball for beginners available in the market that 99% of the golfers can play with, it is the Noodle. Compared to other golf balls, these high-compression balls simply fly off the club and come at a fraction of the cost of the high-end alternatives so you would no longer wish to cry when you lose it in the deep woods!


  • The construction features a durable and soft cover made of Iothane
  • An Impact Propulsion Core grants you a longer carry and roll.
  • The dimpled pattern keeps your ball flying straight and is great for hooks and slices.
  • Grants you a better feel and better spin around the greens.
  • Great set for golfers with low swing speeds, which is common with beginner golfers.

One of the biggest advantages that this comes with is the way it performs on the greens. When you are on the tee, these balls grant you the longest drives with one of the softest feels. And guess how they perform off the irons? Even better. The playability is quite impressive for most beginner golfers, even with all their uniqueness.

So it won’t be an understatement to say you’ll be sold on the balls for their accuracy, distance, and delivery, even if you are a golfer in his 80s. And these are also one of the best cheap golf balls, yet the best value golf balls on the market today. But does that inflict hard on their performance? 

Not at all. For an ideal control on your short shots with balls that have high durability and the least scuffs.


  • The 2-piece construction is designed to last long.
  • Does not get lost easily in the water or in the depth of the woods. 
  • You can correct your swing with these golf balls.
  • No need to crush the ball to get a good distance. 
  • The patented dimple design results in a straight flight.


  • Not the best in summer.
  • Dimples can be further improved.

Also, See- Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

The last one on the list today is from Vice. A hot new manufacturer of golf ball sets for beginners, these are perfect for amateurs who have slow to medium swing speeds. Players with such speed give you a good amount of ball speed as well as great distance off the tee. What else makes The Vice Pro Soft a good catch? Let’s see.


  • 3-piece urethane cover is cast on these golf balls.
  • It features a low compression for an extra-soft and highly-responsive feel
  • Extremely durable because of its 336 dimpled design with a matte finish.
  • Comes in 3 colors and improved visibility that helps during your ball flight.
  • Makes it easy to spot because of its colored coating for the players.

Although it is a little on the pricey side (considering that you are getting good golf balls for as low as a dollar), this is quite similar to the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020. It is growing increasingly popular with the newbie players. Being a three-piece golf ball that is made of better quality and more expensive urethane, this Pro Soft Golf Ball is suitable for golfers who come with a low swing speed of under 90mph.

For players, these generate a highly soft feel and great responsiveness. Combine this with low compression and this is perfect for beginners. 

Another good thing about it is the large and soft core, which results in top-notch aerodynamics and excellent performance which is easy to move around the greens. Top it off with the matte coating and colors, and you have excellent visibility too!


  • Low compression on the golf balls that feels really responsive off the club.
  • Better colors offer better visibility.
  • Good control on and around the greens with consistent performance.
  • Comes with an impressive putt-in line.
  • Great for players with a low swing.


  • Scuffs quickly.
  • A little expensive

The Most Important Qualities in a Beginner and High Handicapper Golf Ball

Beginners and high handicappers need the least curvature and the best distance off their golf balls. This is why, they need golf balls that feature a 2-piece construction, have a low spin, and significantly low compression. 

This helps them set the pace for when they need to move to higher spin, 3-piece golf balls for a few extra yards later for distance performance.

So if you are a golfer in your 100s, make sure you choose the golf balls that can deliver you with consistency and predictability that some two-piece golf balls bring along with their trajectories. Anything that is sudden or sharp with your golf ball is not the most suitable for beginners or high handicap golfers.

What Kind of Ball You Should Be Using as a Beginner

You need to take a look at the following as a beginner golfer:

Soft Feel

Most beginners come into the game with slow swing speeds. For them, distance is quite important. If you are one such beginner too, you need a soft ball that will give you a decent spin with less sidespin. 

This is easier for your fairway and better if you’re worried about lost balls. Another advantage of ultra-soft golf balls is that they’ll always back you up on the greens. 

Compression Rating

Once you made sure you got a soft ball, ensure that you have a low compression rating on it too. This will increase the forgiveness you get from the balls, which is essential in your early stages of dealing with golf equipment. 

Your optimal compression should be less than 80 or so. Some UltraSoft golf balls may even have a compression rating of less than 40.


Your golf ball isn’t just a sphere of rubber or synthetic. There are layers that go into making these. Your layers will decide whether you picked a two-piece design or a three-piece one. How does this help in your golf? It decides how your golf ball traverses through the air.

Often, these layers might be a solid core surrounded by a dimpled cover. Make sure you check out the dimpled patterns too as they decide on the durability, roll, and carry off the balls.


As a beginner, your top pick should be low spin balls. These reduce the chances of slicing that beginners are notorious for dealing with. While they do not give you so much distance, they do run better when they bounce. 

If you get a high-spin ball, you will have better carry and a softer landing. Your best bet can be to get a middle spin ball for the best of both worlds.


Do softer golf balls go farther?

No, softer balls do not go farther. Harder golf balls do. However, you shouldn’t pick the hardest golf ball just for the distance because the difference in yards that you get from picking hard and soft balls is only five yards or less.

Does it really matter what golf ball you use as a beginner?

Yes. Most beginners tend to downplay their chances with pesky hooks and slices, as well as pushes in the game so they think just about any cheap golf ball would do. However, you need to keep in mind that your golf ball will decide what spin rate, what consistency, and what amount of sidespin you get, which will impact your overall game. So it matters. 

How many golf balls does a beginner golfer need?

If you are frequently losing balls, it would be better to carry a higher number when you play in a place with ditches and bushes in it. Otherwise, it comes down to the golfer’s preference of his ball count.

Is Pro v1 considered good for beginners?

They might be good, but they aren’t the best because they do not have the feel like the Velocity from Titleist. Remember, as a beginner, you’ll look for low compression, not high!

What is a good golf ball for slow swing speed?

For slow swing speed, you can opt for soft to medium-hard golf balls. These can let you push the ball off the clubface. As a result, you can easily work on your form without working too hard on it. 

What golf balls are considered the easiest to hit?

TaylorMade or any other soft or ultrasoft balls are the easiest to hit because they are very forgiving.

What golf ball is considered the best for Short Games?

The Velocity from Titleist is quite the champion in this regard. That is because it has a large LSX core that offers a deep trajectory on the downrange which is better for short games.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the end of the discussion for the best golf ball for beginners. As you saw, the absolute best was the Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls that offer the maximum forgiveness with excellent coverage, something that beginners applaud. 

Whether it is the aerodynamics, the trajectory, the spin rate, the launch angle, and what not, it wins in every regard. 

Also, its biggest contender would be the  TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls for their top-notch playability, long carry, good rolls, and durability. Depending on what you want from your golf balls, have your pick!

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