5 Best Golf ball for 70 mph Swing Speed to Win the Game

What’s your average swing speed when you hit the club? Well, if that is around 60-70 mph then going for the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed can be a good option to try.

When you go to shop for a golf ball, you’d be surprised by the amount of different choices. Golf balls come in a variety of different parameters which can be both good or bad for you in real life.

That’s exactly why you must study your playing style and choose a ball that suits your type. If you end up with a ball which is opposite of your playing style, it may not garner the best results.

So, as we already said, if you have a swing speed somewhere around 70 mph then we have a list of suggestions that can work just for you!

Comparison Table

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf BallsColor: Matte Orange
Age: Adult
Compression: Low 
Weight:0.7 Kilograms, Material: N/A
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls 2020Color: White, Age: Adult
Compression: Low 
Weight: ‎0.62 Kilograms, Material: N/A
Bridgestone e6 Golf BallsColor: White
Age: Adult
Compression: Low 
Weight:0.64 Kilograms, Material: Plastic
Srixon Soft Feel Golf BallsColor: White
Age: Adult
Compression: Low 
Weight: ‎0.66 Kilograms
Material: ‎Plastic
TaylorMade Soft Response Golf BallColor: White
Age: Adult
Compression: Low 
Weight: ‎0.91 Kilograms, Material: Ionomer

Best Golf Ball for 70 mph Swing Speed

Now, we’re going to present every ball in a detailed manner. We’re going to discuss each of their strengths and some of their weaknesses as well, so you’ll get an overall understanding. Stay tuned!

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls for Swing Speed

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls for Swing Speed

If you’re looking for a ball that is highly recognized for an additional level of authority, these are balls you go for. Coming with an unbelievable user experience, they should be a good fit!


  • Soft golf ball construction
  • Lower compression rate
  • Made for adults
  • Distance maximization capabilities
  •  Trigonometry cover

One of the best things about this one is that it hits the distance. Getting to the right distance is often a problem with many golfers, especially the ones who are getting older. And that’s where this ball can make a difference and offer them the desired distance.

Moreover, the sensation of hitting the ball is often regarded highly by the users. Well, this ball should provide you with this desired feeling when you hit it and make your golfing much more fun!

Plus, being a softer ball it has a lower compression rating. As a result, you won’t need much club speed to compress it and you’d get straighter shots for a better overall performance.

One of the biggest hurdles for many golfers is to locate where their balls are going. Often, white balls are difficult to locate and as a result, many tend to lose their balls.

However, these balls are orange and pretty distinct from other balls. So you won’t be mixing up with someone else’s balls and won’t lose it easily because of the bright color.

Another plus for this one is they’re lower spin balls. So, those who don’t like to incorporate spin to their playing style these balls would offer a quality performance on the whole.

The color can fade over time but they should be quality golf balls on the whole.


  • Goes a long distance
  • Works well for people with lower swing speed and older golfers
  • Providers straighter shots for accuracy
  • Offers exceptionally pleasant hitting sensation
  • Bright orange balls don’t go missing easily


  • Speed may vary sometimes
  • Color can fade over time

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls for Speed

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls for Speed

If you’re searching for a ball that is well regarded for offering an extra degree of power while still delivering excellent performance, this is the ball for you! These should offer you a fantastic experience on the golf field.


  • Incredibly lightweight 4ce grafted cover
  • Spherically-Tiled 342 Cuboctahedron
  • Large core design
  • Side stamp design
  • Accurate Spherical structure

Golfers like soft golf balls because of the way it feels, but they don’t want to give up the distance for the sake of comfort. Titleist has addressed this issue head-on by developing a dynamic two-piece golf ball that provides softness with all the features you need!

The Tour Soft golf ball has a larger core than any other Titleist golf ball, making it the biggest in the industry. The benefits include the soft feel that most golfers prefer, but you’ll also notice a little increase in speed on full swing strokes.

With all of the necessary elements about players not having to compromise greenside control in exchange for greater distance off the tee, the new design essentially assures that it will assist you on the field.

Furthermore, on max speed swings, the Tour Soft provides additional distance with compact dispersion, resulting in a shorter second shot. While keeping in mind that this golf ball is considered to be a top-tier choice in the golf ball industry, you will not find that the ball fails to go down the fairway. This will make your golfing experience more enjoyable and polished!

This ball’s cover is pretty thin. Titleist had to develop a new technique and technology to produce it since it is so thin. A very thin cover is required because of the huge core. It was necessary to create the TCU Process Technology in order to cover the core with such a thin, consistent layer.


  • Advanced short play control
  • Covers great distance
  • Consistent ball Flight and a Penetrating Trajectory
  • Responsive game experience
  • Provides a more accurate shot


  • Color may fade after sometime
  • Swings may vary in windy conditions

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls for 70 mph for swing speed

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls for 70 mph for swing speed

At the third spot, we have the Bridgestone e6 golf ball which is one of the best balls on the course. Many golfers will be able to shoot straighter and further tee shots with less spin. For a high-quality golf ball that can help you improve your game, look no further than this one.


  • Dual dimple technology
  • Softest multilayer golf ball
  • Soft gradational compression core
  • Soft surlyn cover technology
  • Properties for maximizing the distance

Trying out a variety of different golf balls is essential if you’re one of the many golfers who have trouble finding the right ball for their game.

You must play the Bridgestone E6 for your next round if you’re a mid to high grade golfer searching for a golf ball that will improve your accuracy and distance while maintaining a soft feel.

The slow swing speed is a common problem for many golfers, and if you are one of them, don’t worry! E6 is the most straight-flying ball in the E-Series from Bridgestone. You can hit the ball straighter with the Bridgestone E6 since it’s one of the softest multilayer golf balls on the market. This ball would be a perfect fit for those who tend to play at slow swing speeds.

Further, Bridgestone’s E6 has a unique Dual Dimple Technology that is meant to maximize distance. The outside dimple encourages a steeper descent angle for greater roll-out, whilst the inner dimple boosts initial ball speed upon contact.

The E6 golf ball has the softest multilayer cover of any golf ball currently available. The best feature of this product is the soft gradational compression core, and then a soft surlyn cover to provide a pleasant feel on every stroke.

Overall, a complete golf ball with exceptional performance on the ground and something you can go for any day!


  • Improved accuracy, distance, and performance
  • Perfect for golfer with slower swing speed
  • Soft sensation on all shots, particularly around the green
  • Comes in variety of different color options
  • Fits well amateur and beginners golfers


  • Spin may be slowed by the Surlyn cover at times
  • Some golfers dislike the design of Dual Dimple Technology

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Close to the final parts of our guide we have the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls. Let’s check out this ball if you are looking for precise and stunning shots.


  • Ultra-thin cover
  • 2 piece soft ball construction
  • Low compression golf ball
  • 338-speed dimple design
  • Softest fastlayer core

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are the best choice if you want exceptional performance and a straighter ball flight. They are also the most affordable option.

Since the Soft Feel balls bounce pretty effectively, virtually all of the energy from your swing is retained as the ball travels through the air to its landing. We believe that these balls are best suited for players who swing their clubs at speeds between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

We understand that selecting a golf ball may be quite difficult as there are so many options to consider. Everything from the cover material to the number of parts the ball should have to the compression or how the ball handles and spins are taken into consideration.

The good news is that with Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, you won’t have to worry about anything since this ball has every characteristic you could possibly want.

One of the finest features of the new SOFT FEEL ball is its 338 Speed Dimple design. This helps enhance overall aerodynamics to allow for improved flight performance with all types of clubs.

Dimple consistency and dimple occupancy are key to Speed Dimples’ long-distance performance and ability to fly straight, even in strong winds.

When used with woods and long irons, the thin outer layer provides incredible spin control for a ball of this softness. However, it can get a bit inconvenient for fast swing speed players but should provide an outstanding overall experience.


  • Exceptional greenside control
  • Outstanding performance in windy condition
  • A thin cover improves spin
  • Low compression enhances ball speed
  • Excellent ball accuracy


  • Too soft for some players
  • Fast swing players might feel a little inconvenient

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball

If you’re having trouble keeping your ball in the air, this TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball can help you improve your game. It’s packed with several new features that will take your game to a whole new level!


  • Extended dimple pattern
  • Ultra-low compression core
  • ZnO flex core technology
  • Ionomer cover
  • 3-layer golf ball

The Soft Response ball played well throughout the course of a lengthy game. It provided plenty of length off the tee and a solid flight that stayed true throughout the testing, even in the windy conditions.

Reduced drag and improved lift are promoted by a smaller shaped dimple, which allows the ball to remain in the air even while spinning at lower speeds.

A compression ratio of 35 is very low. When you hit the ball, the core provides you with a soft feeling while simultaneously increasing rebounding at collision, resulting in dominating distance for players with average swing speeds.

There may be times when maintaining good greenside control is difficult, but an ionomer cover not only improves greenside control, but it also improves scuff-resistance, resistance, and durability.

Another advantage of this kind of ball is that it has a reduced spin rate.

As a result, for players who choose not to include spin into their playing technique, these balls would provide a consistently high level of performance. Speed may vary for certain players while playing in windy circumstances, but the golf ball is excellent overall.


  • Provides quality flight time
  • Reduced spin rate for better performance
  • Promotes decreased drag
  • Pleasant sensation while hitting
  • Quality greenside control


  • Speed may vary for certain players
  • Can cause issues in windy conditions

How To Improve Your Golf Swing Speed?

There are some unique ways that can provide quality swing speeds. Let’s learn about some of them:

Keep Your Chest Behind Ball

You can create momentum by getting the hips ahead and leaning the spine from the target. It will set your chest behind the ball and give you the desired speed.

Have the Required Space

Standing too close to the ball can decrease the swing speed to a certain degree. If you stand too near the ball, your body won’t get enough room to swing properly and that will minimize the speed down. That’s why I always stand slightly away from the ball to garner the maximum speed.


Another highly important factor is timing. How fast the ball will travel depends immensely on how good the timing is, while you hit the ball. That’s why you must master the right timing to get the right swing speed.

You can also try the following methods:

  • Improve mobility
  • The correct sequencing of the body
  • Proper muscle activation
  • Increasing muscle strength in essential muscle groups
  • Learning proper swing mechanics

Difference Between Premium Balls And Distance Golf Balls

There can be many differences between premium and distance golf balls. Let’s find out what they’re all about:

Distance Golf Balls

Distance balls are often manufactured of a thicker and harder Surlyn mixture in order to increase their durability. In addition, a thick coat of paint has been put to the outside to aid in the preservation of the finish. The majority of distance balls are made with a fairly cheap base rubber.

Premium Golf Balls

Premium golf balls are much more advanced and usually used in PGA tours and professional matches alike. The most defining factor of premium golf balls is that they offer better control.

Moreover, you can get longer shots. In terms of spin, while off the tee, it won’t spin much, rewarding you with the desired distance. While around the greens, you’d get a better spin for precise control

Overall, premium balls are always a better option out of the two.

How To Choose The Best Golf Ball For 70 Mph Swing Speed?

It can get difficult to find out the right 70 mph swing speed balls out of thousands of different options. Now, we’ll provide you with a guideline that makes it easy:

Playing Style

Golf ball types should be chosen in accordance with a player’s ability level and personal tastes and preferences. Control, spin, and distance are all important considerations when choosing a ball type.

When it comes to golf balls, high-handicap players tend to go for those that provide more distance or control, while low-handicap players choose those that have more spin for easier short-game scoring.

Construction Type

Select the construction type of your golf ball. Multilayer, two- or three-piece golf balls are the norm in today’s market. Multilayer balls are designed to reduce the impacts of ball spin, but three-piece balls are often made for players who want more backspin.

Level of Compression

Make sure your ball has the right compression level before you hit it. Compression ratings above 100 are suited for golfers with fast swing speeds who can hit their drives over 240 yards in the air. Compression values ranging from 80 to 90 are ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Accuracy and Distance

Last but not least you must make sure the ball goes the distance. Most golfers, especially the older folks have trouble with achieving the right distance and often fall short of the target. That’s why it is crucial that you get a ball that has a reputation for going the distance.

Moreover, stable ball flight off the tee and around the greens is a crucial factor that can determine whether you go for a particular ball or not. You must make sure the ball doesn’t spin much when hit off the tee. If it’s spinning too much while flying, it won’t go far.

If you can get a ball that incorporates the above-mentioned capabilities, we are positive that you’d get a quality golf ball on the whole.


What golf ball should I use based on swing speed?

The ideal golf ball for your swing speed is between a 55 and a 70 rating. Some of the greatest golf balls for 85mph swing speeds are medium-compression golf balls, which are capable of making a considerable motion on the ball.

Is TP5 or TP5x better for slower swing speed?

If you have a slower swing speed, you will be able to get a substantially greater distance out of the TP5 since you will be able to completely compress the ball and achieve peak performance. To enhance distance and performance, players with a quicker swing speed should utilize the TP5x.

Do soft golf balls go further?

Soft low compression golf balls, in general, will go farther when you swing your driver and irons. Soft and hard golf balls should travel the same distance as your wedges.

How to measure your swing speed?

Calculate the average yards by dividing them by 2.3. This figure shows the average clubhead rate in miles per hour that you maintain throughout the day.

Does swing speed matter when selecting a golf ball?

Swing speed doesn’t matter when it comes to picking a golf ball, according to all of the evidence. At varying swing speeds, there are some differences between the balls, although they are minimal.

Final Thoughts

After a highly detailed discussion on some of the best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed, we’re at the final parts of our discussion.

Everyone has a particular playing style and a swing speed count where he feels comfortable and that is why you must find the right golf ball that suits your playing style in particular.

When you are able to do that you’re game and performance on the court will improve significantly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best distance golf ball for average swing speed and start performing right now!

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