5 Best Golf Bags For Push Cart – Fit Everything In Your Bag 

A golf push cart is just what you need to preserve your energy while moving around on the golf course. You will need a golf cart bag to go with your push cart. A good golf bag will come with full-length dividers that will keep your clubs separated and stop the grips from rubbing together. Moreover, you will get enough storage space for your balls, extra clothes, towels, cool drinks, valuables, etc.

You will be surprised at how many things can smoothly fit into a golf cart. You can also take cart bags out of the cart and place them on the ground and it will stand upright for you to access every pocket and club.

Here’s a compilation of the best golf bags for push carts that we came up with after extensive testing.

Comparison Table:

Founders Club Premium Cart BagNumber of Pockets: 12
Number of Dividers: 14
Material:  Wood
Bag weight:  N/A
Available Colors: Aegean Blue, Blue-Black, Charcoal Gray, G3 Black, Purple, White-Navy, White-Red
EG EAGOLE Super Light Golf Cart BagNumber of Pockets: 09
Number of Dividers: 14
Material: Nylon
Bag weight: 7 lbs.
Available Colors: Red
PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf BagNumber of Pockets: 10
Number of Dividers: 14
Material: Nylon
Bag weight: 5.3 lbs.
Available Colors: Black-Blue
 Izzo Ultra Lite Cart BagNumber of Pockets: 06
Number of Dividers: 14
Material: Polyester
Bag weight: 3.8 lbs.
Available Colors: Gray-Lime
Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart BagNumber of Pockets: 09
Number of Dividers: 14
Material: Polyester
Bag weight: 5.3 lbs.
Available Colors: Black

5 Best Golf Bags For Push Cart – Carry Your Clubs With Ease

Although there is no shortage of golf bags for push carts, we took a look at the most popular ones in the market and picked out the 5 best golf bags for push carts.

1. Best Full-length Dividers – Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

The Founders Club premium cart bag is best for keeping separate putters and other clubs with a 14-way full-length divider on top. Even though the dividers are the best part of the design, there are a lot more amazing features in this bag.


  • 14 dividers on top for clubs
  • 2 side grab handles and a bottom handle
  • 12 pockets for gear storage
  • Plenty of additional storage space
  • Tee-holder, umbrella holder, and other additional features

Your clubs will be protected from rattling and clanking together by the 14-way molded top organizer so you don’t have to worry about damaging your expensive clubs. Putters with grips as thick as 1 ¾” in diameter will easily fit into the spots.

Moreover, this bag is constructed with a sturdy base strong enough to hold heavy objects that you put in the bag. Equipped with handles on both sides that make it really easy to lift the bag, you will find it easy to get it into and out of the cart whenever needed.

However, the strap channel to secure the bag to the cart is higher than what will fit most golf carts. This is a definite disadvantage as you will need to get higher carts if possible. Otherwise, it may fall off.

Also, it comes with 12 pockets, including an insulated cooler pocket. There are additional pockets, including 2 side velour-lined valuables pockets. It also comes with an umbrella holder, beverage holder, a D clip that will hold your towels, and other great features.


  • Plenty of space for all your clubs
  • The cooler compartment has a good capacity
  • Convenient add-on features to hold necessary items on golf course
  • A sturdy base for incredible durability
  • Easy to carry with side straps


  • Pass through strap too high
  • Top pocket is too small

2. Best For Durability -EG EAGOLE Super Light Golf Cart Bag

 EG EAGOLE Super Light Golf Cart Bag

This super lightweight bag is best for you in case you want something accessible and with ample storage, especially for cool drinks. If you have a penchant for a cool can of beer on the golf course, this one is perfect as it can store 8 bottles of 12 Oz. cans and four ice packs that are thin.


  • 14-way full-length divider on top
  • 9 pockets for ample storage
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • 2 velour-lined pockets for valuables
  • 3 well incorporated molded grab handles

Made from partially waterproof material, this bag can withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, during the wet season, your clubs will be protected by the rain hood. The nylon material is durable and sturdy and will last you some good years, given that you handle the bag with care.

You can also grab the bag easily by any of the 3 handles and lift it as it is very light. Moreover, the back cart strap tunnel makes it easy for you to secure the bag to the cart tightly.

One of the best things about this bag is the insulated cooler pocket as it is more spacious compared to most bags with a width of 9 inches, 12 inches tall, and 5 inches deep. Secondly, you get plenty of storage space for your clubs and they will be well separated. However, a couple of the slots can be tight.

There are two good-sized velour-lined pockets for valuables that will protect your phone, keys, or anything you need. Overall, a great value for money at an affordable rate.


  • Separated space for clubs prevents clanking
  • Enough storage for your valuables
  • Rain hood to protect your clubs getting wet
  • Very lightweight at only 7 lbs. and very easy to carry
  • large apparel pocket fit for 8 bottles of 12 oz cans plus 4 thin ice packs


  • Couple of slots for clubs are tight
  • Zipper sometimes get stuck

3. Best Full-Sized Pockets -PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

 PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

One of the lightest push cart bags we came across at just 5.3 pounds of weight, so it’s a lightweight cart bag and this has plenty of pockets and dividers to keep your belongings and clubs safe. 


  • 14-way full-length divider on top
  • 10 spacious storage pockets to fit your belongings
  • External putter tube that’s best for larger-headed putters
  • Umbrella strap and rain hood for wet weather
  • Insulated drinks pocket and fur-lined valuables pocket

With 14 dividers, you will not run out of space to insert your clubs. Moreover, if you find it more convenient to have your putter even close to your hand, this bag is perfect as it has an external putter tube. The tube will fit even larger-headed putters. However, if your putter is of small size, it may go too far into the tube and be hard to get out.

Made of durable nylon material, that’s why this rain gear is protected against rain with a hood but is not waterproof.

So, it is only secure when it’s raining lightly. Having said that, the valuables pocket won’t disappoint you as it is lined with protective material to keep your things safe from damage. The insulated cooler pocket is also useful and spacious. Other pockets should be enough for anything you may need at the golf course.

Easy to carry in and out of the cart, this bag stands up straight on its base. Overall, one of the best stand bags for push carts that comes at an affordable range.


  • Pretty lightweight at 5.3 lbs. and can be lifted easily
  • Made of durable nylon material for good shelf-life
  • Adequate space for your clubs
  • Easy to reach external putter tube
  • Stands completely upright on the golf course


  • Small putters can go too far inside the tube
  • Not waterproof

4. Best Lightweight Cart Golf Bag -Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

 Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

Available in 4 good-looking color options, and made of quality polyester fabric, this bag is extremely lightweight. This bag is perfect if you don’t carry many things to a game of golf and want something compact yet fit all your clubs.


  • Made from sturdy and lightweight 4200 polyester fabric
  • 14-way full-length divider on top
  • 6 spacious pockets to fit your belongings
  • Accessories holder and velcro glove holder
  • Smartgrip handle makes transportation very easy

Out of all the bags we listed, this one has the least number of pockets. So, this one is definitely for those who travel light. However, there are 14-way full-length dividers, which any serious golfer will love. There are accessory holders and you can attach your gloves with a velcro attachment. We would have loved to see an insulated cooler pocket for drinks but there are none.

Ultralight, at just 3.8 lbs., you will have no trouble getting this bag into and out of the golf cart. Moreover, the single strap used for attaching the bag to the cart is pretty sturdy and ensures that your bag stays on the cart the whole time. When you put the bag down, it will stay perfectly upright on a flat surface.

The umbrella holder and rain hood are very useful in the wet season. One of the six pockets is waterproof and made to protect your valuables. We only recommend you get this bag if you don’t need to load too many things while golfing.

Otherwise, with limited pockets you are likely to overload the bag and cause greater wear which may reduce its shelf-life considerably. This one is a top hybrid golf bag for push carts.


  • Compact, lightweight bag suitable for minimal packing
  • Clubs are protected from clanking and damage
  • Waterproof, velour-lined valuables pocket protects electronics very well
  • Excellent transportation ease
  • Single strap secures bag to cart firmly


  • No insulated cooler pocket

5. Best Cooler Pocket -Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

 Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

Cobra Golf has been making amazing golf equipment for the better part of half a century. With an elongated design and chic blend of colors, you will love how this bag looks. Excellent in function and style, the Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight cart bag is an incredible golf tour stand bag.


  • Made from polyester fabric material
  • 14-way full-length divider on top
  • 13 spacious pockets to fit your belongings
  • Lightweight construction at 5.3 lbs.
  • Cooler pocket can hold a dozen 12 ounce cans

Equipped with 13 pockets, you will never run out of space for your gears and accessories. Cobra Golf didn’t fail to add a 14-way full-length divider on the top of the bag, which is why most golfers will pick up this bag. Your club grips won’t tangle up and be a cause of your perpetual annoyance.

When it comes to storage space, this bag is similar to the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag. However, the cooler pocket of the Cobra Golf is more spacious. You also get a separate fleece-lined pocket for your range finder. Moreover, there’s a double-fleece-lined valuables pocket.

You get a protective rain hood and umbrella holder. But if you like hanging gloves and towels on your bag, this bag isn’t good for that as it has just one hook for attachments. The pass through strap is sturdy and secures your bag pretty well to the cart.

Additionally, the pockets stay within reach even when the bag is strapped to the cart. So, you can take out anything you need at your convenience.


  • Very spacious cooler compartment
  • Equipped with many pockets for better organization
  • Easy to carry and lightweight because of polyester build
  • access every pocket with the bag strapped to the cart
  • Fleece-lined range finder pocket included


  • Only one hook for hanging accessories 

Difference Between BUGGY CART Golf Bags And PUSH CART Golf Bags

Buggy cart is a more common term in the United Kingdom than anywhere else in the world. A buggy cart refers to motorized golf carts that transport golfers and their bags. On the other hand, push carts are just used to hold golf bags and move it around the course while the golfer is walking on foot.

Although sometimes you may hear people use a buggy cart and push cart interchangeably, that isn’t technically right. The larger golfing vehicle is what you should refer to as a buggy cart or golf cart, while the mechanical bag stroller is more appropriately called a trolley or push cart.

Push carts are now gaining in popularity as golfers are taking to walking around the golf course for some exercise instead of hopping on a buggy cart. When walking, carrying around your golf bag in a trolley means you don’t have to hire a caddy while also not putting strain on your own back. So, it’s a good idea to invest in a push cart.

How Do You Attach A Cart Bag To A Push Cart?

Here’s what you need to do to attach a cart bag to a push cart.

  • Carefully place the golf bag on the pull cart using the bag’s handles.
  • While the straps are still loose, move the golf cart bag on the cart until the balance is attained.
  • If the straps are Velcro, simply stick the ends tightly together before tying them around the base of the bag.
  • Make sure to allow the straps to slip through the handles while securing them around the top portion of the golf bag for increased security.
  • To check that your bag is secure, move the cart around fast until you are satisfied.

Why Is Walking The Golf Course Beneficial?

The benefits of walking the golf course are not limited to your health alone, although it is by far the most prominent one.

You will likely enjoy the social scene better if you walk around and mingle with other groups on the course. Moreover, there is a beautiful backdrop to enjoy. You can observe the greenery and tee more closely. Some people can see an improvement in their game when they ditch the golf cart.

But all these other benefits pale in comparison to the physical benefits of walking. Generally, a round of 18 holes requires you to walk about 10,000 steps or 4 miles. A weekly game of golf should keep you fit and help avoid heart diseases, diabetes, or even hypertension.

How do I Organize my Golf Bag for a Push Cart?

Here’s how we suggest you organize your golf bag for a push cart:

You can start by positioning your putters first as the size of the grips is big and it’s easier to get them out of the way.

Moreover, you get a nice structure to go on and slide in your wedges, mid and short irons, long irons, and hybrids.

Then, you can move on to arranging the highest lofted fairway wood you own at the back left divider. Next, the strongest one goes in and, at last, your driver. Then you can fill up your tee and ball pocket, side pockets, apparel pocket, & beverage pocket.

We recommend arranging your bag that way as you can easily place where each thing is and know when supplies are running low. Proper organization of bags is very important to save your time at the golf course and avoid unnecessary frustration during a game.

How To Choose The Right Golf Bag for a Push Cart – Buyer’s Guide

To choose the right golf bag for a push cart, you need to take care of some factors that can make for an excellent golf bag. Here are the aspects you need to ensure in your bag.

14-Way Full-Length Divider

This one is the most significant feature to look for in a golf bag. 14 dividers should be enough for your woods, putters, and clubs. Full-length dividers have the benefit of your grips not getting tangled up inside the bag. That is why most people go for full-length divider bags in the first place. You can retrieve your clubs easily.

Adequate Storage Space

Spending a day on the golf game is not a feat you want to take on empty-handed. For a serious game of golf, there is a lot of equipment you need. Your golf balls and tees, clubs, towels, change of clothes, etc. All of these things need to nicely fit inside your golf bag for which adequate space is essential.

Insulated Cooler Pocket

A cooler pocket is an amazing feature that we love. Who doesn’t want a cool drink in the beating heat on a golf course? A good cooler pocket can keep your drinks cool for a long time. Look for one with enough capacity, so you can fit in a few cans of drinks and ice packs.

Waterproof Valuables Pocket

If you don’t want to worry about ruining your phone in sudden rain or losing it simply because you don’t remember where you put it, make sure you get a bag with waterproof valuables zippered pockets. You can keep your keys, mobile, AirPods, or any other delicate item in there.

Sturdy Pull-Through Strap & Grip Handles

A push cart bag gets pulled in and out of the golf cart, placed on the push cart, and lugged around all day. So, to keep it fastened to the cart, you need to ensure the pull-through strap is at a convenient position and it holds your bag in place. Moreover, well-positioned and strong grip handles make transporting the bag a breeze.

Add On Features

Certain add-on features make the user experience of a golf bag much better. For example, hooks for towels, velcro glove attachments, rain hoods, umbrella holders, beverage holders, etc. Look for these features in your bag to enjoy your game of golf to the fullest.


Is a cart bag or a carry bag better for a push cart?

A cart bag is better for you if you like using a push cart during the game. These bags are heavy and have a lot of storage space. On the other hand, carry bags are lightweight in comparison and are meant to be carried on one’s back, as the name suggests. It is also too thin to strap on to carts. Therefore, a cart bag is the better option.

Do stand bags fit on push carts?

Stand bags do fit on push carts. These bags are lighter than cart bags but heavier than carry bags. Stand bags can both be carried or strapped onto the pushcart.

What weight is a golf bag good for a push cart?

We recommend you get lightweight bags for your push cart. That way you can transport it easily to the push cart and even carry the bag on your back when needed. You can easily go as light as 3.8 lbs.

Which is a better 3 or 4 wheel golf push cart?

Both types have their own benefits. If you want a more stable cart, go for a 3 wheel cart. But for better control, go for a 4-wheel cart.

Is there a push cart designed for women?

As to our best knowledge there aren’t any gender-specific push carts available in the market. If you are a woman, you can go for any regular push cart. There’s no need to look for one that’s designed for women.

Final words

Golf bags are a necessary item for any golf gear holder. It makes sense to make an investment on a quality gold bag that will last you for years and that helps you enjoy playing golf. A bag featuring a full-length divider is essential to protect your clubs from damage by preventing them from banging together. Moreover, you can easily slide one out as needed.

Cart bags also have a lot of storage space that will fit all the necessary gear and accessories you pack for a game. As long as the bag sits on your push cart comfortably, you can walk around the golf course freely even while carrying a lifetime supply of clubs.

Each entry on our best golf bags for pushcart list features an incredible push cart bag. Hopefully, you will find the best golf cart bags that fit you.

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