Are Kryptonics skateboards good?

Who doesn’t like a fantastic product which comes within their budget? If you are a skate lover, then you must have heard about the Kryptonics skateboards. They’re super affordable and also a well-known skateboard wheels brand among the race. The Kryptonics company has modernized its skateboards by painting new colors on the reels. 

This legendary brand has the most reasonable price that anyone can afford it. Whether you’re a beginner or already know how to skate, the Kryptonics skateboard will be a great choice for you. The quality of their skateboard wheels will never disappoint you. 

But we know you still have questions like Kryptonics skateboards good are good or bad? In this article, we will give you information regarding this question. 

Are kryptonics skateboards good?

Are Kryptonics skateboards any good?

One of the most popular and oldest brands of skateboard wheels is Kryptonics. They have been making good quality skateboard wheels since 1965. Due to the good quality of the wheels, they have earned recognition and a reputation in the skateboard world. 

The most useful fact about this particular skateboard is, they’re easier to turn with. You can quickly turn the board, and it will be helpful while applying skateboard tricks. This skating brand includes all the features that a new beginner is required. On top of that, Kryptonics is more affordable than the other boards available in the market.

Besides the simple turning fact, another great feature of these skateboards wheels is size. The size of all the Kryptonics skateboards is different but perfect. And this is what makes your ride with it easier, smoother, and enjoyable. We believe that the majority of skateboarders require this significant feature on a skateboard.

Again another great feature of this skateboard is its wheel speed. These wheels are convenient and great at keeping the speed rate even. If you still have questions like, are Kryptonics skateboards good or not, then the answer is yes, they’re good. 

History of the Kryptonics Skateboard Company

As we mentioned above, this is one of the most famous and oldest skateboard companies. In fact, it’s difficult in today’s world to find a company that has lasted for a decade. Kryptonics was founded back in 1960 and became a very well-known brand after a few years. After releasing the Star Trac product line, they changed the whole skateboard industry. 

The Kryptonics changed the whole functionality of skateboards forever in just a decade. They were the first manufacturer who builds wheels with color-coded lines. In fact, there was a time when the Kryptonics company single-handedly ruled over the entire skating wheels industry. And still, they are the most demanding and high-quality skateboard company.

Because of its good quality product, a vast number of skateboarders use their skate wheels. The Kryptonics skateboards can go smoothly on all terrains. These brands have won so many skateboarding competitions than other brands’ wheels. 

In 1997, over two decades ago, Kryptonics did a deal with Bravo Sports. After they merged, they invented Kryptane Systems. Now, the Kryptane System makes more adaptable urethane products. This legendary brand has shown us how long a better quality company can survive. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Kryptonics skateboard

As we already know, how good and affordable these skateboards are. But we still found a few disadvantages in their products. The advantages and disadvantages of the Kryptonics skateboards are as follows:

Things we like

  • These wheels are very affordable; you can buy those wheels for under a hundred dollars.
  • The Kryptonics skateboards can roll over all terrains and give you a smooth ride
  • These brands come with simple and easy turning features.
  • These skateboards are always available on the market, and you can replace their parts.
  • The decks are flexible and include high-end borders.

Things we don’t like

  • The materials of the deck are flexible but weak.
  • Few wheels are unable to adapt to all terrains, which leads you to a bumpy ride. 
good Kryptonics skateboard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does a Kryptonics Skateboard Cost?

Kryptonics is a famous brand for its skateboard wheels. The price of the Kryptonics skateboards is around a hundred dollars. But the actual cost of the Kryptonics skateboard varies according to product features. These products are available in big retail marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. The Kryptonics maintain good quality, which will never make you feel unsatisfied.

Are Kryptonics longboards good?

Yes, Kryptonics longboards are good enough to provide a smooth skating experience. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, Kryptonics longboards are a great choice. But all the products of Kryptonics don’t come with the same features. So you will need to do mini research before you purchase them. Kryptonics longboards include carbon steel, which can bear an uneven ride.

Is it better to buy a complete skateboard?

If you are a fresher on skateboarding, then a complete skateboard is a better option. A complete skateboard is fine for beginners and cheaper than a custom one. As a beginner, you will be unable to identify the difference between an expensive and a cheaper one. But if you know what you need in a skateboard, then the custom one is fine. 

How long does it take to learn to skateboard?

You may learn how to ride on a skateboard in one day or a week. It depends on your athletic abilities and how much time you’re giving to it to practice. It also depends on how many skating facilities you have in your area and feedback from your friends. 


Kryptonics skateboards have become the most extensive and famous brand across the world. There is no other brand that can provide you this much durability under one hundred dollars. Among all the accessories of Kryptonics, vintage boards and wheels are more popular.  Prominent retail marketers like Amazon and Walmart have an agreement. But we will not suggest you purchase the product from Walmart at a discount price. Because those skateboards are mostly made in China, which is not as good as Kryptonics. So we hope you cleared the confusion about are Kryptonics skateboards good or not.

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